Elf Bar FB1000 Vape Kit

Refillable Elf Vape, 1000mAh Battery, Single Button, MTL, Mesh Coils
Battery Capacity 1000mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Charging Type USB Type-C
Coil Resistance 0.8ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 57g
Height 8.7cm (3.4")
Width 2.8cm (1.1")
Depth 2.8cm (1.1")


This Product Has Been Discontinued

1 E-Liquid Included
Over 18s Only
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For an alternative product that is similar please take a look below. 

The Elf Bar FB1000 replacement coils are still available for this kit. For a similar kit have a look at our Vaporesso GTX Go 40 Pod Kit or our Vape Kits page.

0.2Ω, 0.3Ω
1 E-Liquid Included

VooPoo Doric 60 Pod Vape Kit

Pod Only

Elf Bar FB1000 Replacement Pod

5 Pack

Elf Bar FB1000 Replacement Coils


The Elf FB1000 vape kit is the first-ever rechargeable and refillable Elf Bar. Designed to be both simple and discreet, this pocket-sized pod is ideal for new vapers. Powered by a built-in 1000mAh battery, you’ll experience up to a whole day of vaping on one charge and recharging is very quick too. Not just for beginners, the small amount of vapour the kit produces means it delivers an MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape that’s ideal if you’re looking for something that feels closer to a cigarette.


  • Refillable Elf Vape Kit
  • 1000mAh Battery
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Use Any Flavour E-Liquid
  • Single Button Operation
  • 2ml Pods
  • Mesh Coils

What really sets this kit apart from other Elf vapes is the huge amount of e-liquids you can pair it with. You’ll have access to flavours you can’t find in prefilled and disposable vapes. Plus, because you refill this kit yourself it’s cheaper in the long run too. Aside from plenty of flavour choices, this kit is also easy to use thanks to single button activation and you can start vaping at the push of a button. When unlocked you can also vape by inhaling on the kit’s mouthpiece. When you’re done, press the button five times to lock the kit making it safer to travel with.

Each refillable Elf pod features a magnetic connection that means while it stays securely in place when you’re vaping, it’s also easy to take out for refills and coil changes. Each pod can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid and can be refilled from the bottom. The pod also uses the removable Elf EBC mesh coils. Mesh can heat more e-liquid at a faster rate to deliver better flavour and lasts longer than traditional wound coils too. When it comes to picking an e-liquid, we recommend either a 50/50 e-liquid or high PG e-liquid and nic salts are a good choice if you’re looking for a smoother vape.


  • Elf Rechargeable 1000mAh FB1000 Battery Device
  • 2ml Refillable Elf Pod
  • Elf EBC Mesh 0.8 Ohm Coil
  • Lanyard Chain
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

How To Set-Up & Use My Elf FB1000 Vape Kit

How to Recharge Your Elf FB1000 Pod Kit

Charge Your Elf FB1000 Vape Kit

When your Elf FB1000 refillable pod kit arrives it may need to be charged. A full charge can take up to an hour and you should charge until the light on the kit turns green.

How To Remove Elf FB1000 Pod Mouthpiece

Remove Pod From Your Kit

The pod in your Elf Bar kit is secured by magnets and can be removed without twisting or unthreading. You need to remove the pod to fill it with e-liquid so you can start vaping.

How To Fill E-Liquid In The Elf FB1000 Pod

Fill Your Pod

On the bottom of each pod is a refill port that's secured by a rubber seal, remove this seal to reveal the filling port that can fit the nib of your e-liquid bottle, add e-liquid until full.

How To Reassemble The Elf FB1000 Pod Vape Kit

Reassemble Your Elf FB1000 Kit

Once you've filled your pod and reinserted the rubber seal you can reassemble the kit. Remember to only put the pod back into the device once you're sure the pod is resealed.

How Long To Wait Before Vaping On The Elf FB1000

Prime The Elf Mesh FB1000 Coil

Now that the pod is full and inserted back into your device, leave the kit upright for 10 minutes. This gives the e-liquid time to soak into the coil, also known as priming your coil.

How to Turn The Elf FB1000 Kit On

Turn On And Vape The Elf Bar FB1000 Vape Kit

You're now ready to vape. Activate the kit by quickly pressing the firing button five times. Once activated you can vape by either pressing the button again or inhaling on the mouthpiece.

A small and simple option for all-day vaping, the Elf FB1000 pod kit is a refillable and rechargeable Elf Bar.
The Elf FB1000 pod kit is the first refillable Elf Bar vape and its small enough to fit in your pocket.
Compatible with a wide range of e-liquids, the Elf FB1000 features refillable pods and Elf mesh coils that deliver superior flavour.
Featuring single button operation the Aspire PockeX uses a large capacity battery.
Experience a cigarette-style vape with the Elf FB1000 pod starter kit and its discreet levels of vapour production.
Designed to deliver a vape that feels closer to a cigarette, the Elf FB1000 pod kit creates a small amount of vapour for an MTL inhale.
Switch between inhale activation and single button operation with the Elf FB1000 pod kit and vape your way.
Offering you two ways to vape, the Elf Bar FB1000 kit is a versatile option. You can either inhale to activate like a normal Elf Bar or use the button to vape.
60% VG
2 for £30

Grape Drank Shortfill E-Liquid by Ruthless

Grape, Soda, Candy
70% VG

70VG Nicotine Shot by Top Shot

Freebase Nicotine, 18mg Nicotine Strength, 70% VG, Shortfills, TPD
5mg 10mg 20mg
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Banana Haze Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

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Bango Mango Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

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50% VG
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Berry Cold Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

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Donut Worry Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

Donut, Strawberry Jam, Vanilla Custard

How Long Does The Elf FB1000 Battery Last?

(16 Mar 2022)

The Elf FB1000 features a built-in 1000mAh battery that is twice the size of the batteries found in the Elf Bar disposables. This battery can last up to a day when fully charged.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge The FB1000 Pod Kit?

(16 Mar 2022)

Each kit comes with a USB-C charging cable and you can fully recharge your Elf Bar FB1000 pod kit in around an hour. When fully charged the light on the kit will glow green.

What E-Liquid Can I Use With the Elf Bar FB1000 Kit?

(16 Mar 2022)

The advantage of a refillable kit like this is that you can pair it with any flavour you like. The coils inside this kit will work best with 50/50 e-liquids and high PG e-liquid. You can also use the Elf FB1000 vape kit with nic salt e-liquids.

How Do I Switch On The Elf FB1000 Refillable Kit?

(16 Mar 2022)

This single button vape kit is easy to switch on and use. Just press the button five times quickly to switch on the Elf Bar FB1000. When it's on, you can vape with this kit by either pressing the button or inhaling on the mouthpiece like a disposable.

Does The Elf FB1000 Last Longer Than An Elf Bar Disposable Vape?

(16 Mar 2022)

The FB1000 kit is refillable, so you won’t need to keep replacing the kit like a disposable, just keep it charged and filled with e-liquid. The battery inside the FB1000 lasts longer than an Elf Bar disposable too.

How Much Vapour Does The FB1000 Elf Kit Make?

(16 Mar 2022)

Designed to deliver a vape that feels more like a cigarette, the Elf FB1000 refillable pod kit creates a small amount of vapour. This MTL vape will feel more familiar if you’ve just made the switch to vaping.

Can I Re-Use The Pods In My Elf Bar FB1000 Kit?

(16 Mar 2022)

The Elf FB1000 2ml pods are refillable and you can re-use your pods multiple times. This means there’s a lot less waste with this kit as you’ll only have to regularly replace the coil and occasionally replace the pod.

When Do I Have To Change My FB1000 Coil?

(16 Mar 2022)

Designed to last around a week on average, the Elf FB1000 coils feature a mesh build and can vapourise 10 - 20ml of e-liquid. Thanks to a threadless design, changing your coils is a quick job too.

Are There Elf Bar Prefilled Pod Kits?

(16 Mar 2022)

If you’re looking for a simpler option that requires less upkeep, the Elf Bar Mate pod kit features prefilled pods that don’t need to be topped up.

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By Jim from Guildford

Sturdy little device (03 July 2023)

Great little pod which will take quite as beating due it’s form factor. Didn’t rate the stock coil so changed it to the GTX 0.8 coil and the battery life holds up pretty much throughout the day! Shame it’s been discontinued

By 1/2

I’ve heard great things (26 June 2023)

I had it for around 2 weeks before it leaked into the battery and shorted. It was good until then. Such a shame.

By Nikki from Northern Ireland

In love with this vape (19 March 2023)

I've just stepped back from a Marvos T. I was getting fed up with going through so many Coils and huge amounts of vape juice. This little vape is lightweight , palm sized, the Coils last for so long, I barely have to refill either.

By Sim from Derbyshire

Great device (19 March 2023)

Perfect little device, gives a great taste just like the disposable ones. The only thing is the coil burns out quickly. Overall very happy with the purchase!

By Alex

Great vape but hardly an ‘elfbar’ (15 March 2023)

I bought this as I thought it would be an upgrade over the mate 500 with the refillable pods. Flavour and overall experience is top notch but keep in mind this is a sub ohm vape. It will take 50/50 liquids no problem but it won’t be what you are looking for if you want to transition from disposables. Also the build quality feels quite cheap in comparison to similar kits from other brands. Overall it’s an excellent kit, the coils are top notch, but I’m not sure who its aimed at because if you want something that’s closer to the disposables you should get either the Elfa or the mate 500 as this is nowhere near but at the same time if you want a good sub ohm kit there are better options than this.

By Polly from Corby UK

Elfbar Vape (06 March 2023)

This is a good cheap vape which I think is ideal for temporary use or use as a spare. The vape itself is good however you don’t have buttons to control strength and as well as that it doesn’t have a top vent so it can leak when laying down or not upright.

For a spare it does the job or if you’re a beginner but if you vape a lot it probably isn’t the best vape.

By MrsSilkyJones from Doncaster

Easy peasy (27 February 2023)

This is my first refillable vape, it was reccomended to me as I really like disposables, but they were getting too expensive. This is fool proof, I bought extra pods so I can swap flavours, coils are easy to swap. A bit tricky to get liquid in at first, but goes in fine if you take coil out lol. Use with nic salts for that disposable taste

By Matt from Cornwall

Cracking device (19 February 2023)

This is a great little pod device that I bought for a family member for Christmas then got one for me after I tried it the button or inhale activation means it’s great for MTL or DTL vaping I recommend the ElfliQ juice to go with it

By Gav from Cambridge

Handy little number to keep in your pocket (02 February 2023)

Not a bad kit to keep in your arsenal. It’s small, lightweight and the coils have a decent lifespan. For the price I don’t think there is much one can complain about but as good as this kit is I do find the draw a little airy for my preference and although flavour is good it is perhaps not quite up there when compared to some of the other kits available.
All in all it’s a good value for money option for a portable pocket device with a battery to last you all day.

By Matt from Glasgow

Sturdy and lasts all day (30 January 2023)

Get the bigger tank. One it comes with is annoyingly small, As with most mods. Battery lasts all day. Good flavour. Charges in about 30 minutes. Having had it several months is robust and battery shows no signs of giving way. It doesn’t leak. A full tank lasts me the full day using nic salts. Voo poo pnp- vm4 coils work with it and seem a bit better quality than the elf coils. A coil lasts me about a week with moderate to heavy use.

By Bali from Leicester

Perfect little pod for travel (19 January 2023)

I needed a small vape for the car and travel (which I do a lot) and this is perfect. Easy to use, fast charging. My only gripe is that it isn't top fill, but that's no different to many pod systems. I've been through most pods, kits, sub ohm, self builds etc... for the past decade, and the form and function of this is spot on. Won't suit everyone, but if you're after stress-free simplicity, this is the one.

And, as always, top class service from Vape Club. No one better.

By James from Birmingham

My new favourite (01 January 2023)

Bought this recently, I have a lot of devices from
Cloud chuckers to mtl, but out of all of them this device has given me the uttermost best flavour I’ve ever had out of all of the devices I’ve bought. Due to not getting a lot of flavour from my previous devices I swayed more towards disposables, but after getting this device and pairing it with the Elfliq eliquid I don’t think I’ll be buying another disposable again.

By LFR from Birmingham

First time mod vaper (18 November 2022)

I have tried various kits over the years and never got on with them at all. Too much fiddling and ended up giving up on them. I was really impressed with this little mod. The tanks are magnetic so just pop into place and the battery lasts long enough for me. About 24 hours.

I've now become a vaper thanks to this piece of kit.

By Craig from Wales

Hats off to elfbar (24 October 2022)

Elfbar really are number 1 what a awsome device never leakes great taste amazing MTL charges in 40 mins and lasts 8 hours the coils last 3 weeks cant wait for elfbar nuclear salts to hit the market in November than you got the ultimate combination and I must add vape club are the number 1 supplier quality service

By Sam from Boston

Love it (29 September 2022)

I've only been vaping a short while but going through the disposable elfbars within 2-3 days quickly racks up in price. I tried a different reusable (Vee infinity or something) but the pod flavours ran out long before the nicotine did and it was awful for me. Saw this and, because I'm a big fan of elf in general, decided to make the move to a kit. Price is very good and the vape is ready to go right out of the box. Easy to set up (coil priming and tank filling) even for a novice like myself. Love the colour (sunset yellow was my choice) and it's comfortable to hold and use. Can switch between auto draw and manual which is nice.
Love the size and portability of this device, the big set ups kinda intimidate me, and the option to attach a lanyard to it is a handy little feature that I didn't know I needed (or wanted).

All in all, I am happy with my purchase and can't wait to try other juice flavours or learn to mix my own.

By George from Scarborough

Handy device but not great for nic salts (28 September 2022)

For such a small unit, this thing is a beast.
Plenty of smoke, good-sized pod (if the rubber bung mysteriously falls out of the pod), battery life is good enough for the size and it is generally amazing for the price.
USB-C is awesome, it charges in no time.
The biggest gripe I have with it is the coils are next to useless when used with nic salts, lasting maybe 4-6ml of liquid before burning out. At around £2.40/coil that really isn't economic.
Now I'm sure if you used 0mg liquid it'd last orders of magnitude longer but that just isn't for me.
Still, I've had a great time with this and it has really helped me get a grip with vaping.
If you're new to the scene, try one of these out.

By Beckie from Shropshire

Excellent Performance (05 September 2022)

This vape is excellent myself and my son and now his girlfriend swear by this don't let its simplicity fool you this is surprisingly powerful and so convenient to just slip in your pocket. I like that it has auto draw as well as button use and the coils for this seem to last ages without losing flavour. I've used this with both nic salts and freebase and it worked equally well with both. it isn't the fanciest looking vape and does look a bit cheap but its functionality more than makes up for that and it's strong so won't break easily. The top is held in with a magnet and it didn't come loose when placed freely in my bag.

By Emma from Uk

Brilliant little vape. (08 August 2022)

I’ve recently only just stopped smoking 3months ago with the elf bar mate500- but started working out pricey as I was using one pod a day. I thought I’d give this elf bar fb1000 a go & it’s absolutely brilliant. Perfect size & easy to set up- quick full charge, which then lasts me a full day.
I’m using the elf juice with it which gives the same flavours as the pre filled pods.
Defiantly recommend this little vape kit- saving more money too by filling it myself with juice.
4 family members have ordered this now too- after trying mine out.
Perfect- just what I needed and looking for :)

By Someone from Somewhere

Poor (10 July 2022)

Poor product, first one broke after 2 weeks with no physical damage. After being replaced (hold tight the guy who replaced it for free) i’ve quickly ran into more issues. The pod is difficult to refill, forming a bubble and constantly leaking, and the battery has very quickly deteriorated. The auto draw also stopped working after 3 weeks. Wouldn’t recommend. Does look cool tho.

By Scar from Uk

Fab (05 July 2022)

Great piece of kit. I have a few proper mods but they just aren't convenient to take out. I've been enjoying the elf disposables lately so thought I'd try this as a halfway to see how I went. I absolutely love it. Not sure if it would handle the higher viscosity liquids. I haven't tested that yet. The 50/50 ones I have it's running great with. It's so light and small while being perfect fit in my hand. Design of the pods means they are way less likely to leak than a typical sub tank. I'd have no qualms about taking this out and about with me. It even has a lanyard option. If you're looking for a more eco-friendly solution to bridge disposables and mods this is definitely my recommendation

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