Uwell Caliburn G & G2 Replacement Coils

Multiple Resistances, Mesh & Standard, MTL Vape, Plug & Play Design
Coil Resistance 0.8ohm, 1.0ohm, 1.2ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Pack Size 4 Pack


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The Uwell Caliburn G replacement vape coils have been designed for use with the Uwell Caliburn G pod kit and the Uwell Caliburn G2 pod kit. These coils are available in three variants; a 0.8 Ohm mesh coil, a 1.0 Ohm standard MTL coil as well as a 1.2 Ohm mesh coil.


  • Uwell Caliburn G Coils
  • Plug & Play Coil Design
  • Mesh Coil / Standard MTL Coil
  • Multiple Resistances
  • 50/50 E-Liquids & High PG

The 0.8 Ohm and 1.2 Ohm mesh coils feature a larger surface area to heat e-liquid for enhanced flavour and vapour production, delivering a restricted DTL (Direct To Lung) inhale. The standard 1.0 Ohm coils deliver a long-lasting MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape with clear flavour throughout. A simple plug-and-play coil design allows for easy installation and removal from the pods. We recommend pairing these coils with high PG e-liquids of 50% PG and higher for best results.


  • 4 x Uwell Caliburn G Replacement Vape Coils

Sub Ohm Pod Coil Warning:

These coils are available in a sub ohm resistance (coils below 1.0 Ohm), but they will not support high VG e-liquid. The small wicking holes on the coils will not allow thicker e-liquid to saturate the coil quickly enough, this can result in dry hits and burnt coils.

Always check the manufacturer’s recommendation for compatible e-liquids before use.

0.8Ω, 1.2Ω

Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Vape Kit

MTL Pod, 750mAh Battery, Single Button, 2ml Pods, Mesh Coils
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
4 for £10

Blue Burst Hybrid Salt E-Liquid by Riot Squad

Blue Raspberry, Menthol
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

Donut Worry Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

Donut, Strawberry Jam, Vanilla Custard
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

Berry Cold Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

Mixed Berries, Menthol

Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime Pod Kit

Pod Kit, Refillable, 690mAh, 15W, Dual Airflow System, 2ml, Caliburn G
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

Orang-O-Tang Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

Orange, Pomegranate, Peach, Raspberry

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By SM from Oxfordshire

Fantastic coils (01 July 2022)

These are fantastic coils, both the 1.2 and the 0.8 last for ages and give really good flavour. Highly recommended.

By Rajab from Cambridge

Really good coils (30 June 2022)

what i like about these coils that they got a very decent lifetime comparing to others

By Marty from Hartlepool

G2 coils (24 June 2022)

Long lasting coils, more than 2 weeks. 1.2 gives good flavour.

By Duncan from Nottingham

Great flavour (12 June 2022)

Great flavour on these coils, I have only used the 1.2ohm since buying the Caliburn G2 but I feel these work really well. They last me around 2 weeks of heavy vaping.

By Arin from Lancaster

Good coils (27 May 2022)

Pretty decent coils and will generally last long enough but I’ve found the 1.0 to last longer.

By K from Scotland

Leaky (23 May 2022)

Had to many problems with every pack purchased , burnt out to quickly

By Soula from Chesire

Coils (17 May 2022)

These coils are brilliant I use them in my koko prime they work brilliant great flavours and long lasting highly recommend

By Nina from Leicestershire

Caliburn g2 coil (13 May 2022)

Easy fit and last ages!

By Alan from Essex

Very good (11 May 2022)

Price is very fair. Brought the 0.8ohm coils for my Caliburn Koko and they last a long time, plenty of flavour and never fail my taste buds. Do exactly what they should as described, brilliant product and would recommend to anyone looking to do MTL vaping

By Gigachad from Hull

Longest lasting coils I've ever used! (11 May 2022)

Seriously impressive stuff. Over the years I've gone on and off vaping. I used to stick to chunky box mods that had big coils. I always figured "the bigger, the better." Not the case because big box mods use high wattage that burns out your coil faster.

I've not used other pod kits, but my Uwell Caliburn was the first, I now have the G2. These coils last a long time. Not only are they cheaper then most other coils, but they last long.

On average, one coil lasts me about 2 weeks and that's with consistent vaping. For someone that doesn't consistently vape, a four pack of these could potentially last months. I can get through 4+ 10ml shot bottles of Riot e-Juice on one coil and it's still healthy.

Fantastic coils, no complaints. You don't need to prime them either. Just pop it in the device, put in the juice, leave it for 5-10 mins and you're done! Granted, sometimes it isn't consistent and one can last longer than another but I've found that's the case with the 1 & 1.2ohm ones. The 0.8 ohm ones I've found are the best for longevity and flavour.

I rarely give 10 stars and I've revived a lot of products in this website but I honestly can't think of any cons so it gets a 10/10 from me.

By Anonymous

Great coils (09 May 2022)

The caliburn G is probably my favorite caliburn and its because of these coils. They vape great and last a good amount of time before having to swap them out.

By Count from Kent

Spot on (03 May 2022)

I’ve worked my way through each ohm coils and I’ve found that the 1ohm coils are perfect. They hit the sweet spot and they last ages compared to the others. .8 burn out to quick and 1.2(?) don’t hit hard enough. Highly recommend the 1ohms.

By Anonymous

Quality isn’t consistent (25 April 2022)

I’ve found the coils can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes they will last weeks and others burn out really quickly which is really frustrating.

By Jean-Paul from UK

Long lasting (13 April 2022)

This is the kind of coils that people wants. Fifth refill and still going good.
Fill the pod with your favourite liquid, leave it for 10 minutes standing upwards, you are good for the week or more. Brilliant!
No loss of flavour.

But don’t wait until it runs dry before refilling your liquid.

By Yam from Northern Ireland

Hit and miss. (05 April 2022)

Some last for several weeks while others last a few days. Lovely flavour production if you can get them to last.

By Callam from Scotland

Really happy! (22 March 2022)

I'm new to vaping as i'm trying to quit cigarettes, I got myself the Caliburn G2 and i'm really happy with these coils.

They seem to last much longer than people suggested on sites like reddit, i've been vaping now for 3 weeks (heavily for the past two weeks as thats when I fully gave up tobacco) and i've only just changed the coil for the first time and that was only because I was unknowlingly trying to vape when my tank ran dry and It ended up tasting a little burned. For context I was a 15-20 a day rollup smoker and I must say I vape much more than I smoked, as Its much more convienient not having to roll first.

Gives a very flavourful hit even after weeks of use and produces a much smaller amount of vapor than the huge obnoxious clouds you usually see down the street when people vape, though still considerably more smoke than you would get from a cigarette.

By Shkiper

Great! (25 February 2022)

Great coils and they last 2 weeks

By R3 from UK

Uwell Caliburn G Replacement Coils (23 February 2022)

The 1.2 and 0.8 are very nice. They don’t burn out quick and last a considerate amount of time if you take the effort to make sure you install them right and give them time to absorb your liquid.

By Rob from Peterborough

Hard to beat (12 February 2022)

Used in my uwell Koko prime, 0.8 mesh, these coils have a ridiculously long lifespan.
The flavour production is on point and after using various pod systems, I have to say these are hard to beat.

By Niknak

Great (08 February 2022)

Bought my caliburn in december and have only had to change coils twice. First one lasted 6 weeks.