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Old Elfa Kit Vs New Elfa Pro Kit Comparison

When it comes to prefilled pod kits, it′s hard to top the Elfa. Made by the creators of the worldwide best-selling Elf Bar disposable vapes, the Elfa kit has it all – a huge selection of bold, punchy blends, a lightweight and compact build, and nic salt e-liquid which delivers a smooth throat hit while satisfying cravings quickly.

Now that the Elfa Pro vape kit has launched, you might be wondering what′s different and what has stayed the same between the classic and new models. Truth be told, the devices themselves are very similar. The real differences can be found in the replacement pods – but, we′ll let you in on a little-known fact. The pods are cross-compatible. This means you can use new Elfa Pro pods in an Elfa kit, and you can use existing Elfa pods in a new Elfa Pro kit.

What are the similarities between the Elfa and the Elfa Pro?

The Elfa and Elfa Pro devices are nearly identical in price, size, weight and shape. Both kits feature you’ll find a pocket-friendly vape pen design that’s inspired by the Elf Bar disposables. As we mentioned earlier, the Elfa prefilled pods are cross-compatible. The new Pro pods use a nic salt blend just like the originals do, and they also cost the same – £4.99 each, or mix and match with our 3 for £15 multi-buy.

What are the differences between the Elfa and the Elfa Pro?

The Elfa Pro kit is available in a larger range of eye-catching colours. When it comes to refills, Elfa Pro pods feature a variety of new flavours alongside returning best-sellers from the original range. The Pro pods are available in a 20mg strength at launch, and in the future, we’ll be seeing 10mg versions too. They’re built with new QUAQ coil technology to boost flavour and feature a clear design that makes it easy to see exactly how much juice is left.

Full Comparison

But, how will these differences actually affect you? Read on for our breakdown, where we′ll go through all the improvements the experts at Elf Bar have made to the new Elfa Pro pods.


Elfa Pods: 32 Flavours
Elfa Pro Pods: 40 Flavours

The Elfa Pro pod range features more flavours than the original collection, including both brand-new and familiar blends. New flavours include sweet and fruity Watermelon Mojito, cool Spearmint, classic USA Mix and rich Cream Tobacco (based on the flavour of the wildly popular Cream Tobacco Elf Bar). As a bonus, the new lineup includes all the most popular options from the original series, like Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice, Elfbull and Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava.

But, remember, the Pro pods are compatible with the original Elfa kit – so while we′re counting this as a win for the Pro, those who own the older model of the device don′t need to upgrade in order to experience these improved flavours.

Nicotine Strength

Elfa Pods: 20mg
Elfa Pro Pods: 20mg, 10mg

At this time, the Elfa Pro pods are only available in a 20mg strength. What puts the Pro pods ahead is the fact that these flavours will soon be available in a 10mg strength too. This means the Elfa Pro kit is an ideal choice if you′re looking to reduce your nicotine intake or prefer a lighter vape. And just like the original versions, the e-liquid inside Elfa Pro pods uses a nic salt blend that satisfies cravings quickly while providing a smooth throat hit.

Coil Type

Elfa Pods: Mesh
Elfa Pro Pods: QUAQ Mesh & ECS Technology

The Elfa Pro pods feature a new and improved QUAQ mesh coil. If that name sounds familiar, you may have already encountered it in vapes like the Elf Bar V2 or the Lost Mary QM600. Designed to vaporise your e-liquid quickly and evenly, in our tests we found that the QUAQ coil really does make a huge difference. The flavour produced by the Elfa Pro pods is much more intense when compared to the original pods.

Pro pods feature ECS (E-Liquid Coil Separation) technology. The e-liquid is kept out of contact with air and with the coil until you′re ready to use the pod, which helps to keep it tasting fresher for longer. Before inserting a new pod into your device, push up on the base to break the seal. This forces the coil into the e-liquid and primes it instantly so you can start vaping right away.

E-Liquid Visibility

Elfa Pods: Low
Elfa Pro Pods: High

The main visual difference between the new and old pods is that the Pro pods are transparent. As they don′t use the sponge-like wicking material found in the original version, you can now see how much e-liquid is left in each pod. This helps to prevent the unpleasant surprise of running out of vape juice unexpectedly and also means you′re less likely to experience a dry hit (which happens when you vape an empty pod or tank).

Colour Options

Elfa Pods: 6
Elfa Pro Pods: 8

The Elfa Pro kit is available in some of the most popular colourways of the original Elfa, like Black, Aurora Purple and Navy Blue. It′s also available in several new colours, from the vibrant hue of Pink to the understated blue and silver gradient of Twilight. Whether you prefer one of the bolder options or something a little more subtle, every colour variant features a soft-touch finish that feels durable and high quality.

And the winner is...

Well, that was far easier to call than our Elf Bar 600 vs. Elf Bar V2 comparison! As you can see, the Elfa Pro pods and devices outperform the originals in every category across the board. Whether you′re interested in the stronger flavour provided by the QUAQ mesh coil, the reduced chance of dry hits thanks to the clear pod design, or even just the unique new colours, the Elfa Pro kit and replacement pods make an ideal choice.

Best of all, because the pods are compatible, you don′t even need to buy a new kit if you already own an Elfa – just pair the pods with your existing device. And if you don′t, the Elfa Pro kit is easy to get started with. Simply unlock the seal on the pod, insert it into your device and inhale on the mouthpiece to vape.

In Conclusion

That′s the end of our comparison! We hope you walk away feeling a little more informed about the differences between the Elfa and Elfa Pro vape kits. No matter which one you pick, your kit and pods are eligible for free next-day delivery as part of orders over £20. Remember, the Elfa and Elfa Pro kits are simply two options available in our range of prefiled pod vapes, so be sure to check out our full selection.

Still feeling a bit stuck? Not to worry – we understand how important it is to make sure you′re purchasing the right vape. That′s why our customer service team is packed full of vape experts who will be happy to help you out. You can contact them seven days a week, by phone, email and live chat.

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