Uwell Caliburn X Vape Kit

850mAh Battery, 5-20W Power Output, MTL Vaping, Mesh Coils
Battery Capacity 850mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Charging Type USB Type-C
Coil Resistance 0.8ohm, 1.2ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Pod Coil Type Mesh
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 46g
Height 11cm (4.2")
Width 2.6cm (1.0")
Depth 1.6cm (0.6")


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The Uwell Caliburn X pod kit is a sleek and stylish option that remains simple to use. Recommended for beginner and experienced vapers alike, it delivers an MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape and is powered by a built-in 850mAh battery. Plus, thanks to its adjustable 5-20W power range, you can set the kit to deliver a vape that suits you. Each kit comes complete with a 2ml, refillable Caliburn X pod as well as two Caliburn G mesh coils to get you started.


  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Built-In 850mAh Battery
  • 5-20W Power Range
  • Single Button Operation
  • Inhale Activation
  • MTL Vaping
  • E-Liquid Window
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 2ml Refillable Pods

Featuring only one button, the Caliburn X is easy to get on with even if you’ve never vaped before. You can use this button to switch on your kit, select a power level and start vaping. When you’re done, lock the kit by pressing the button five times. When unlocked, you can also vape by just inhaling on the mouthpiece. This inhale activation plus the small amount of vapour the kit creates means the Caliburn X feels a lot closer to a cigarette. At the same time, the mesh coils also mean you’ll experience a better flavour.

Easy to refill and capable of holding up to 2ml of your preferred e-liquid, the Caliburn X pods feature a top-filling design with snap-fit lids. This means you can top up your pod without actually removing it from the device. Speaking of e-liquid, a small window is also built into your device so you can see exactly how much is left. When it is time to refill, we recommend either a 50/50 e-liquid or higher PG option.


  • Uwell Caliburn X Device
  • Uwell Caliburn X Pod
  • 0.8 Ohm Uwell Caliburn G Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 1.2 Ohm Uwell Caliburn G2 Coil
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
Two Uwell Caliburn X vape kits next to each other
The Uwell Caliburn X vape kit features a long-lasting battery, an eye-catching display screen and a compact design.
A Lake Green Uwell Caliburn X vape kit with its control button and display screen showing
The button on the Uwell Caliburn X vape kit can be used to turn it on and off, unlock it, adjust the wattage, fire it and more.
The display screen of an Ink Blue Uwell Caliburn X vape kit.
The Uwell Caliburn X vape kit’s display screen communicates relevant information, such as battery life, power output, voltage and more.
Uwell Caliburn X Airflow
Thanks to the Uwell Caliburn X vape kit’s adjustable airflow, you can switch seamlessly between a tighter or looser draw.
from £8.99
5 Pack
0.3Ω - 1.8Ω

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By Stu from Edinburgh

Better alternatives (12 February 2024)

Better alternatives to this in the caliburn range, still decent but the A3/G3 are better

By Hell -on -Earth from London

Real problems with this (21 December 2023)

As others have said the problem is with the pod/coil, if you can get a 3ml pod it's ok but with the bung to reduced to 2ml and with the coil sitting high you are only getting about 1.5ml before you have to keep refilling or get a dry burn

By Xenoyia from Plymouth

Excellent, long-lasting vape (28 October 2023)

Have never had a problem with this vape, I recently upgraded from it but during my year of ownership it never leaked, had any technical issues, and in fact I only had to replace the coil once - if I didn't accidentally vape on empty it might've lasted the entire time! Fully recommend this vape.

By Jace

My backup (24 October 2023)

A friend gave me one of these. I found the flavour too intense on my tongue. The atomiser design means the min full line is very high so have to keep filling. I can't complain as mine was free - good back up.

By A from United Kindom

RUBBISH (20 October 2023)

This is the worst pod system Caliburn has ever made. First off, the pods suck. There’s this thick black rubber stopper in the pod that takes up half of the space where your liquid should be - so I found myself filling up the pod 3x more than I would on the AK2 (my pervious pod). The vape makes this annoying humming noise whenever I take a puff and it’s because of that black rubber stopper in the pod, restricting the coil to soak the liquid properly and vaporise it. The airflow control isn’t as bad and everyone has made it out to be but it should be a little bit tighter as it slides out of place easily - the screen is fine and easy to use however the battery is woeful. 1000MAH should be the standard for a £30 vape/pod. The coils are the same and haven’t improved. The colour I got was ‘ink blue’ and it’s a very nice colour, but no one’s buying this just for the colour. The performance is shocking and Caliburn have just made this to laugh in our faces. A SERIOUS downgrade to the likes of the Caliburn G. Overall, don’t do what I did and waste your money on this pathetic excuse of a money grabbing vape. I wish I never got it and I wish I could get my money back. Buy the Caliburn G or the Caliburn AK2. Much better pod systems, better pods and better value for money than this pile of junk.

By Hypervape

Good but not great (25 September 2023)

have used previous Uwell vapes before this and moved up to Caliburn X. but due to a badly designed pod this is an Average Vape. First the good things the vape is nice warm and full of flavour. Large battery than previous Caliburn vapes again good. Easy to use and good size. but as of UK law we can only have up to 2ml pods or tanks. So they add a lump of black plastic inside the pod to reduce the pod to 2ml from 3ml. So gives you a humming sound every time you vape. also the air flow on the side cannot be locked so this moves when you put it in to your pocket, another bad design feature. also I'm not sure the pods holds 2ml of liquid. I brought the 3ml pods and use this as my back up vape. this is what this vape good for.

By Jordan

A wonderful tasting device that is not without its flaws. (22 July 2023)

First of all let me say I have used nearly of the uwell pod vapes to date. This one is not dissimilar, it is not without its flaws at all. The flavour however, keeps you overlooking them and coming back for more. yes the 2ml pod system is somewhat of an issue, you have to choose between underfilling and slightly overfilling. When overfilled I recommend hitting it and blowing outwards gently to push off a bit of excess, then it proceeds to work flawlessly. I've had it for about 3 months and haven't noticed any leaking issues (with the pods), the caliburn pods can be troublesome, here I recommend using two on rotation and cleaning them out every so often, this always seems to do the trick. The g1 and 2 were notorious for auto firing. this device seems a lot less prone to that, its happened once or twice - this normally happens because some liquid has gone in to the bottom, pod the pod out and wipe off the connectors and its fine.

As you can see I am a big lover of the device who has learnt to live with some of its drawbacks, for one simple reason - the TASTE. Just second to none in my opinion and I have tried a lot of brands.

So all in all... is it perfect? No.
Can its drawbacks be managed? Yes.
Will you still love it? Yes.

By Ash from South Yorkshire

Could be better for the price. (13 July 2023)

I've had this for around 4-5 months, I've had my ups and downs with it. It's pretty good flavour wise and the coils last me a while considering how small they are. I first had a problem 3 days after buying it where I filled to the line and every drag was pure liquid, went to the shop I bought it from and laddo told me to just smoke it through, was still pulling pure liquid an hour after so I just replaced the whole pod system, alot of the times it has leaked everywhere I used to clean it every couple hours. My biggest problem currently is the battery, it takes around 30 mins to fully charge but when it does it lasts me a day and I have to charge it by the next morning but as we stand right now it's not charging, it hasn't been all day. Had it on charge for 2 hours (tried different chargers turning it round plugging the cable into different plugs) so it's ovbiously not the charger, the litrelly battery bars go up but the minute I take it off charge it's on 1 bar, it's just not charging and it's ovbiously nothing wrong with my cables or plugs

By EggBean from England, UK

Love this vape with 3ml pods! (21 April 2023)

I've had this vape kit for about 2 weeks now and I've got to say, I absolutely love it. I upgraded from the Caliburn G2 due to the drip tips snapping too often and the pods being very leak prone.

As other reviews have mentioned, this vape does come with 3ml pods with a 1ml rubber spacer. However, as I said this is rubber, and relatively easy to remove with a bit of patience (and some small scissors).

With the spacers in the pods, this vape is mediocre, I will admit. However, since removing the spacer, it's made the vape 100× better.
Beforehand, I was having to fill up the pod twice as often compared to the G2, but now I can go almost 2 days without filling it up. If you lack the dexterity to remove the spacer, the 3ml pods do exist in the UK, though they are quite elusive.

The drip tips are super easy to remove and don't seem as prone to snapping due to this. The puff counter and an actual battery indicator is amazing. As well as the fact you can select and set the wattage.

Hopefully this review helps others with their choice as to what vape to get, and perhaps helps others to better this vape if they've already got it but begrudge the spacer. 🙂

By Rob from London

Avoid (08 March 2023)

Leaks even worse than the G2. The airflow slider is too loose so changes the second you put it in your pocket. I can't understand how the design of the pod was ever approved, its far too wide for the height of the coil, the minimum line is basically at the top so you need to constantly fill it up. Nice flavour but doesn't smoke as well as the other Uwell vapes. Would definitely avoid this one.

By Anonymous

Don’t bother (02 March 2023)

Overly hyped product because of the screen and adjustable wattage. The max full line is barely visable because the coils are re purposed from the G design meaning you over fill and the liquid leaks from the top. The pods are too large and blacked out at the top so you can’t see how full the pod is. The flavour is pretty non existent compared to the G2, the battery life isn’t great. For the price it definitely is not worth it there are so many better alternatives. Overall I’m not happy with the product.

By Jess from Nottingham

Great flavour (17 January 2023)

Amazing flavour and very easy to use. I like how you can add liquid in the top and not have to take the pod out! Gorgeous colours too!

By Josh from Romford

Meh (29 December 2022)

Don't see why this has so many good reviews. Moved to this from the a2 caliburn because I was sick of it leaking and destroying the battery making me buy new ones all the time. This is more than twice the price. It leaks just like the a2 and fires by its self. The coils don't last anywhere near as long as the a2, the flavour is not as good, the airflow control is way too loose causing me to accidentally fire it with no air flow the minimum fill line is right at the top of the pod and when you fill past this liquid pours out of the air hole at the top. Going to try the new a3 and see if that's any better. I wouldn't recommend this pod system.

By KrosKlein

immowar119@gmail.com (05 December 2022)

Best caliburn pods till date specially the airflow control and voltage control love it.
Just the battery drains bit fast on high voltage and the screen isn't as big as it seems its like a small screen surrounded by black glass panel

By J from Bedfordshire

Amazing device but some Major flaws (05 November 2022)

Having used every other caliburn device was really looking forward to trying this kit.

Coils are great as always, and the 1.2 is perfect for my style. Higher nic levels, no loss in flavor as the coils are mesh, but a cooler vape than the 0.8.

The screen is a nice addition.. more precice battery indicator, puff counter, ohm check, wattage adjustment....and finally a nifty lock for that button while keeping the auto draw active.

Airflow is great but the adjuster piece is wayyyy too loose and moves to freely

The major flaw is the pods and the fact there not the 3ml version. The coil has a minimum fill line, the pod has a bung inside the top of the device to make it 2ml.. this bung makes it so when you have filled up the pod to it's maximum capacity it's hoving over the "minimum fill" line.
How can I need to refill the pod when it's full?
Only way to make this acceptable is to stock the 3ml pods witch they don't. Massive loss for a great device.

Unless the screen on the X is important for you just stick to the G2

By Anonymous

Great vape (19 October 2022)

Got this to give up smoking and it worked! it's very similar to using disposable vapes and cheaper. nice size easy to use battery isn't amazing but it charges super quickly. it sometimes leaks a little but nothing serious and the plastic mouthpiece can scratch

By Paul from Scotland

100% satisfied (16 October 2022)

Very good compact device after the success of the G and G2 highly recommended this product long battery and nice smooth and full of flavour vape. Will definitely be getting another!

By Chabz from London

X (11 October 2022)

Wow, whut a device. As soon as I took it out of the packet i instantly fell in love with it. Great weight,, you can immediately feel the power of the device. Had to read to user manual just to understand how to operate it. The pre set 0.8 coil is not really for me, bit heavy on my throat, managing a lot better better with the 1.2 one. Excellent flavour and vape production. The addition of the display is excellent, as it you can see the wattage, puff counter etc. Highly recommend.

By Vaughany from Dorset

Amazing caliburn (07 October 2022)

Using this on a heavy day to day and not one problem with it so far the battery is great I use it at 12w just because I know that means the battery will last longer will look to seeing how it lasts with more wattage being used, coils also last longer then most I have found 100% happy with this product and will be getting a 2nd

By J from Midlands

Pretty good (05 October 2022)

It’s a good device with good features and easy to use, but the airflow control is very loose and easily knocked out of place, not a problem if you leave it open though.

The vape has gurgled a bit on me and I get the odd bit of juice in my mouth when it’s been left lying down or in my pocket.

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