Innokin Prism Replacement Coils (T18e, T22e)

Cross-Compatible Innokin Coils, MTL Vaping, Multiple Resistances
Coil Resistance 1.5ohm, 1.7ohm
Made In China
Pack Size 5 Pack
Tank Features Replacement Coils
Wire Kanthal A1


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The Innokin T18E replacement coils are a selection of cross-compatible coils that can be used with a wide range of Innokin kits and tanks. This includes the classic Endura T22E and Endura T18E vape tanks, as well as the Innokin M18 pod kit. They can also be used with the Innokin T22 Pro kit and T18 Pro Tank.


  • Innokin Cross-Compatible Coils
  • Supports MTL Vaping
  • Compatible With 50/50 & High PG E-Liquid

There are three versions of this coil available, all of which have been designed to support MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping. The 1.5 Ohm, 1.7 Ohm and 2.0 Ohm coils produce a small amount of vapour and feature the “no spill coil swap” design to make coils changes even easier. We recommend pairing these coils with either 50/50 or high PG e-liquid.


  • 5 x Innokin Prism Replacement Coils
0 3 6 12 18
40% VG
4 for £10

Heisenberg E-Liquid by Vampire Vape

Mixed Berries, Menthol
60% VG
2 for £30

Grape Drank Shortfill E-Liquid by Ruthless

Grape, Soda, Candy
3 6 12 18
50% VG
3 For £12

Red Astaire E-Liquid by TJuice

Black Grapes, Red Berries, Aniseed, Eucalyptus & Menthol
from £5.99
3 6 12
50% VG

Castle Long E-Liquid by Five Pawns

Bourbon, Coconut, Roasted Almond, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean
from £4.99
3 6 12 18
50% VG

Powwow Sauce E-Liquid by Manabush

Tobacco, Pastry, Toffee, Biscuit
from £4.50
0 3 6 12 18
50% VG
3 For £12

Los Muertos E-Liquid by El Diablo

Black Cherry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Menthol

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By Ross from Bristol

reliable (14 May 2024)

not sure why many people say they get unlucky ones - I've used over 100 of these and never once had one that didnt last a in my opinion "full" 5 refills or full 10ml bottle of juice. sometimes I'll get about 7-8 refills before the flavour starts to die off.

Not as good flavour as some coils but these are good and reliable and much cheaper than most coils which i find for other devices is usually closer to £10 for 5. I find throat hit is quite mild unless I have a strong juice.

Used in endura t18ii for years.

I've not tried the pro versions yet.

By Goat

Yep (12 May 2024)

Exactly what you need if you have a T18E. Replacing them can be a little leaky, due to the chamber construction, but they do what they're supposed to. Make sure to give them a good soak before firing, of course.

By TheDreamer from Sheffield

Decent (29 April 2024)

These seem decent, but I don't have much to compare to with these as it seems the only option for the T18E as far as I can see. I would say they seem quite easy to flood. I have so far only tried 2 types of Innokin vapes, and a Smok (which I didnt like as it wasn't very good for MTL), so bear in mind my experience is still pretty limited.

By Fae from N.Yorks

Ok (26 March 2024)

To be honest I have nothing to compare these too as I’ve only used innokin products, but so far they have been ok
The only issue is they do flood quite easily, which can be alarming when you here the pops and gurgles whilst vaping, but overall I have been happy with how easy to use and how long they are lasting so far

By Mands from Northamptonshire

Bad (11 December 2023)

I'm not sure what has happened to these coils but they leak spit and burn out really quickly. some last for only 1-2 days and I am not a heavy paper. Once the next box is finished probably very soon I will change my brand of vape kit

By Joe from London

Do not buy the 1.7 Ohm coils (29 August 2023)

The 1.7 ohm coils are so unbelievably bad. More juice comes out the bottom than actually ends up being vaporised and they burn out so unbelievably quick which is insane considering that most of the nicotine you absorb while using these coils will come from the juice leaking out and being absorbed through your skin.

They also make an insane amount of noise, there's an intense sizzling sound, even with my vape on the lowest power setting.

Do not buy the 1.7's, the 2's lasted ages and the 1.5's would burn out quick but without all the leaking.

Now that you cannot get the 2's I have to find a different vape to continue my taper.

By Queenbee from Scotland

t18e (10 August 2023)

2 out of 5 pack was faulty made already, impossible to fit as silicone bits was all messed up. burnes oit very quickly, 1 coil lasts 1 to max 3 days. hugde dissapointment, as I'm not even a heavy vaper

By Chris from Hampshire

These used to be good... (20 June 2023)

Burning out after 2ml of juice.. avoid these.. probably going to get a different kit now... innokin gone downhill

By Scott Chegg from UK

I've given up... (02 June 2023)

Previously wrote a review titled "Generally good coils" on 25 April 2023.

Unfortunately, after opening the pack of replacement T18E coils that VapeClub have provided, the first two coils simply don't work... Not VapeClub's fault, but it's clear that the quality control at Innokin has fallen off a cliff in recent months.

I've given up and bought a new vape pen from a different brand. I'm fed up of wasting money on coils and the juice that gets wasted.

By Chris from Hampshire

Ok but... (31 May 2023)

These work ok, but the brown box version not as good as the old white box version... however, i think the new version may last longer when the juice level in the tank is low, but doesn't seem to give the same amount of draw/puff... more trials needed...

By Anonymous

Generally good coils (25 April 2023)

I've been using these coils in an Endura T18II for about 18 months now and they are usually very good.
The last pack ordered had a couple of faulty coils that didn't fire at all, but VapeClub kindly replaced the pack as soon as they were notified.

By Anonymous

Quality has taken a nosedive off a cliff! (18 April 2023)

I've been using the 1.5 T18Es for years, and to begin with they were great. I had some last for a month of daily use before failing or burning out.

In recent months it became common to have them sometimes burn out in less than a day and have one in a pack of five fail immediately, but I persevered until my most recent pack. Three of the five failed immediately wasting three tanks of liquid.

I'll not be buying these again.

By Liz from Uk

No flavour (18 February 2023)

I’ve tried several of the 1.5 coils in 2 different endura t18 ii and none of them have worked. I’ve left to stand for over 20mins each time and they just have no flavour. Vape appears but that’s it…. I’ve ordered the 1.7 coils to see if they work but so far out of 7 coils I’ve had no flavour at all. So disappointing :(

On a plus vape club have really prompt service/delivery.

By TM from Wiltshire

Extremely hit or miss (13 January 2023)

Been using the 1.7 coils in my T22 Endura Pro for nearly a year, when you get a working coil they're great but over the last few months or so it's basically a coin toss as to whether you get one that lasts over a week or one that burns out within hours/days.

By Dan from Durham

they work perfectly (12 January 2023)

nothing special with these coils as they are simple but work great, the flavour you get is as good as you can get with a vape that costs 20 quid lol. they do the job and im happy with them

By Liz

Not the best (06 January 2023)

I’ve used these coils for years but lately they have gone hit and miss. I often put a new one in and it doesn’t work at all and ends up straight in the bin. I thought it was my device so bought a new one but it’s still happening. Also sometimes they last a week and other times a day before they start to burn out and it’s not the juice as this has happened when using the same juice. It’s annoying feel like I’m wasting so many coils at the moment. I now prefer the disposables as it’s less messing around but it’s a lot more costly

By Josh from Uk

1.7 pro (25 October 2022)

1.7 pro coils are awful. Using a 50/50 liquid burns out in 1 day went through 4 packs and cost me so much money in the process. DO NOT USE THESE

By Maggs from UK

Prism t18e coils (29 September 2022)

Personally use the 1.5 coils, I found the 2.0 didn't produce enough vapor for me, and 1.7 just seemed to flood and I got lots of juice in mouth,

The 1.5 work great plenty of life in them haven't actually had 1 turn to burn taste but I do change coil every flavour and a 10ml bottle only lasts me 2-3 days. Good flavours, decent amount of vapour. Would recommend.

By Leon from UK

Just awful (24 September 2022)

I used to have better success rate with these, but in the last two or so months they’ve been absolutely atrocious. I’d say it’s about a solid 60-80% chance that they burn up on first use, so I just have to throw it away instantly. Alongside this they don’t even taste that good, and spit liquid at you constantly. I’m probably going to have to give up on this pen because I can’t justify spending any more money on these coils. Have literally had 3 work in the last 10 I’ve bought!?

By Lily from UK

disappointing but okay (28 August 2022)

1.5 are okay but i’ve found they can ruin great flavours? same with 2.0 which is annoying since whilst 1.7 is the way to go in terms of great taste etc they leak all the time if you fill more than half way? i think i’m gonna just stick to 1.7 and not fill them as much but still it’s really disappointing.

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