VooPoo ITO Replacement Coils

MTL & DTL Vaping, Mesh Coils, High PG & High VG Compatible
Coil Resistance 0.5ohm, 0.7ohm, 1.0ohm, 1.2ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Pack Size 5 Pack


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The VooPoo ITO replacement coils are intended for use with the ITO pod or ITO X pod as part of the VooPoo Doric 20 or the VooPoo Drag Q kit respectively. There are two types of MTL (Mouth To Lung) coil available, including a 1.2 Ohm and a 1.0 Ohm version. However, if you prefer a little more vapour, there’s a 0.5 Ohm one for DTL (Direct To Lung) vapers.


  • MTL & DTL Vaping
  • Mesh Build
  • Multiple Resistances
  • High PG & High VG Compatible

Each of the coils is built with a mesh lattice design, which improves the flavour of your e-liquid by heating it up faster. If you've chosen the 0.5 Ohm coil, we'd recommend a 70% VG e-liquid vaped at around 18 - 25W. The 1.0 Ohm coil is best vaped at 10 - 14W. However, if the 1.2 Ohm coil is being used, you’ll get the best results between 8 - 12W. With either of these coils, we’d suggest using a high PG or 50/50 e-liquid.


  • 5 x VooPoo ITO Coil
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
4 for £10

Strawberry Nic Salt E-Liquid by Club Juice

70% VG

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5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
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Vanilla, Cream
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

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from £5.99
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0.4Ω, 0.7Ω, 1.2Ω

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2ml Refillable Pods, Side Or Top-Filling, Built-In Coils Or Empty Pod, MTL & RDTL

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By Bubba from London

Decent coils for the Argus Z (27 January 2024)

I've only used the 0.7s so far with the argus Z. You get good flavour and decent throat hit if you do a good MTL inhale (I then have fun blowing rings, but that's just me). They last longer than the fixed coil pods and are incredibly easy to change, you can even change them with 1/3 of the pod still full of liquid with minimal mess. I'm going to try the 1.0s next to see if it will lower my juice use.

By CJ from Doncaster

HIT&MISS (07 December 2023)

Coils are easy to swap without any fuss but you do need to order the empty pods for them as for the quality of them its hit and miss for me i have had one that burned straight away and some lasted ages some very average life spans but ive got another box so fingers crossed.

By BigFoot

Revisiting (06 November 2023)

I just wanted to add to my earlier review after using those coils (1-ohm model) for 4 months. Coils are somewhat inconsistent, some may last for almost 20 days, and others burn out in a week. Frequent change of juice seems to cause faster burnout. But in general - a great product.

By Ross

great quality coils (25 September 2023)

the o rings are like i havent seen before very durable and easy as pie to install to the pods

By Luke from Hampshire

Good coils (17 September 2023)

I like the coils a lot probably my favourite coils (I’m into MTL vaping DTL isn’t my cup of tea, luckily MTL seems to be more popular nowadays so more choices but this one is good but) I favour the classic skinny pen vapes right now because they feel more smoky and very cheap. I stopped getting them coils because £12 for 5 plus the occasional pod replacement is a bit pricey in my opinion, however them coils with Doric 20 in my opinion is very similar to Elf bar disposals so if you are using Elf bar you will save money with this coil one coil is more than 5 elf bars you can adjust airflow so it is exactly like elf bar. I miss using my Doric 20 she is sleeping at the moment but I will buy them coils again when the price drops I just don’t feel the price is justified but that isn’t vape clubs fault Voopoo set their price to high maybe voopoo should make their coils more compatible have less coil options across all their devices which would bring down production costs as well as take up less stock room, just my opinion but regardless £12 is a couple pounds over priced in my opinion I wouldn’t pay £12 for any coil but I’m very stingy so most people would be pleased but I feel like I lost whenever I over pay regardless of how great something is. You are guaranteed to be getting a good product in my opinion, your budget is up to you.

By LJC from Watford

1.0ohm (10 September 2023)

These coils are decent, plenty of warmth. Some can feel a little spongy after a day or 2.. having said that I'm using them in the Argus device and could be from the airflow on the device. Works best with the Doric device in my opinion

By Dan from Kent

0.7 omh coils (01 September 2023)

The 0.7 omh are a waste of money as they burn out after just 100 puffs compared to the other coils that last for well over 1000 puffs. Im literally using two or three a day

By Vapeman from Watford

Voopoo argus coils (31 August 2023)

Great coils lasts usually around 10 days. Gives good vapour production and is cheap and cheerful

By BigFoot

Excellent coil (26 August 2023)

After trying integrated coil pods with my Argus, I switched to the interchangeable pod with 1.0 coils and found my ideal combination. Quality is super, no leaks, lasts at least two weeks, tastes fine, and the throat hit is just right.

By Anonymous

Solid coils (15 August 2023)

Tiny coils that perform very well with excellent flavour.
It really depends on your vaping style as to how long the last. If you were a light smoker taking tiny occasional puffs, then I can see how they will last over a week for some people.
Personally I get one amazing day from them, then 1 more day, or 2 if lucky. I was a heavy smoker and vaped rta's/ rda's and mech mods in series builds for 6 ish years, so I have a heavy style of vaping hahaha! But the vape is sooooo good from these that I would prob use them just for that 1 amazing day!
Occasional duds are thing, so either a coil will burn out super quick, or, doesn't work at all, although that's super rare. But I can live with that!

By Christine from Wiltshire

Coils I didn’t need to buy? (25 July 2023)

I got these as I thought I would need them to go with the pods I bought which turns out they are disposable pods and can’t replace the coil in them. So I haven’t used them & can’t comment on performance yet, will now be looking for a pod which I can use them in.

By Liv from Plymouth

Great (14 July 2023)

Love these coils! Last ages & they are very affordable.

By Daniel from Watford

Good flavo (10 June 2023)

I've found there's really good flavour on these coils but they normally need replacing after around 3 days which isn't ideal, for their size though the performance is pretty good.

By Rokks

Go-to coils (07 June 2023)

These coils are pretty good for the size and I've used each Ohm in my Argus P1. The one I've settled on is the 1.2ohm as it balances flavour/lifespan/battery drain.
Flavour is pretty good considering they're TINY but 'bar flavours' (i.e. sweet) will kill them rather fast. This is partly due to their size, there's little wick to absorb liquid and lots of heat from the mesh coil. Not a lot you can do about this fact so ignore negative comments saying they're rubbish (for this reason).
Still cheaper and better for environment than disposables.

By Matt from Cornwall

Quality (06 May 2023)

Pretty great little coils here from Voopoo the four silicone seals all but guarantee minimal leakage I haven’t had any yet! And the flavour is premium from this manufacturer as with all their other ranges they last about a week in my Doric Q (0.6)

By Mr P from UK

VooPoo ITO Replacement Coils 0.5 ohm (17 April 2023)

Getting some amazing flavour from the ito-m0 0.5ohm coils with the voopoo p1

By Mr P from UK

VooPoo ITO Replacement Coils 0.7 ohm (12 April 2023)

Getting some good flavour from the ito-m1 0.7ohm coils, seem to last a good while also.

By Cast Iron Primate

Not for me (08 April 2023)

Full disclosure first off- I purchased these elsewhere so this is no dig at my Gs at Vapeclub.

I'm not sure if I got a dud batch but every single coil instantly tastes burnt. Doesn't matter how long I leave them to prime, it's like they just don't wick. I'm using 50/50 nic salt juice so there shouldn't be a problem. I've tried them with my Argus P1 and the Ito X tank on my Doric Q side piece. In both cases I'll be sticking to the disposable pods.

By Vapeman from Watford

Voopoo coils for argus (09 March 2023)

These are great coils much cheaper than buying the pods and same great flavour and coil life. Easy to use and you get 5 for the same price of 2 pods a bargain

By Anonymous

Great (06 March 2023)

These coils are SO good! Last me 2 weeks at a time as a mid-heavy user. Flavour remains strong and so easy to replace etc. Definitely recommend

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