Strawberry Ice Cream Elf Bar Mate P1 Prefilled Pod

Fruit, Ice Crean, 2ml Prefilled Pods, MTL, 20mg Salt Nicotine
2 x 2ml
Eliquid Flavours Ice Cream, Strawberry
Made In China
Pod Nic Strength 20mg
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The Elf Bar P1 Strawberry Ice Cream prefilled pods are made to be a simple replacement for your Elf Bar Mate 500. Each pod contains 2ml of salt nicotine e-liquid and absorbs faster for quicker craving satisfaction, as well as delivering a smooth throat hit. They're also designed to produce an MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhale, which creates a more discreet amount of vapour and has a feel that's similar to a cigarette.


  • Prefilled Pods
  • Used With Elf Bar Mate 500 Kit
  • MTL Vaping
  • 20mg Salt Nicotine
  • 2ml Of E-Liquid

These disposable pods are made to be replaced and don't need to be refilled, so you don't have to worry about changing messy coils or having to clean anything when you want to try a different flavour. Elf has selected a range of their most popular flavours to include in their prefilled pods, so there is a variety for you to try. Pressing the red button breaks the freshness seal and once you've waited 10 seconds, they're ready to use.

Strawberry Ice Cream recreates the sweet and creamy flavour of a classic dessert. The juicy taste of the strawberry cuts through the rich ice cream. If you like the sound of this blend but don’t want a kit that requires any maintenance, check out the Strawberry Ice Cream Elf Bar.

Please note: The manufacturer has changed the name of the Elf Bar Mate P1 Strawberry Ice Cream pods to Elf Bar Mate P1 Strawberry Snoow pods. This product may arrive in updated packaging which reflects this.


  • 2 x Elf Bar P1 Prefilled Pods

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By Lou from Surrey

Strawberry ice cream pods (02 December 2023)

I have managed to give up cigarettes using this, I’ve tried many vape kits and spent hundreds, but this one really works for me! I do have a sweet tooth so this flavour is perfect for me ☺️ also want to add on the speediness with delivery, thank you.

By Bex from Kettering

Not Great (18 November 2023)

Not a very nice flavour to this one. Very sweet and tastes almost burnt

By Matt from Uk

Not great (26 September 2023)

Very artificial chemical flavours to this elf bar are not great at strawberry and there not great at cream either overall pretty horrible also to much coolada

By Dollydaydream from London

What! (24 September 2023)

I like the fact that these are very smooth but the flavour is nondescript, I can’t taste strawberry or ice cream, I also didn’t think the ice was beneficial. I’ll likely give them a miss in future.

By SJ from Bath

Very nice (11 September 2023)

It has a very strong flavour so if you like very sweet things this is good

By B from London

disgusting (26 August 2023)

so incredibly gross it’s hard to put into words. it attempts to be creamy, but can’t quite hit it right so it just tastes off. the strawberry tastes neither like real strawberries or the artificial strawberry flavour of other vapes. idk what they were going for here but they failed

By Annettee from South Wales

Good (25 June 2023)

I liked this vape, and I liked the smooth creamy flavour, the only problem with it, I found that the flavour died before the pod was empty.

By Howzy from Uk

Very, very nice. (03 May 2023)

Love these pods, they taste like strawberry shortcake. They have a nice biscuit after taste. Definitely one of my favourite.

By Ross from Huddersfield

Not the best (30 January 2023)

Certainly not the best one from elf bar here. I have tried quite a lot of their flavours and would say this is the worst one I have had. It may be to some people's tastes but it was very sickly and tasted very artificial to me.

By Anonymous

Good (19 November 2022)

I really enjoyed this flavour. Nice sweetness and creaminess. Not too artificial and still a bit cooling for the finish. All in all a great flavour.

By Kelz7683 from Cheshire

Yuck!! (27 October 2022)

This one is definitely not for me! I thought the strawberry flavour would be toned down a bit but it’s far too creamy and dessert like. Yes I know it’s strawberry ice cream….or supposed to be but it’s too artificial tasting. Luckily I have a mother who takes all the ones I don’t like off me so they don’t go to waste!

By Beth

Strong and artificial (09 August 2022)

Flavour was way too strong and artificial for me. On the plus side the pod was good quality; good inhale and no leaks.

By Em from Bedford

Needs more strawberry (28 July 2022)

I used to vape another strawberry ice cream disposable and that was amazing, but this just doesn’t compare. You get the icecream but not enough strawberry and is just ends up tasting sort of doughy. Shame, I was so excited for this to come into stock.

By Looby from Derbyshire

Absolutely perfect (22 July 2022)

I fell in love with the disposable one of these and it made me want to quit smoking I can get through 2 of these a day only downside is I wish they lasted longer to be honest. I'm not a massive milky vape fan but if you like creamy subtle vapes then you will love it just like the disposable but not quite as cold I found the disposable a tiny bit to cold after a while but this is perfect it's smooth creamy bliss more like an expensive milkshake and I've never been a lover of cold vapes before infact would avoid then but this is just so lovely I always have a few boxes on my orders I highly recommend

By Lcb78 from Glasgow

Not for me (19 July 2022)

Not very nice for me, tastes like burned strawberry pop tarts.
Won’t be ordering again but if you like that kind of taste then def the right one for you

By Ceran from Wales

Not enough strawberry flavour (12 July 2022)

Not enough strawberry flavour and a little too sweet for me

By Kish

Decent (21 June 2022)

Strawberry on the inhale and an ice cream cone flavour on the exhale

By Q from Grays

It's very sweet (19 June 2022)

There's too much sweetness and not enough strawberry to the taste but give it a go , it might surprise you

By Katie

Not as strong (15 June 2022)

I was a bit disappointed when trying this one as I always loved the strawberry ice cream disposable. It didn’t taste the same and wasn’t much of a sweet taste to it, however when I tried the 2nd pod it was much more flavourful. Maybe I just got a bad batch on the first one so not sure if I would buy again

By GB from London

Strawberry ice cream (14 June 2022)

Was not a fan of this pod, very very creamy on the exhale and a bit sickly. Didn’t get much strawberry flavour come through.

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