Uwell Caliburn G & G2 Replacement Coils

MTL & RDTL Vaping, Mesh & Standard Coils, Compatible With High PG E-Liquid
Coil Resistance 0.8ohm, 1.0ohm, 1.2ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Pack Size 4 Pack


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The Uwell Caliburn G and G2 coils are designed to work with a variety of vapes in Uwell’s Caliburn Series. These include kits which use the Caliburn G, Caliburn G2, Caliburn Explorer and Iron Fist pods, such as the Caliburn G, Caliburn GZ2, and Caliburn Tenet kits. With a variety of resistances to pick from, each produces a different level of vapour so you can select between MTL (Mouth To Lung) or RDTL (Restricted Direct To Lung) vaping styles.


  • MTL & RDTL Vaping
  • Mesh & Standard Builds
  • Multiple Resistances
  • Compatible With 50/50 And High PG E-Liquid

The Caliburn G 0.8 Ohm and Caliburn G2 1.2 Ohm options feature a mesh design, which allows them to heat your e-liquid quickly and evenly, improving flavour. The Caliburn 1.0 Ohm coil features a standard build for discreet vapour production. For all of these coils, we’d recommend e-liquid which has a 50% VG or higher PG concentration.

We’ve compiled a list of vape kits that these coils are compatible with, as well as their vaping styles and recommended wattages. Many of the below kits feature Smart Mode, which means you won’t need to manually adjust the power level – your kit will automatically output the best wattage for you based on the coil you choose.

Recommended Kits And Wattage Output:

These coils are compatible with the following kits:

Caliburn G, Caliburn G2, Caliburn GZ2, Caliburn GK2, Caliburn GK2 Vision, Caliburn X, Caliburn Tenet, Caliburn Koko Prime, Caliburn Tenet Koko, Caliburn & Iron Fist L, Caliburn Explorer

Caliburn G & G2 Coils Recommended Wattages:

  • RDTL G 0.8 Ohm Mesh Coil (13 - 18W)
  • MTL G 1.0 Ohm Coil (10 - 15W)
  • MTL G2 1.2 Ohm Mesh Coil (9 - 13W)


  • 5 x Caliburn G / G2 Coils

Sub Ohm Pod Coil Warning:

These coils are available in a sub ohm resistance (coils below 1.0 Ohm), but they will not support high VG e-liquid. The small wicking holes on the coils will not allow thicker e-liquid to saturate the coil quickly enough, this can result in dry hits and burnt coils.

Always check the manufacturer’s recommendation for compatible e-liquids before use.

5mg 11mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

Mango & Passion Fruit Nic Salt E-liquid by Just Juice

Mango, Passionfruit
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

Bango Mango Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

Banana, Mango
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

Berry Cold Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

Mixed Berries, Menthol
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

Donut Worry Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

Donut, Strawberry Jam, Vanilla Custard
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
4 for £10

Blue Burst Hybrid Salt E-Liquid by Riot Squad

Blue Raspberry, Menthol
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
4 for £10

Rich Black Grape E-Liquid by Riot Salt Black Edition

Grape, Mint

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5 stars (110)
4 stars (14)
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2 stars (3)
1 star (1)

By Russell from Inverness

Uwell Caliburn G Coils 0.8ohm UN2 Meshed (19 April 2024)

I find these coils have great flavour and consistent, some people say that they have changed or are not the same, but to be honest I haven't found this although I suppose different types of e-liquids will have different impacts on most coils. I've mostly been using these coils on tobacco flavours, and seem to be getting around a week out of them before I need to swap out, however NET tobaccos will gunk these coils up in a couple of days but I have found that with all stock coils, so I preferably stick to RTA tanks for NET tobaccos.
The only downside I have come across with these coils is that from time to time they will gurgle, but a quick flick and your good to go again, therefore i will give 9 stars instead of 10.

Thanks to Vape Club for their usual fantastic service as always.

By Scruffy from Darlington

Low clouds (28 February 2024)

If you want cigarettes vape these are for you low clouds and discreet

By Glossy from Oxfoed

Good (14 February 2024)

Easy to change, lasts a while depending on which liquid you use

By Hillyw from Leeds

Good coils (30 January 2024)

Only used the 1.0 and 0.8 so far and seem to last well. Easy to put in pod but make sure they click in the right place correctly. Caliburn are good kits in my opinion

By Elias

Great value for money (15 December 2023)

I found these coils lasted a good amount of time and provided a consistent flavour until the battery got low but this is more the caliburn's fault not the coil.

By Sabrina from Norfolk

Great product (24 November 2023)

Love that these are better value from this site.
They do last and can easily taste when they need replacing.
Depending on how much your puffing from your vape, depends on how long they will last.
Easy to replace too.
Easy to get out of packaging

By Ahu381 from London

Good quality coils (19 November 2023)

These coils produce a great tasting vape with a lot of vapour and they last quite long too. My only gripe is that they sometimes leak. I once bought some of ebay and they didn't last as long as the ones I bought from VapeClub, making me wonder if there are fakes about.

By Xenoyia from Plymouth

Excellent coils for Caliburn X Vape (28 October 2023)

The performance of these replacement coils is exceptional. They deliver a smooth and consistent flavor, ensuring each puff is rich and satisfying. The flavor clarity is impressive, bringing out the subtleties of my e-liquid that I hadn’t fully experienced before.

Moreover, the durability of these coils is impressive. I've noticed they last longer than many other coils I've used in the past. This longevity has not compromised their performance in any way. They continue to produce great flavor and vapor even after extended use, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

One notable aspect is the ease of installation. Switching out the coils is a breeze, thanks to the simple plug-and-pull design. It's convenient and hassle-free, allowing me to replace coils swiftly without any mess or difficulty.

By Paul from London

CALIBURN G2 1.2 ohm coils (06 October 2023)

Great flavour for sure my favourite coils for the G2.

By Papra from London

1.2 Ohm (01 October 2023)

Gives a good flavour, lasts about 1-2 weeks depending on sweetness of the liquid and usage for me

By Aaron

Love these for nic salts (19 September 2023)

These coils have been amazing for my wife's caliburn device as she vapes a lot of nic salts, she has amazing taste and very good vapour and nic hit from these will definitely buy again

By Fetchmeacoffee

best mtl coils! (19 September 2023)

Mostly use rebuildables but love a pod for out and about. Hands down the 0.8 mesh are best for MTL , using the Caliburn X at 14W

By Mattdt from London

Good coils, although results may vary (13 September 2023)

I can only echo what others are saying: these are good, but one coil may last a week or more, and another a only few days, before you feel the need to replace. This is perhaps more down to choice of liquid, or as I do topping up with different liquids using the same coil.

Either way, I feel it balances out, over the whole pack, and myself and my partner may find a 4 pack lasts somewhere between two weeks to a month, between us (and we aren’t light users).

By JoRenaS

0.8 coils (05 September 2023)

0.8 coils are great for a nice amount of smoke and taste. Lasts 1-2 weeks depending on how sweet the liquid is.
1.0 coil was the worst for me since it's not mesh and lasted less than a week.
1.2 are great for taste, but not enough smoke for me.
Been using those coils on G2

By Jonsey

Feel like the quality of these are getting worse (12 August 2023)

The coils used to be able to last two weeks at a push but not I’m lucky to get 3-4 days out of one and that’s with reduced usage too.

By Wolfie from Lancs

Good coils 0.8 (31 July 2023)

Great coils bought for the uwell gz2 always seem to last a week plus depending on juice 👍

By Jordan

Not as good as they used to be (22 July 2023)

Been using G coils (G1 + 2) for well over two years, used to get 1-2 weeks out of them, now I'm lucky to get a week, often it can be as little as 4 days. I do use a sweet liquid which I know has an affect but either way the quality definitely seems to have declined. When they function as intended still one of the best tasting coils out there though!

(0.8 model reviewed)

By Nathan from Teesside

Some last longer than others (28 June 2023)

From personal experience, the 1ohm coils last the longest, between 1-2 weeks. However, the 0.8ohm, which is marketed as lasting the longest, often burn out after around 3 days. I’ve used many brands of liquid so I don’t think the liquids can be put down to the poor endurance.

By Ad

Less quality than previously (14 June 2023)

Last few packs of the 0.8 coils ive found they dont exactly last long, first couple of days its great, then I find they start to very quickly discolour and make a less clean hiss noise after firing

I think the cotton is more packed in and doesnt let as much juice get to the coils?

By Stringer277 from Manchester

Top coils (16 May 2023)

Best coils for the g2. Give off best flavour and last the longest

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