Blu Bar 1000 Product Review

The perfect vape if you’re feeling Blu!
By Josh, Head Of Media
16th May 2024
  • BrandBlu
  • Flavours8
  • Price£5.99 / 3 For £15
  • Nicotine Strengths20mg
  • Battery Size520mAh

Blu Bar Preview

Offering an altogether greener approach to disposable vapes, Blu’s latest offering combines a high puff count with a removable battery design. This means not only will you experience 1000 puffs, in a range of fruit and menthol flavours, when the device is empty you can remove the battery and recycle it.

On the face of it, Blu Bars look like they’re about to race to the top of the charts, and for good reason. But, before you go filling your basket with the latest flavours – take a look at our full review and find out whether Blu Bars are right for you.

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What's Included In the Box?

  • Blu Bar Device1 x Blu Bar Disposable Vape

What We Like

  • High Puff Count
  • Pocket-Friendly Design
  • Smooth Throat Hit
  • Removable Battery
  • Flavour Tech Mesh Coil
  • Locking Switch

What We Don't Like

  • Only One Nicotine Strength
  • Heavier Than Other Models

Who Are Blu Bars For?

Zyn Pouches

Like disposables of all stripes, the Blu bars are a handy option for vapers who need a maintenance-light option that fits in their pocket. The 1000 puff capacity per device is a head-turner in its own right, but the 3 for £15 multi-buy is what really sets Blu apart. Cost-conscious vapers looking for more for their buck will be hard-pressed to find a better option than 3000 puffs for £15.

Well that’s cost covered, let’s talk about a different kind of green – the environment. A common complaint from recycling firms is that disposable batteries are tricky to remove and thus the efficient recycling of disposable vapes can be more trouble than it’s worth. It appears Blu has an answer for that – their removable batteries can be put in battery bins located at supermarkets, vape shops and recycling centres.

How Does The Blu Bar Look And Feel?

Zyn Pouches

A clean design and sturdy build mark the Blu Bars out as a simple, reliable option. The specially-designed Flavour Tech coils are built into each device, and feature a proprietary mesh build that heats up e-liquid at a faster rate to boost flavour without sacrificing puff count or quality. An ergonomic mouthpiece means the device feels comfortable and the nic salt e-liquid creates a smooth throat hit.

A handy locking switch serves two purposes: it prevents the occurrences of the dreaded “autofire” (the device activating on its own, usually in response to movement, and producing vapour in your pocket or bag) and it also renders the device childproof as no-one can use it without first unlocking it – push down twist the ring at the base of the device to lock it and unlock it.

How Do Blu Bar Vapes Taste?

Offering a carefully curated range of flavours, Blu has wisely stuck to the classics and there are fruit and menthol blends aplenty. Here are a few of my favourites.

1000 Puffs
Blueberry Cherry Blu Bar Disposable Vape
£5.99 3 for £15

Blueberry Cherry by Blu Bar 1000

The trend for tangy-tasting vapes doesn’t seem to be slowing down and I’m no different than the average vaper, which is why Blueberry Cherry has been my go-to device from the range. The sweetness of ripe blueberry is undercut by a dark cherry on exhale.

1000 Puffs
Tropical Mix Blu Bar Disposable Vape
£5.99 3 for £15

Tropical Mix by Blu Bar 1000

I like a bit of mystery, especially when it comes to flavour and Tropical Mix certainly doesn’t disappoint. From the name alone you might expect lashings of exotic fruit – and you wouldn’t be wrong! A medley of peach and mango deliver a sweet and juicy taste that lingers on exhale.

1000 Puffs
Strawberry Ice Blu Bar Disposable Vape
£5.99 3 for £15

Strawberry Ice by Blu Bar 1000

My final favourite takes us back to the early days of vaping, a time when you couldn’t move for cool berry flavours. Strawberry Ice lights the fire of nostalgia and delivers a sweet vape the whole way through.

How Do I Use A Blu Bar 1000 Disposable?

Unwrap Your Blu Bar
Unwrap Your Blu Bar

Take your Blu Bar out of its packaging.

Remove Bung And Sticker
Remove Bung And Sticker

Pull out the rubber stopper from the mouthpiece and remove the safety sticker.

Unlock Your Blu Bar
Unlock Your Blu Bar

Push and rotate the safety lock button to the unlock position.

Vape Your Blu Bar
Vape Your Blu Bar

Inhale on the mouthpiece to vape.

Remove The Battery
Remove The Battery

Once the e-liquid is finished, twist the base to remove the battery.

Recycle The Battery
Recycle The Battery

Recycle your Blu Bar battery in a battery recycling bin. You can find these in supermarkets and vape shops – check with your local council for a list of locations.


How Do I Dispose Of My Blu Bar 1000 Vape?

As I touched on earlier, the green credentials of the Blu Bar make it a bit of a standout and disposing of your device has been kept simple. Remove the battery (it’s safe to handle) and you’re ready to dispose of your device. Put the battery in a battery bin and the device itself can go with WEEE waste – in most cases you’ll find recycling bins for both in the same location.

Our Expert Opinion On The Blu Bar

That’s enough out of me! In preparation for their opinion, I very carefully dropped a box of Blu bars at the doors of our experts and ran for cover (experience has taught me this is the smartest approach). They picked a few of each and tested them until empty in a variety of situations: the office, the pub (strictly for research purposes I’m informed) and when they were out and about. Here’s what they reckon.

Vape Club male employee illustration

MelanieThe Hardware Expert

Being honest, I was sceptical about the claimed 1000-puff capacity. The vast majority of disposable vapes offer around 600 puffs. There are a few that deliver up to 800, owing to extremely efficient coils or batteries, but they’re very rare. I’m happy to report that Blu Bars are the longest-lasting disposables I’ve ever tried! My favourite flavour is Mint, it’s nicely balanced between sweet and cool making for an ideal all-day vape.

Vape Club male employee illustration

LouisThe New Vaper Expert

I’m all about keeping things simple, in my experience it’s the most crucial point in getting people to switch and stick to vaping. New vapers are in good company with the Blu bars. Inhale activated and lasting for longer than standard ones, I agree with Josh that they certainly offer “more bang for your buck”. Solid flavour range too, although I would like to see a tobacco flavour in future – a favourite among first-time switchers.

Should You Buy The Blu Bar 1000 Disposables?

Simple, striking and better for the environment, there’s a lot to love about the Blu bars. In terms of performance they leave the competition in the dust when it comes to puffcount and the inhale activation is as responsive as any Elf Bar or Lost Mary.

While we would like to see a few more flavours added to the mix (variety is the spice of life) it’s a solid starting point for the brand to build on. The jewel in the crown is clearly the removable battery, we hope that more companies will take a leaf out of their book and look at creating more sustainable options.

Blu Bar Frequently Asked Questions

  • Delivering up to 1000 puffs, the Blu Bar can outlast 30 cigarettes easily and lasts almost twice as long as a standard disposable vape.

  • Available at £5.99 each or 3 for £15 our multi-buys make it easier to stock up on your new favourites. Order 4 and you’ll automatically qualify for free next day delivery.

  • Blu Bar disposables feature a 20mg nicotine strength. The e-liquid inside is a nic salt blend, so it’ll deliver a smooth throat hit or satisfy cravings fast.

Need More Help?

There’s our review of Blu Bar disposables – we hope that this has helped you decide whether they’re right for you! Remember, if you have any questions about Blu Bars, or about vaping in general, you can reach out to our Customer Service team for advice. Our friendly vape experts are here to help, seven days a week, over the phone, by email and live chat.

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