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The Best Elf Bar Flavours Of 2023

Elf Bar has been one of the reigning champions of the disposable vaping scene for some time now, and it′s not difficult to see why. Their disposable vapes are incredibly easy to use as there are no buttons or menus, you just inhale on the mouthpiece to vape. What sets them apart from other brands is that Elf Bars come in a truly impressive array of flavours. Tobacco, menthol, fruit, soda, candy and even dessert blends – the brand has done them all.

Thinking about picking up a new vape but not sure which one to go for? We′ve put together this guide to the best Elf Bar flavours. Based on our customer reviews and our staff favourites, we′re here to highlight the very best from this massive range. Perhaps you′ll find your new favourite!

We′ve also noted where else you can find these flavours; Elf doesn′t just make the famous Elf Bar 600 disposables! They've also created several pod kits, the Mate 500, the Elfa and the Elfa Pro, which use pre-filled pods; the Elf Bar V2 disposables range, which features improved coil technology; and the Elfliq nic salt e-liquids, which can be used to refill MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape kits. Often their flavours will feature across multiple ranges, so no matter what sort of vape you use you′ll be able to enjoy these popular blends.

Cream Tobacco

The Cream Tobacco Elf Bar is a consistent best seller. It fuses a rich, dark tobacco flavour with light vanilla cream. The combination of smoky and sweet notes combine to create a blend that′s nutty and smooth-tasting. It′s popular among our customers who have recently switched from tobacco, as well as with those who want a vape that doesn′t taste too sweet.

Since Cream Tobacco is so popular, Elf Bar has cleverly made it available in almost every form you could think of. There are matching pods for the Elf Mate 500 and Elfa pod kits, as well Cream Tobacco Elfliq e-liquid which can be paired with your choice of MTL vape.

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Watermelon is one of the best-selling vape flavours of all time, found in everything from e-liquid to prefilled pods, and even disposable vapes. The Watermelon Elf Bar is one of our favourite examples of this exotic flavour. Throughout each puff, you′ll experience sweet and juicy notes for an authentic vape. On the exhale, there′s a subtle note of ice.

If you can′t get enough of Watermelon Elf Bars, they′re also available as a ten-pack. You can also find Watermelon in prefilled pods for the Elfa and Elf Bar Mate pod kits, as well as in the Elfliq nic salt e-liquid range.

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Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice

The Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice Elf Bar has been a popular choice since it launched. This juicy, frosty blend fuses ripe and tangy berry notes with an arctic ice exhale for an intense frozen fruit vape. We think this one is a best seller because it′s so balanced – it′s sweet, tart and cool in equal measure.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice is also available as a handy pack of ten. You can also find this flavour in prefilled pods for the Elfa pod vape kit, for a more budget-friendly and environmentally-friendly option.

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Banana Ice

Banana Ice features the creamy, sweet flavour of banana, perfectly complemented by a layer of cool, crisp ice for a really balanced vape. It might sound like an unusual combination if you′ve never tried it before, but you only need to look at the popularity of this pairing to see that it works.

You can purchase Banana Ice Elf Bars on their own or in packs of ten. Banana Ice is also one of the flavours you′re able to enjoy in Elf Bar′s two prefilled pod kits, the Elfa and Elf Mate 500.

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The Cherry Elf Bar is one to look out for if you prefer really punchy fruit flavours. This bold yet simple blend authentically captures the deep, sweet flavour of ripe cherries. On the exhale, there′s a subtle hint of ice which provides a chilly freshness.

You can buy Cherry Elf Bars on their own or in a convenient pack of ten. The Elfliq vape juice range also includes a bottled nic salt e-liquid version of this popular flavour.

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Blueberry Sour Raspberry

The Blueberry Sour Raspberry Elf Bar is really similar to the Blueberry Raspberry flavour, but it features an added zingy note. The layer of extra-sharp tartness makes this Elf Bar an ideal choice for anyone looking for a stronger berry flavour.

This is one of Elf′s most popular flavours, so they′ve made it available in Elfa pods, as a cigalike and in Elfliq nic salt versions. You can also buy the Elf Bar 600 Blueberry Sour Raspberry in a pack of ten.

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Cherry Cola

The Cherry Cola Elf Bar authentically replicates the flavour of a popular soft drink. The distinctive taste of cola is present throughout, sweetened by a juicy note of cherry and cooled down by an icy exhale for a sugary, fizzy-tasting blend.

Cherry Cola Elf Bars can be bulk bought for less in convenient packs of ten. You can also find this flavour in Elfa and Elf Mate P1 prefilled pods and in the Elfliq nic salt e-liquid range.

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Blueberry Raspberry

The Blueberry Raspberry Elf Bar is a popular choice with vapers looking for a flavour that′s sweet, but not too sweet. The juicy taste of blueberry is balanced by notes of sharp, fruity raspberry throughout every puff.

You can purchase single Blueberry Raspberry Elf Bars or pick up a pack of ten to stock up. This is also one of the flavours that′s available in the Elf Mate P1 prefilled pod range, so if you′re swapping to a pod vape there′s no need to miss out.

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The Blueberry Elf Bar makes an ideal choice if you′re looking for a simple flavour. The authentic taste of blueberry is present throughout, with sweet, juicy and fruity notes in every puff.

Blueberry Elf Bars can also be bought in a handy ten-pack so you can save a bit by bulk-buying. If you′re looking for other versions of this flavour, you can also find it in Elfa and Elf Mate P1 pods, as well as in the Elfliq nic salt e-liquid collection.

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Mad Blue

Next up is the Mad Blue Elf Bar, which delivers a bold combination of berry flavours. Juicy blueberry and tangy raspberry are layered with a distinct flavour of rich blackcurrant for a complex, layered and fruity vape.

Mad Blue Elf Bar 600s can be purchased in a pack of ten if you′re looking to stock up on this popular flavour. You can also find this fruity blend in Elf Mate P1 prefilled pods.

Buy Elf Bar Mad Blue

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No surprises with this one. The Spearmint Elf Bar has a cool, frosty and slightly sweet mint flavour. This one is popular with those who want a fuss-free vape, as well as anyone who′s recently quit menthol cigarettes and misses the distinctive flavour.

Spearmint Elf Bars are also available in packs of ten if you want to buy in bulk. You can also find this flavour in Mate P1 Pods or bottled in the Elfliq nic salt range.

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Strawberry Ice

For a fruity flavour with an icy twist, check out the Strawberry Ice Elf Bar. The distinct taste of juicy, ripe strawberry is balanced by an icy, crisp exhale for a vape with summery vibes. We can′t help but be reminded of strawberry ice lollies thanks to the blend of sweet, cool and fruity notes.

You can buy Strawberry Ice Elf Bars alone as well as in a multipack of ten if you′re stocking up. It′s also available in disposable cigalike and Elfliq e-liquid versions.

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Elfbull Ice

Next up is another unique soda vape. The Elfbull Ice Elf Bar 600 captures the classic flavour of an energy drink with a blend of fruity, tangy and icy notes. We think this is a faithful recreation thanks to the sugary and sharp notes which come through in equal measure.

Elfbull Ice can be purchased as a multipack. It′s also available in prefilled pods for the Elfa pod vape kit and as a nicotine salt e-liquid in the Elfliq range.

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Pink Lemonade

The Pink Lemonade Elf Bar delivers a sweet yet sharp iced soda vape. The familiar flavour of fizzy lemonade is complemented by a juicy mixed red berry note for a balanced fruity blend. On the exhale there′s a subtle cool note.

Pink Lemonade can be found throughout the whole Elf Bar product range. As well as the Elf Bar 600 convenient ten packs, you can buy it in prefilled pods for the Elfa and Mate 500 pod kits and as an Elfliq nic salt e-liquid.

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Blue Razz Lemonade

One more soda flavour for our list. The Blue Raspberry Lemonade Elf Bar features the sharp and fizzy flavour of classic lemonade. On the exhale, it′s sweetened by a juicy and sweet note of blue raspberry. A cool ice exhale complements the fruity inhale.

As well as a convenient pack of ten, you can also find Blue Raspberry in other Elf Bar ranges, such as prefilled Mate P1 and Elfa pods and Elfliq salt nic e-liquid.

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Coconut Melon

Next up is the Coconut Melon Elf Bar. This is one of the most unique disposable vapes we′ve come across, delivering a layered, exotic flavour. The ripe and juicy taste of melon is complemented by the light sweetness of creamy coconut.

Can′t get enough Coconut Melon? If you love this Elf flavour and want to stock up, check out the ten-bar multipack as it offers better value for money.

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Pink Grapefruit

We′d highly recommend the Pink Grapefruit Elf Bar if you′re looking for a flavour that′s not too sweet. The authentic citrus taste of pink grapefruit is captured in every puff, with sharp notes throughout and a juicy undertone.

You can buy Pink Grapefruit Elf Bars on their own or in a pack of ten. This tangy flavour is also available as an Elfliq nic salt e-liquid.

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Strawberry Banana

Our next pick is the Strawberry Banana Elf Bar. This disposable blends the flavour of smooth and sweet banana with notes of ripe and juicy strawberry, for a fruity vape that′s light and balanced. With a blend of creamy and fruity notes, this flavour reminds us of a freshly-blended smoothie.

Looking for more Strawberry Banana? You can buy this Elf Bar alone or as a pack of ten, and the flavour is also available in Mate P1 pods and in Elf′s cigalike series.

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Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

If you love exotic fruits, this one′s for you. The Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Elf Bar combines tangy kiwi, juicy passion fruit and sweet guava flavours for a tropical fruit blend. The balanced notes make this an ideal all-day vape.

The Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava flavour is available in all of Elf Bar′s current ranges, including Elfa and Mate P1 prefilled pods, and in the Elfliq nic salt vape juice range.

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Pineapple Peach Mango

Our final pick is the Pineapple Peach Mango Elf Bar. Offering a slightly more complex flavour than most other disposable vapes, this balanced fruity fusion takes the rich, sweet flavour of tropical mango and adds soft notes of juicy peach. On the exhale, the slightly tart flavour of exotic pineapple rounds out the blend.

Enjoyed this flavour? Luckily, you can also purchase this Elf Bar in bulk by buying the ten-pack, which is a more budget-friendly option.

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Summing Up

That′s the end of our list of the best Elf Bar flavours. We hope we′ve given you some inspiration for your next purchase, but remember, this is just a small sample of our full selection. If you′re still looking to browse, you can view our full range of disposable vapes and use the filters to sort by brand, nicotine strength and flavour to help make finding your next favourite a little easier. Elf Bars and many other big brands are part of our vape multibuys.

f you need any help deciding which Elf Bar to pick, or if you have any other vaping questions, feel free to get in touch with our Customer Service team. Our friendly vape experts are ready to help with all your queries, seven days a week.

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