Aspire Flexus Q Pod Vape Kit

700mAh Built-In Battery, 12–18W Output Range, MTL Vaping, Inhale Activation
Battery Capacity 700mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Charging Type USB Type-C
Coil Resistance 0.6ohm, 1.0ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Pod Coil Type Mesh
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 54g
Height 11cm (4.4")
Width 2.3cm (0.9")
Depth 1.3cm (0.5")


1 E-Liquid Included
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The Aspire Flexus Q pod kit offers a simple, compact approach to vaping. With its powerful, built-in 700mAh battery you'll be able to vape for longer and it can be recharged in as little as 10 minutes. The 2ml Flexus Q refillable pod is compatible with Aspire AF coils, which come in several resistance options. This, combined with the 12–18W power output range, means you have a choice between MTL (Mouth To Lung) or RDTL (Restricted Direct To Lung) inhale styles.


  • Beginner-Friendly Pod Kit
  • 700mAh Battery
  • 10 Minute Recharge
  • Single Button / Inhale Activation
  • MTL & RDTL Vaping
  • 2ml Pods
  • 3 Power Settings
  • Mesh Coils

To use your Flexus Q kit, all you need to do is inhale on the mouthpiece thanks to inhale activation technology. However, there's also a button on the front too if you prefer to have more control over when your kit activates. The Flexus Q features 3 power options and an adjustable airflow slider, so you're able to decide how much vapour it produces. You'll experience a discreet, MTL inhale with the 1.0 Ohm coil, or opt for the 0.6 Ohm coil and open up the airflow for a looser RDTL vape. 

Refilling your Flexus Q pod is simply done by removing the silicone stopper on the side. This reveals the filling port and you're then able to top up with the e-liquid of your choice. The mesh design of the Aspire AF coils means that e-liquid is heated up faster and delivers an improved flavour. We'd recommend pairing your pods with a 50% VG e-liquid for best results.


  • Aspire Flexus Q Vape Device
  • Aspire Flexus Q Pod
  • 0.6 Ohm Aspire AF Coil
  • 1.0 Ohm Aspire AF Coil
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

How To Set Up & Use My Aspire Flexus Q Kit

Charge Your Flexus Q Battery

Charge Your Flexus Q Battery

Make sure your Flexus Q is fully charged using the cable included. Super-fast charging means you can recharge in 15 minutes.

Get Your Flexus Pod Ready For Filling

Get Your Flexus Pod Ready For Filling

On the side of your Flexus Q pod is a small rubber bung, remove it by pulling on the small rubber string. This reveals the filling port.

Fill Your Flexus Pod

Fill Your Flexus Pod

Holding your pod horizontally with the filling port facing upward, put the nib of your e-liquid bottle into the port and squeeze to add juice.

Reassemble Your Flexus Pod

Reassemble Your Flexus Pod

Once filled reinsert the rubber bung into the fill port, and push it in firmly to make sure it doesn’t come out again.

Prime Your Flexus Vape Coil

Prime Your Flexus Vape Coil

Leave your pod standing upright for 10 minutes. Known as ‘priming your coil’, this gives your e-liquid time to soak into your pod’s coil.

Insert Pod & Vape Your Flexus Q

Insert Pod & Vape Your Flexus Q

Put your pod back into the kit and press the kit’s button five times. This unlocks the Flexus Q and you can press the button again to vape.

The Aspire Flexus Q vape starter kit delivers pocket-friendly vaping and a very quick recharge.
The Aspire Flexus Q pod kit is more than just a vape starter kit, it features a very quick recharge so you’re never left hanging around.
Switch between inhale activation or single-button activation with the Flexus Q pod vape kit.
When unlocked you can vape with the Flexus Q kit with your choice of inhale activation or single button activation.
Switch between a low, medium, or high power output with the same kit, thanks to triple power mode on the Aspire Flexus Q.
You can also pick from three power levels and experience your perfect vape with the Aspire Flexus Q kit.
The Flexus Q starter vape kit features two compatible coils that deliver either an MTL or RDTL vape.
Customisation doesn’t end at picking a power level, the two compatible Flexus Q coils available allow you to seamlessly switch between an MTL and RDTL vape.
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
4 for £10

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Is the Aspire Flexus Q pod kit compatible with nic salt e-liquids?

(9 Jul 2022)

The Flexus Q pod kit can be paired with 50/50 and high PG e-liquids, this includes nic salt e-liquids and hybrid salts if you're looking for a smoother throat hit.

What coils does the Aspire Flexus Q use?

(29 Apr 2024)

The Flexus Q is compatible with coils from the Aspire AF range, which are available in 0.6 Ohm or 1.0 Ohm resistance and feature a mesh build to boost the flavour of your vape juice.

What type of inhale will my Flexus Q deliver?

(29 Apr 2024)

The Aspire Flexus Q can support both MTL and RDTL vaping. Go for the 1.0 Ohm coil if you want a tight and discreet MTL inhale, while the 0.6 Ohm option will be best if you’re after a looser RDTL vape with slightly more vapour.

How do I vape with my Flexus Q?

(29 Apr 2024)

Thanks to inhale activation, vaping with your Flexus Q is as easy as puffing on the mouthpiece. However, you can also use the firing button if that’s what you prefer.

How long does it take to recharge my Flexus Q?

(29 Apr 2024)

The Aspire Flexus Q contains a built-in 700mAh battery that can reach a full charge in as little as 10 minutes!

What power output can the Aspire Flexus Q deliver?

(29 Apr 2024)

The Flexus Q features an output range of 12–18W, which is perfect for both MTL and RDTL vaping.

Does the Aspire Flexus Q feature an adjustable airflow?

(29 Apr 2024)

Yes, just use the airflow slider on the side of the device to switch between a looser or tighter inhale.

How do I fill my Flexus Q pod?

(29 Apr 2024)

Refilling your Flexus Q pod is easy, just remove the silicone stopper on the side to reveal the filling port.

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5 stars (86)
4 stars (11)
3 stars (3)
2 stars (3)
1 star (4)

By Suz from Scotland

Great unit but battery life rotten (23 April 2024)

Fabulous when the battery is full. I bought this to replace my aspire cube that has now discontinued (best vape I've owned) I was pleasantly surprised, the feel, the look, the mouth to lung, the throat hit the lot, loved it until I had to re-charge the battery half way through the day! My aspire cubes lasted all day and some, this one half a day IF that. So disappointed as it is really good apart from the battery life so back to the drawing board for me to find one I don't need to keep re-charging all day.

By Lisa

Look elsewhere (02 April 2024)

I've ordered a few of these now... First one stopped charging up after a few months so ordered another one, second one was OK initially then the pods wouldn't stay in and kept popping up... Tried new pods but same thing happened. I had several coils to use up so ordered a third one, and withing a couple of weeks that one wouldn't charge either!! Only ever used the charging cable provided with the vape so not an overcharging issue. Have binned the lot and gone with another brand. Shame really as the flavour is lovely. Don't waste your money.

By Scruffy from Darlington

Small machine that out vapes the rest (25 February 2024)

700mah battery lasts all day ,super lightning charger,fantastic vaping experience,upgraded from aspire pockex best ever move.

By Nina from Middlesbrough

It's not an all day device (15 February 2024)

Good quality product.
It's easy to use, lightweight and compact.
I like the adjustable slider as well.
The battery charges fast but doesn't seem to keep charge very well.

By Leah from Worcestershire

Good device (27 January 2024)

I’ve had this for over 12 months now still works exactly the same as it did when I bought it. Great value

By Becky from Stockport

Eventually All Fail (18 January 2024)

Been using these for years and it's come to the point that I'm sick of the pod not connecting properly to the battery so doesn't fire unless you push down on it, or the pod becomes loose and drops out. I have been through so many and all end up with the same problems.

By Vape King from Prestatyn

Excellent value (08 January 2024)

Brilliant bit of kit if you're after a basic kit that's like a pod set up then this is the vape for you the coils last on average about a week one thing I've always liked about aspire is that they know what they're doing especially when it comes to Thier coils and devices brilliant product.

By Niko from Inverkeithing

Tiny but packs a punch. (03 January 2024)

Had it for the last ~7 months now. Brilliant taste and vapour volume.
No leaks is definitely a big plus.

Downside is the really short battery life, and that for a pod device changing a coil should not be that much of a hustle.

Would recommend carrying a small power bank or buying two, cause you'll definitely run out of battery by late noon.

By Nikki from Northern Ireland

Cute little vape (28 December 2023)

This is a very sweet little vape, easy to slip into your pocket. Fits nicely in the hand. Battery life isn't great though so it's not an all day device as you need to charge somewhere along the way. Good flavour, small vape cloud, coils last for a good while.

By Leah from London

It’s great! (12 December 2023)

Great little vape, super easy to use. I still haven’t quite figured out how to change it from pushing the button vs just inhaling to vape as it seems to decide on its own when it wants to me to do either but works really well. Love the adjustable slider, only downfall for me (and this could just be the amount I vape) is that sometimes I find the battery runs out pretty quickly but other than that it’s ideal.

By Noni from Gloucestershire

Would be wonderful if… (30 November 2023)

My hubby and I moved to these vapes after realising how many disposable vapes we were getting through, and, in principle they’re great, lightweight, discrete, easy to use… but whether it’s the shape or the smooth sleek design, but we both seem to drop them… a lot! And sadly we’ve both got through 2 units a piece since July… they just stop working, and it’s infuriating! Esp as our most recent ones have only lasted 6weeks, so reluctantly I’m looking for another style… other than their poor durability, they’re a great little vape, just clearly not up to the heavy use and abuse from a pair of constant vapers!

By Oli from England

Perfect vape for me (09 November 2023)

I find it easy to refill and the battery is decent, it will last me all day but I'd recommend not using a fast charger! It will ruin your battery, I've learnt the hard way :P

It's a smooth vape paired with 50/50 juice (nic salts).

I've had an issue before with one unit where the Auto Draw wouldn't work. I reached out to Vape Club and after sending a video of the issue, they replaced the unit :) Thanks again for the service, super reliable!

By Soph

Started out well (31 October 2023)

I purchased this to make the transition from disposables and have been using it for the last 6 months with no issues. In the last couple of weeks it has randomly not charged. I have used a different cable an had the same issue. Now it's just given up and refuses to work. I have tried a new pod and coil as they pod has become loose over time. Whilst it isn't a expensive vape I would have hoped it would have lasted more than 6 months.

By Jace

Good for some (24 October 2023)

This vape is okay. Good texture and vaping experience. Poor battery life - worsened by positioning the indicator light right beneath your thumb if you press the button, making it very difficult to keep track of. Autodraw didn't work properly with airflow open. Not for me.

By Sasha from Essex

Go to (22 October 2023)

Always my go to. Set provides a long lasting kit. Very good quality and each coil always lasts a decent amount of time for someone that vapes a lot

By Ste from Manchester

Absolutely Brilliant (13 October 2023)

Love this Flexus Q, I have had many kits with separate tanks and also many pod kits. This is one of the best I've had. Super fast 3A charging. Excellent flavour on both coils. The 0.6ohm is the best in my opinion and with the airflow fulky open you can get lovely warm Restricted Direct to lung vape with lots of vapour. Only 1 downside is wish the pods were clear so seeing liquid would be easier.

By Ben from Uk

(06 October 2023)

Very Poor

Started off pretty good. First time I changed the coil, it was a dude (spare one that came with the kit), just tasted of burning/chemicals. Changed it again and it was fine.

Now it works when it wants to. Stops charging randomly

By Lisa from Greater Manchester

Love it (22 August 2023)

Easy to set up and refill, good battery life and produces great flavoured vape. Winner all round

By Anonymous

Great vape (17 August 2023)

Had this a while now, and have no complaints at all. Much better than the Caliburn G I had, battery is great, the variable air flow is really handy and v easy to refill - would definitely reccomend!

By Tom from England

Lightweight (16 August 2023)

This product is very lightweight and easy to put into your pocket . Also it comes with a free e liquid which is very good . Great product !

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