Beginners Guide To Vape Mods

Beginners guide to Vape Mods

What Is A Vape Mod And How Does It Work?

A vape mod, or vape device as it’s more often known, is an integral part of a vape kit. At its most basic, it’s the kit’s power source - creating energy that’s converted into heat by a coil to vapourise e-liquid. Generally it will also contain a simple circuit known as a chipset that controls power output and allows you to alter the mod’s performance.

Advanced vape devices do much more, their chipsets give you access to programmable output modes and the opportunity to tailor the device to suit your particular vaping style. There is a wide range of vape devices available, catering to the needs of both beginner vapers and more experienced users.

What Kind Of Vape Mod Is Recommended For Beginner Vapers?

When you’ve just started vaping, you won’t necessarily need to purchase a vape mod on its own. Instead, we’d recommend you purchase what is known as a vape kit, these kits combine a vape mod and a compatible tank.

The benefit of a vape kit is that they will contain all the hardware you need to start vaping, although you may need to purchase e-liquid separately. If you’re looking for everything all in one place we recommend one of our vape kit and e-liquid bundles.

Choosing A Vape Mod

Picking a vape mod is easier than you think. It will largely come down to your experience level; picking one you feel comfortable using is the most important thing. If you’re just starting out, something simple and budget-friendly is highly recommended. Whereas, if you’re more advanced in your understanding of vaping, there are going to be plenty of new options available to you.

The best way to decide what kind of mod is right for you, is to understand a little more about what kinds of mod are available and the features that they offer. From there you’ll know which will support your tank and which you’ll be most likely to benefit from.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Vape Mod?

There are many different kinds of vape mods which dictate your vaping style, whilst giving access to a range of modes and features which further the vape experience.

A Regulated Mod

A regulated vape mod is any that contains a chipset which helps control how the mod works and makes it safer, protecting the device. They are by far the most common type available and are recommended to vapers of all experience levels. Different types of regulated mod have been developed for both the beginner vaper and more advanced vaper, each containing different types of chipsets.

Each regulated mod will be programmed with safety features that include protection against short circuits, overheating and overcharging. At the same time, they feature customisable output modes, these can be as simple as Variable Wattage to control power output, to far more advanced modes such as Temperature Control.

A Mechanical Mod

Mechanical or unregulated mods should only be used by very advanced vapers who have a full understanding of Ohm’s law, the principles of resistivity in coils, battery safety and vaping in general. Mechanical devices can not be used with classic vape tanks. Instead, they can only be used with rebuildable atomisers such as drippers and rebuildable tank atomisers.

Mechanical mods used to be the only option for vapers who wanted to experience a higher power output, but have now been overtaken by the regulated mod as the go-to choice for advanced vapers. While powerful the issue is the increased risk these devices present. They have no regulatory chipset, therefore the usual safety features of a vape mod just aren’t there.

What Are Output Modes?

A growing number of vape mods will include advanced output modes. When programmed correctly they can greatly improve your vaping experience. At their most basic they will increase the compatibility of your mod, allowing it to be paired with a greater number of tanks and rebuildable atomisers. The more advanced offer you the chance to find your perfect vape. Below is a list of the most common modes:

Variable Wattage

Variable Wattage gives you direct control over the device’s power output. Most importantly, this means you will be able to match wattage output with the power requirements of different tanks. Using Variable Wattage also means that you can alter the power output, which in turn gives you the ability to find your ideal balance of vapour and flavour production - for a vape that suits you better.

Temperature Control

A more advanced mode that will require some extra set up and vaping knowledge, Temperature Control gives you the option of setting a max temperature your coils can reach. This temperature setting means your coils will never run too hot and removes the risk of burnt coils. However, only certain coil types can be used in this mode (Stainless Steel, Titanium and Nickel) so it’s always worth checking before use.

Variable Power Curve

Variable Power Curve is an advanced feature that allows you to programme a vape that’s entirely personal to you. You can set different power levels that your device will run through during the course of a puff. This means you can programme a vape that starts off powerful and tapers off, or vice versa. While a little complex for some, it offers a unique opportunity for customisation.


Replay mode follows a similar logic to Temperature Control. You’ll set a power mode and vape as normal, when you discover an inhale that delivers your ideal level of flavour based on both wattage and firing time you can save it to the device. From there you’ll be able to replay this inhale at the push of a button. Replay mode delivers a consistent vape that’s personal to you.


Bypass mode guarantees a powerful vape. When this mode is selected the kit draws the maximum power from your batteries, bypassing the chipset and sending it straight to your coil. Power output is based on both the charge level of your battery and the resistance of your coil. Delivering a stripped back experience, it ensures maximum vapour production and is a popular choice for sub ohm vaping.

Memory Mode

Working in conjunction with other output modes, Memory mode gives you the option of saving different output levels to the device’s memory bank which can be quickly loaded whenever you need them. This mode is especially useful if you use different tanks with the same device, or if you switch between vaping styles.

Vape Mods and Batteries

All vape mods use a battery of some sort, whether they’re built-in or removable they will all have a capacity, current and power rating.

  • The capacity of your battery will be recorded in milliAmp per hour (appearing as mAh). As a rule, the higher the capacity, the longer your battery will last between charges.
  • Current is recorded in Amps (appearing as A). As a rule, batteries with a higher Amp output will have a lower capacity.
  • Power is measured in Voltage (appearing as V). Capacity, current and power all work together simultaneously within the mod to create the energy to heat the tank or atomiser.

Understanding the interaction between all three will greatly improve your vaping experience. A battery with a higher Amp output, will invariably have a lower capacity, as more energy is created at a faster rate, depleting the battery. On the other hand, a lower Amp rate will mean a battery with a higher capacity, which can be used for longer before being depleted.

To keep up with the growing demand for higher power output and larger capacities, specialist manufacturers create batteries designed solely for vape devices. Vape kits either use a built-in battery or a removable battery. As mentioned, both of these are rechargeable and do the same thing, however it’s important to know the difference between the two.

Built-In Batteries

Vape devices aimed at new users will often feature a built-in battery, simply because they’re easier to maintain and won’t require the extra purchase of a dedicated charging station. That being said, a built-in battery does have its limitations.

When your device runs out of charge, you don’t have the option of swapping out the battery with a charged replacement. Instead, you will have to charge the device before it can be used again. Eventually all rechargeable batteries will stop holding their charge or won’t charge at all, so you’ll have to replace the battery. In the case of a built-in battery mod this means replacing the entire device.

Removable Batteries

Removable batteries are a common type of power source for advanced or sub ohm vape devices. Variations in capacity and power means you have more options over how long the battery lasts and how much power it can provide. Removable batteries also give you the option of carrying a spare power source with you, so if you run out of charge you’ll have a replacement to hand. Remember when transporting bape batteries, they should always be stored in a case or a sleeve.

Using a removable battery does add an extra level of complexity and requires a decent knowledge of battery safety to use correctly. You’ll need to find a battery that meets the capacity and power parameters of your device, whilst also investing in a dedicated battery charger in order to charge them properly.

What Vape Tank Should I Use With My Mod?

A vape mod won’t work on its own and It will need to be paired with a vape tank. Picking the right vape tank to be used with your device will be based on your level of experience and what style of vaping you want to adopt; MTL (Mouth To Lung) or DTL (Direct To Lung).

An MTL Tank

An MTL tank will produce less vapour, to support a mouth to lung vaping style. These tanks will use high resistance coils and subsequently require less power to heat e-liquid. A firm favourite amongst new vapers and those looking to experience a discreet level of vapour production, MTL tanks can be used with most vape mods that feature a wattage range of 5 - 40W. It is always worth checking coil parameters first though.

A Sub Ohm/DTL Tank

Tanks that use sub ohm coils (below 1.0 Ohm) will require a higher power output, this is because they have been designed to produce a larger amount of vapour. This large amount of vapour not only delivers more flavour, it also allows you to experience a direct to lung vaping style. These tanks will require a vape mod that offers a high power output and a high battery capacity to keep up. At an absolute minimum, you’ll require a mod that delivers 50W of power, but bear in mind that there are sub ohm tanks that support upwards of 200W of power.

A Rebuildable Atomiser

Recommended for advanced vapers, RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers) give you the option of building and fitting your own coils. This makes them the most customisable type of atomiser, they can be set up to deliver your perfect combination of vapour and flavour. Most RDAs can be configured to support either MTL or DTL vaping.

As there are rebuildable atomisers that support different vaping styles, you should pick a mod that delivers a power output that supports whichever coil you’re using. For example, a MTL coil in an RDA will require less power than a low resistance, DTL coil. We recommend you follow our advice on MTL and sub ohm tanks as a starting point.

Summing Up

With so many vape devices available, you’re sure to find one that suits you. In our dedicated mod guides section, you’ll find guides dedicated to ranking our most popular mods, they’re a great list of recommendations for you to check out. You can also get in touch with our customer service team. With information on the latest mods, they’re on hand to help you pick the mod that’s right for you.