Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Vape Kit

MTL Pod, 750mAh Battery, Single Button, 2ml Pods, Mesh Coils
Battery Capacity 750mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Coil Resistance 0.8ohm, 1.2ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 38g
Height 11cm (4.4")
Width 2.2cm (0.9")
Depth 1.3cm (0.5")


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The Uwell Caliburn G2 pod vape kit combines a compact build with a simple design, making it an easy-to-use kit that you can take on the go. Powered by a 750mAh built-in battery, you’ll experience up to a full day of vaping on one charge. Plus, the kit features USB-C fast charging. Designed for MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping, the G2 creates a small amount of vapour. It comes complete with a refillable 2ml pod and two Caliburn G coils to get you started.


  • MTL Pod Kit
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • 750mAh Battery
  • Single Button Activation
  • Refillable 2ml Pods
  • Mesh Coils

Thanks to single button activation there are no menu systems or lengthy setup to endure. Instead, press the fire button five times to unlock the kit and get started. Once unlocked, you can choose between inhale activation or using the button to vape. Both styles deliver a vape that feels much closer to a cigarette. Also built into the kit is a clear window that lets you see exactly how much e-liquid is left, so you’ll know when to refill.

The Caliburn G2 pods will each hold up to 2ml of e-liquid, thanks to a top-filling design you can refill them quickly - even if you’re on the go. An upgrade to earlier versions, this pod also features an adjustable airflow that gives you the option of a tighter or looser inhale. When it comes to pairing your kit with e-liquid, you can take your pick from a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths. We recommend either a 50/50 e-liquid or a high PG option for a genuine MTL vape.


  • Uwell Caliburn G2 Device
  • G2 Refillable 2ml Pod
  • Mesh G2 1.2 Ohm Coil
  • Mesh G2 0.8 Ohm Coil
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual

How To Set-Up & Use My Caliburn G2 Pod Kit

How to Recharge Your Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Kit

Charge Your Caliburn G2 Pod Kit

When your Caliburn G2 pod kit arrives it may need to be charged. Use the included USB-C cable and charge until the light on the kit turns green.

How To Remove Caliburn G2 Pod Mouthpiece

Remove the G2 Pod Mouthpiece

Keep the Caliburn G2 pod inside the device to make removing the mouthpiece easier. Push against the mouthpiece until it comes off.

How To Fill E-Liquid In The Caliburn G2 Pod

How To Fill Your G2 Pod

Push the nib of your e-liquid bottle into the filling port to refill. Only refill via the hole with the red underlay. Do not attempt to refill via the center hole or side hole.

How To Reassemble The Caliburn G2 Pod Vape Kit

Reassemble Your Caliburn G2 Vape Kit

Once filled, re-attach the mouthpiece to the pod by pushing it down firmly until you hear a click.

How Long To Wait Before Vaping On The Caliburn G2

Prime Your Caliburn G Coil

Leave your Uwell Caliburn G2 pod kit upright for ten minutes to give the e-liquid time to soak into the Caliburn G coil.

How to Turn The Caliburn G2 Kit On

Turn On And Vape Caliburn G2 Kit

When charged and filled, click the firing button five times quickly to switch the G2 on. You can then press the button or inhale on the mouthpiece to vape.

The Caliburn G coils this kit uses are available in three different resistances, giving you more options over how you vape.
With three coils to choose from, you can customise the Caliburn G kit to deliver a level of vapour and flavour that suits you. They all feature a mesh build that makes them very long-lasting.
Inhale activation and single button activation give you two ways to vape with the Uwell Caliburn G2 pod vape kit.
You can vape the Uwell Caliburn G2 pod kit in two ways. Experience inhale activation or button activation with the same kit and discover your preferred vape.
Swap between a tight or loose inhale with the adjustable airflow wheel that’s built into the Caliburn G2 pods.
The G2 pods also feature an adjustable airflow wheel that gives you the ability to swap between a tight or loose inhale.
The Caliburn G coils this kit uses are available in three different resistances, giving you more options over how you vape.
With three coils to choose from, you can customise the Caliburn G kit to deliver a level of vapour and flavour that suits you. They all feature a mesh build that makes them very long-lasting.

4 Pack
0.8Ω, 1.0Ω, 1.2Ω

Uwell Caliburn G & G2 Replacement Coils

Multiple Resistances, Mesh & Standard, MTL Vape, Plug & Play Design

Uwell Caliburn G2 Replacement Pod

2ml Refillable Pod, MTL Vaping, Multi-Coil Compatibility, Top Fill
70% VG

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Freebase Nicotine, 18mg Nicotine Strength, 70% VG, Shortfills, TPD
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

Bango Mango Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

Banana, Mango
5mg 10mg 20mg
50% VG
3 for £10

Kiwimelon Nic Salt E-Liquid by Large Juice

Kiwi, Watermelon, Dragonfruit, Lychee
3 6 12 18
50% VG
3 for £10

Pineapple and Mango Ice Cream E-liquid by Ohm Brew 50/50 Nic Salts

Pineapple, Mango, Ice Cream

Does The Caliburn G2 Last Longer Than The Caliburn G?

(23 Nov 2021)

The Caliburn G2 pod kit features a built-in 750mAh battery, which means it can last longer between charges than the original Caliburn G kit with its 690mAh battery. If you use the 1.2 Ohm G coil included with the kit, it’ll last even longer as it requires less power.

How Long Does It Take The Caliburn G2 To Recharge?

(23 Nov 2021)

When used with the included 2A USB-C cable, the Caliburn G2 pod kit can be completely recharged in 1 hour. You can also use this vape kit when it’s plugged in thanks to passthrough charging.

Is The Caliburn G2 Inhale Activated?

(23 Nov 2021)

Once unlocked by pressing the firing button five times in quick succession, you can vape with the Uwell Caliburn G2 either through inhale activation or by pressing the firing button. Click the button five times again when you’re done to lock the kit.

Can I Use The Caliburn G pods With The G2 Pod Vape Kit?

(23 Nov 2021)

Uwell has created new Caliburn G2 pods specifically for this kit, these pods feature top filling and an adjustable airflow wheel. The original Caliburn G pods are not compatible.

What’s The Best Coil For The Caliburn G2 Kit?

(23 Nov 2021)

Each G2 kit comes complete with two Caliburn G coils. The 0.8 Ohm G coil and 1.2 Ohm G coil both feature a mesh build that delivers better flavour from e-liquid. The 0.8 Ohm coil produces a little more vapour than the 1.2 Ohm coil. But, the 1.2 Ohm coil ensures a longer battery life as it requires less power.

How Do I Change The Caliburn G2 Coils?

(23 Nov 2021)

Featuring a “plug and pull” design, you won’t need to unscrew any coils. Instead, just pull out the old Caliburn G coil and plug in a new one. You’ll know it’s time to change your coil when you notice a burnt or unpleasant taste. Coils will last a week on average and can cycle 10 - 20ml of e-liquid.

What E-Liquids Can I Use With The Caliburn G2 Kit?

(23 Nov 2021)

This refillable pod kit can be paired with any nicotine strength or flavour of e-liquid you like. The Caliburn G2 pods will work best with either a 50/50 or high PG e-liquid, nic salts are a popular option as they create a smoother throat hit.

Is The Caliburn G2 Safe To Travel With?

(23 Nov 2021)

When you’re done vaping with the Caliburn G2 vape starter kit, press the firing button five times in quick succession to lock the kit. When locked, it’s safer to travel with as it won’t accidentally turn on or fire. If you’re traveling by plane, store your G2 kit and e-liquid in a clear plastic bag with your carry-on luggage.

Is The Caliburn G2 An MTL Vape Kit?

(23 Nov 2021)

The Caliburn G2 is a Mouth To Lung (MTL) vape kit. This means it creates a small amount of vapour and you can inhale and exhale like you would with a cigarette.

Why Does The Caliburn G2 Kit Vibrate?

(28 Jan 2022)

There's a built-in vibration feature on the Caliburn G2 kit. When plugged in to charge, the device will vibrate twice. When charging is complete the light on the device will turn green and the device will vibrate twice. If the kit vibrates and won’t fire it indicates an issue with the kit.

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1 star (5)

By Joe from England

(04 July 2022)

product leaks do not buy waste of money

By Gigachad from Hull

Good device but it doesn't last. (04 July 2022)

I have already reviewed this device and gave it a really good score. However, after I had the device a few months, it just deteriorated really quickly.

The battery stared to last less and less as long as it did when I got it. The device started firing up randomly, one time it fired up when the pod was empty and it fried a new coil I had. The issues weren't much of a problem at first but they started to get worse and worse until it ended up being hard to not get it to randomly fire up & the device was more or less unusable. It would be hard to leave it on charge without it hissing and firing up. Also, the LED light got less and less visible over time. Also, it went through juice extremely fast - I aren't sure whether it did that from the start or not though, but this second device does not go through juice half as fast as my first device so I'm thinking this was possibly a change too.

I just got a replacement however and I have noticed that there have been some changes that have been made. One example is that it vibrates every time it gets to a certain level of charge - the first device didn't do this. I'm thinking that Uwell possibly updated the device and addressed the issues as well as included new features. I got the device when it was really new and had just been released and the fact that new additions/features have been made may possibly mean they've also fixed the issues that the device previously had.

I will be writing another review after I have had this second replacement device a while. As for the device when it doesn't have any issues, it's a really great device and is worthy of a solid 9 or 10 stars. But with the issues it has and the fact it deteriorates, it's probably more worthy of 2 stars.

I don't know whether changes have been made to the device yet that have addressed these issues, so I'll leave 5 stars here for the device with this review as I don't know whether this device will see the same fate as my last one.

If you're thinking of upgrading from the Caliburn G or simply getting this device, then I'd say don't and wait until this device has been sorted out by Uwell. However, they may have already done this like I said and if they have, I will write a second review. So yeah, hold off on buying this device until you can verify whether Uwell have made the proper changes to the device that address all the issues it ends up having.

If this device ends up the same as my last, I'll be going back to the Caliburn G. Unfortunately I gave away my G to my friend as I was confident that the G2 was a good device, but I was wrong.

It's not uncommon for devices to have issues when they're first released to then have changes made to them after the company gets feedback, so I'm hoping that's what has happened here seeing as this G2 does certain things my last G2 didn't.

By Jan

Jan (04 July 2022)

Ive been using this device for over a month now and I must say dont ever buy this ****. There are multiple reasons behind this, before all that I’m super disappointed in this device because I really loved the Uwell caliburn g(the one before this),ye it did spit sometimes but very rarely ,overall its 9/10 device for me. Reasons why Im telling you not to buy this are leaking, spitting, if you decide the change liquid in it just put a new coil and pod on it because the very first second you put another liquid in this it ***** all the flavour. I would’ve never bought this unless I didnt lose my caliburn g, but I guess thats what called learning from the mistakes, cheers.

By LJC from UK

Best pod kit on the market (02 July 2022)

Honestly the best Pod kit out there at the moment.
Been using the G2 for about 3 months.

Personally prefer the 0.8 coil, has great flavour and is crispy till the very end. I have used a bunch of these coils and they last a fair amount of time. Lasts around 25ml of juice before flavour starts to fade and coil begins to gurgle slightly. Maybe would have more longevity if the juice wasn't so sweet.

The button is completely recessed so is better than the A2, much less likely to fire in the pocket.
Pods sit in the device firm without magnets.
Pods have a window from front to back.
Top fill, so convenient.
The airflow on the pod is really open for a mtl but is really enjoyable, also you can dial it down to make it tighter but in my experience if you want a tighter pull just use the 1.2 coil instead of trying to fiddle with the airflow wheel.
The battery is a big improvement on the A2 lasting around another 3/4hs depending on how much you vape it. Also the battery charges really quick, took around 35min from empty with a 2A charge.

By SM from Oxfordshire

Excellent (01 July 2022)

Excellent kit, had the Caliburn g and this is even better, I’ve just ordered another one, i can honestly say it’s the best set it and forget it kit I’ve had, highly recommended.

By Yulia from Israel

great device! (27 June 2022)

Incredible device, great coils, easy to refill and with no mess, very well made. My favorite so far. 1.2 ohm coil is the best for real mtl flow

By Rtho

Value for money (25 June 2022)

Good size ecig, good value for money. Bad points is the tank sometimes leaks

By Jayisred5 from London

A great upgrade (17 June 2022)

Got the G2 after using the G1 for a couple of years. With its bigger battery, better window for viewing how much juice you have and vibrate function for charging and coil replacement. It’s worth paying extra! It also has a better draw control so you can customise your pull better. Superb vape!!

By Ian from Gods Country Wales

G2 (13 June 2022)

Good things do come is small packages. It’s a very discreet, easy to use and does exactly what it should do.

By Milosz from Birmingham

Disappointed (13 June 2022)

The worst vape I've ever used. Constantly leaking through the air holes. Also, I would like to meet this genius who thought putting a vibration motor in a vape would be a great idea. Totally pointless, plus it goes off every couple seconds while charging - happens with multiple cables so it's not an issue with a broken cable.

Do not buy, you'll be disappointed.

By Duncan from Nottingham

Great little kit (12 June 2022)

I've been using this device for around 5 months now and I have to say I really like it. Flavour is absolutely superior to any other pod kit I have tried. I have had a few issues with wear and tear, plastic cracking on the mouth piece and the button not working correctly etc, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a bit of effort. I'd recommend this to anyone who's new to vaping for its simplicity, but also to any seasoned vaper who is looking for a well rounded, flavourful, everyday pod system

By Ed from West Sussex

Caliburn g2 (12 June 2022)

I received the product at 10am this morning after ordering it at 11am the previous day so very impressed with service.

I've been looking for an alternative to Elfbars as they are very costly and extremely non environmentally friendly. The Caliburn g2 filled with Bar Juice 5000 is a perfect alternative. The g2 feels premium with a metal body and nice weight. This is my first non disposable vape and I found it extremely easy to fill and generally use.

The adjustable air flow is a great feature and allowed me tweek the draw to match that of an Elfbar.

All in all I'm very pleased with the Caliburn g2 and very impressed with the service provided by vapeclub.

By Go from Derby

G2 (16 May 2022)

Bought g2 to replace my faulty a2 due to leaking pod,the good think about it is bigger battery,the charging cable is included other than that nothing really better,i find usless airflow adjust wheel,the draw isn’t satisfying as from a2 too airy for me,and it’s even more leaking than my a2,so i end up buying another a2,to compare A2 with G2 A2 is winner all the way,it might be a good kit on the market but after using a2 it s not really good,very leaking pods on g2 be ready

By Abbey

Cheap but reliable vape (12 May 2022)

Love this vape! Small enough to carry in your pocket with no bulk. Battery life is pretty good considering it’s size. Easy to refill and replace the coils - much prefer this system to replacing the whole pod in the previous model, and less waste. Bought in Bi-pride colours which is an added bonus :-)

By Gigachad from Hull

Great device but has its flaws (11 May 2022)

This is mainly a review comparing this device to the previous model but I am aware there are also people that don't have the first model and are looking at reviews to simply get a new/their first pod kit. This is an amazing pod kit, very user friendly and at a very reasonable price. If you're looking for a Pod kit, then go for this. I'll start with a Pros & Cons list and then go onto to explain in detail the differences between this model and the last...

- Aluminium body, more robust/looks better.
- Window to see juice, reduces dry hits and is convenient.
- Has vibration feature that lets you know your pod is attached/when your device is fully charged/if it has fired up in your pocket.
- Brilliant air flow control that allows the user full range meaning the air flow is appropriate for pretty much anybody.
- Better tip, shape, design & feel for the whole device, not just the tip.
- Charges up very fast/uses a USB-C port.
- Coils have great longevity, lasting a long time; longer than any other coil I've used (0.8ohm).
- Compact & lightweight but enough weight for it to feel good to hold.

- Tip is prone to breaking when snapping it off to fill it up
- Juice pools underneath the pod which is possibly the causation for the device firing up randomly.
- As just stated, device can be glitchy, firing up randomly and sometimes not stopping for a good 10 or more seconds.
- Charging display is unreliable. Solid green is meant to mean it's charged but you can have the device last much longer if you keep it charging after solid green.
- Pod pops out when you plug in the USB-C. I'm not sure why this happens or if it's intentional and it's not much of a con really, it's not that inconvenient. It seems to have stopped recently but it did it a lot at first and sometimes still does.
- Charge doesn't last as long as the first model despite the battery having a larger capacity.

I like this device, it's very similar to the Uwell Caliburn G but there are some things about it that I don't like about it. I'll start with the negatives: Overall I think it's an improvement over the first one but there are drawbacks that barely make it better and if you have the Uwell Caliburn G then I'd advise you to stick with that and just use it until it breaks.

I never had issues with the G but I have with the G2. The first is the tip. The tip is longer and you need to snap it off the same as you do with the G. However, because it is longer, there's more leverage and it makes it prone to breaking. I had the device about 1-2 weeks and parts if the tip broke off when I took the tip off. However, I got in touch and has replacement pods sent. I'm aware the pods for these don't last forever and need replacing now and then but they shouldn't break this easily. The replacement I got seems to be alright 2+ months in so it may have been a one off but I aren't sure.

Another issue is that it doesn't leak, but liquid pools underneath the pod. This causes the device to fire up/turn itself off randomly so you need to keep it dry/clean it now and then. It's not much of an issue but it's annoying. Occasionally the device will fire up and I can't get it to stop but that hasn't happened for a while.

Last issue is that the battery has a larger capacity but I've found that it does not last as long despite this, it runs out of charge pretty fast. Idk if it's just my device or what. Another thing about the charging is it'll do what the old one did. Flashing red for low, flashing blue for medium, flashing green for high and then solid green for full. I found myself taking it off charge and using it when it got to solid green but it wouldn't last very long. I've figured out if I leave it charging 20-30 mins after it reaches solid green that the charge lasts way longer. The charging display mechanism isn't as accurate or reliable on the G2.

About the thing with it randomly firirng up. A few times it fired up and wouldn't stop and it happened quite often. Or if I pushed down on the pod it would fire up. I'd have to shake it around etc to get it to stop. It seemed to be becoming more and more of an issue but it eventually stopped. I think it's to do with the juice pooling in the buttom but I aren't sure because it happened a few times after I cleaned it. However, it stopped happening a few weeks ago and hasn't been doing it since. Maybe it was a one off so I can't really comment on this much.

Now for the positives: I love the aluminium frame, it's a huge improvement from the plastic body...much more robust and looks/feels better. Also, despite the tip possibly being more prone to breaking, it does feel better. I feel the tip is more ergonomically friendly. It's not as chunky and a bit longer, definitely sits in your mouth easier (haha yes, very funny.)

Another thing, despite the charging being as I said it is, I think it charges much faster than the first model. Even if you're vaping consistently whilst charging it, it charges up as if you're not using it and I tend to charge it using a USB splitter on my PC which has much less power. It charges super fast if you use a Quickcharge cable/adapter.

Of course, as most know, the best feature/upgrade from the first model is air flow control. The air control on this device is extremely flexible and just everything that you could ask for when it comes to air flow control. There's a wheel you use the allows for air control and you can have it so restrictive that you can barely get any air through or have it so more air gets through than the first model. What I like about this is that you can make the air flow appropriate for you. There isn't like, 1-5 settings of air flow control, you use a wheel and it's very precise which allows you to have it however you like - huge improvement.

Another improvement is the window. You no longer have to take out the pod to look at how much juice you have left. In my opinion, the window could do with being 1-3mm larger...but it's still big enough to see what's going on. I've found myself very rarely getting dry hits due to this whereas I got many dry hits with the first model.

The vibrate feature is a nice little touch. When the device finished charging it vibrates, when you take the pod in/place it back it vibrates and also when you turn it on/off. It has a nice feel to it but I don't think it's necessary to have it vibrate every time you pull out the pod and put it back, vibration uses up battery a lot and on a small device it should only be utilised whenever necessary.

I said earlier in the review that if you have a working first model you should stick with it. However, if you have the money to spare *as well* as wanting the practicality of the air flow control and the window, then I'd say go for it. However, if you like the air flow on the original and aren't too bothered about the window...then don't bother. As for flavour/clouds etc, it's the same. Maybe coils last longer in this device but I don't know, I may be imagining it but I think they do tbf. Either way, the coils last a long time like they always have.

Just remembered something else whilst typing the pros/cons that's quite a game changer. If the device is in your pocket and accidentally fires up, after X amount of second your device will vibrate to let you know that it's fired up. This happened once and saved a coil/saved it potentially blowing up in my pocket. With the last device this happeped a fair few times and nothing was in place to prevent this so it burned a few coils & wasted some juice. This feature alone I think makes the G2 worth it because not only is it convenient, but it's safe too. Safety is a priority when it comes to any electronic device so yeah, I take back the thing about "only get this device if." I think this combined with the other features makes it worth the upgrade.

Summary: As a whole, as in not comparing it the the previous model, it's a fantastic pod kit. It's affordable, reliable, strurdy, works well and has pretty much everything you'd need from a pod device. It definitely could be better but it's still great.

By Jen from London

Pretty good vape! (01 May 2022)

I bought this after trying several disposable vapes. It has a similar throat hit and feeling to a disposable and the adjustable airflow helps to replicate smoking cigarettes. The device has been rolling around in my handbag and never leaked. I found that the liquid can come out when you inhale after refilling, but I think I may have been overfilling it. Overall great device with a decent battery.

By Anonymous

Great vape (25 April 2022)

This is a brilliant vape, I’ve had the previous models but the better battery life on this one is great and the added features of auto switching off, and vibrating once charged has been great.

By PeteG from Westcliff

Forgot to say… (21 April 2022)

I wrote a review out but forgot to say the good points on the new Caliburn G2 pod kit.
The fire button has been lowered now so it’s flush with the body so no more setting it off in your pocket! The air control is brilliant! Now you can adjust to how you like it, whereas before you had to pull the pod out and turn it around so it was either too tight or too loose.
It vibrates to let you know the pod is seated right, saves you pushing it down to hard (imo)
One slight niggle is the pod top, when you refill you need a bit more elbow grease to get it off, but with using it more it’ll wear in hopefully.
All in all I’m very happy with the new Caliburn G2 totally recommended, just put the coil in properly and you’ll be glad you bought it. I’ve just ordered another one! lol

By PeteG from Westcliff

Brilliant! (21 April 2022)

A lot of people are saying this leaks??? I can only assume PEOPLE ARE NOT PUTTING THE COILS IN RIGHT???? Match the flat piece of the coil to the flat piece on the pod and it DONT LEAK! Its not rocket science! Oi vay!! Don’t forget to put a bit of juice in the 4 holes around the coil and a couple down the top to get better wicking.
Brilliant bit of kit and excellent service from Vape Club as always.

By P from London

Very fragile (19 April 2022)

"If the kit vibrates and won’t fire it indicates an issue with the kit."

Indeed, less than a month in, this happened.
The kit never left my office desk, so it was well taken care of.

When it worked, it wasn't too bad, but it's just too flimsy and untrustworthy if it breaks after 3 weeks.