10 Weird Elf Bar Myths Exposed

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Elf Bars are more than just popular, they're our best-selling disposable vapes. In fact, it's pretty safe to say that when you think disposable you probably think Elf Bars! Striking a balance between clean, simple design and flavour variety, these disposable vapes are a discreet option that has quickly become the vaper's choice. However, just like other kinds of tech and consumer product that starts getting attention, there's going to be more than a little speculation and hearsay (remember when we were all terrified our sat navs were going to direct us into rivers?) With this in mind, we've decided to look into the top 10 questions we get about Elf Bars and put some of these misconceptions to rest!

Are Elf Bars Illegal In The UK?

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The UK has strict regulations on what kind of vapes can be sold here legally, however, that doesn't mean that illegal versions don't pop up. These fall into two categories: counterfeit Elf Bars and Elf Bars designed for other markets outside of the UK. The problem is that neither of them will have been tested to make sure they're a safe and high-quality product, and have not been registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority). Counterfeiters won't bother to test their products and a lot of other countries don't have the same stringent testing processes that are required by law for products sold in the UK.

When it comes to counterfeits and products designed for other markets, you won't know exactly what is inside or how well they're built, and could be putting yourself at risk! Common things to look out for are disposables that contain more than 2ml of e-liquid and those that have a nicotine strength higher than 20mg. This normally indicates a black market or non-tested Elf Bar. The real thing will also have a verification code printed on the box, which you can check on the Elf Bar website to see if your disposable is legitimate.

Are Elf Bars Safe?

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Following on from above, as long as your Elf Bar is the real deal and has been tested for the UK market, it's as safe as any other kind of vape kit or e-liquid. Landmark research from PHE (Public Health England) has concluded that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. So, if you're a smoker, vapes like Elf Bars are a much safer alternative to cigarettes. This is a good time to remind everyone that every kind of vape is only intended for adult smokers trying to quit or cut down on cigarettes.

Are Elf Bars Worse Than Cigarettes?

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The big difference between smoking and vaping is that vapes like Elf Bars don't contain any tobacco and there's no combustion. This means that there's no tar and none of the carcinogens that have been linked to smoking-related diseases like lung cancer. In fact, Cancer Research UK has stated "Most of the toxic chemicals in cigarettes are not present in e-cigarettes." As explained above, vaping is 95% less harmful than cigarettes and is a much better alternative for anyone trying to quit cigarettes.

Are Elf Bars Addictive?

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Any product that contains nicotine can be addictive, since that's the thing your body wants more of. However, just as with nicotine replacement therapies, vaping isn't recommended for anyone that's not already addicted to nicotine and shouldn't be used if you don't smoke already.

There are nicotine-free, 0mg Elf Bars available, but they won't work for everyone, and cravings can quickly turn into headaches and nausea for some people - which can be enough to send you back to smoking. Take your pick from a 20mg or a 10mg Elf Bar if you're looking to vape with nicotine, plus, thanks to the option of different strengths you can wean yourself off nicotine gradually.

Do Elf Bars Cause Bleeding Gums?

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There has recently been a lot of talk about Elf Bars (or more specifically nicotine) causing bleeding gums and gum disease after an article was published in The Times, but these claims are not backed by science. In fact, Prof Elaine McColl, an expert in health service research, and Dr. Richard Holliday, a dentistry consultant, wrote a letter to The Times, stating: "Nicotine use does not lead to gum disease. In the case of bleeding gums, it is normal for smokers to get this when they quit."

Can Elf Bars Kill You?

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Before we start making jokes about how many Elf Bars it would take to bury you alive, it's probably a good idea to go all the way back to 1976, when the psychiatrist Michael Russell stated that "people smoke for the nicotine but die from the tar". We've known for some time that nicotine in and of itself isn't killing people, but its addictive nature means that people will keep smoking to the point where it harms them. That's not true of vaping, in fact, Elf Bars offer a way for people to satisfy their nicotine cravings in a way that's 95% less harmful than smoking.

Are Elf Bars Recyclable?

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Their all-in-one design means that it's not safe for you to try and disassemble or separate the components in an Elf Bar, this means they can be a little more complicated to recycle than other kinds of vape. We recommend either taking them to a battery recycling point or contacting your local authority for more information.

That being said, there's no guarantee that the entire device will be recycled because of how difficult it can be to separate the battery from the coil, e-liquid, and cotton inside the device. The vaping industry is working hard to try and create a better, easier way to recycle disposable vapes, but it's still a work in progress.

Are Elf Bars Bad For The Environment?

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Cigarette butts and other associated waste accounts for a huge amount of rubbish and landfilled items across the world. In fact, according to National Geographic, they're the most littered item on the planet. But, don't fall under the illusion that a disposable will fix this as they're single-use plastic and contain a lithium-ion battery. Out of all the different styles of devices and kits, disposables have the biggest impact on the environment.

Despite this, disposables like Elf Bars still offer a simple, effective route away from cigarettes. Until the industry develops an effective recycling scheme, vapers who are concerned about their impact on the environment will be pleased to know that there are many alternatives to disposables that are kinder to the planet.

For example, you could try a prefilled pod kit. You do have to replace the pod when they're empty but you can recharge the battery, so they're a better option than disposables and at the same time, they feel a lot like them too. Refillable kits generate the least amount of waste, you just have to be prepared to do a bit more maintenance like refilling your tank/pod and keeping the battery charged. In return, you have an option that's better for the environment and cheaper to run too.

If you're looking for something that feels more like an Elf Bar, there's the Elf Mate 500 that uses prefilled pods, or the Elf Bar FB1000 that you can refill with e-liquid and the only part that will need replacing are the mesh coils. Check out our 'Is There A Better Alternative To Disposable Elf Bars?' guide for more ideas.

Can You Charge An Elf Bar?

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Well, that all depends on which Elf Bar you're using. The standard Elf Bar disposables can not be recharged, but considering they only contain 2ml of e-liquid (which lasts 1 or 2 days) the majority of vapers will get through the e-liquid long before the battery runs out of charge. However, the alternative Elf Bar kits we listed above all feature rechargeable batteries, and the combination of either replaceable Elf Bar pods, or Elfliq e-liquid for the refillable kits, means you'll still experience the same flavours you're already used to.

Are Elf Bars Waterproof?

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We don't even know how this myth got started! Getting any kind of vape wet or submerging it in water can be dangerous, as it can cause the battery to short-circuit and start a fire. We've heard of people vaping in the shower and claiming it's just like rain, but it's not - it's incredibly dangerous! To be clear, Elf Bars (like any other vape kit) are absolutely not waterproof. At best you'll be ruining your Elf Bar if it gets wet.

Summing Up!

Well, we hope we've managed to clear up some confusion and maybe even de-escalate some of the more extreme myths. Of course, there's still loads of misinformation out there, so our best advice is to stay sensible and double-check the facts. If you're unsure about a vaping issue or want more information on anything, we have a whole library of guides or you can also get in touch with our friendly customer service team!

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