What Vapes Taste Like Elux Flavours?

Best Elux alternatives for refillable vapes.
By Hugo, Copywritter
14 APR 2023Updated 26 OCT 2023

Disposable vapes have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. It′s not difficult to see why – they′re easy to use, require no maintenance and come in a massive selection of different flavours. Elux Bar disposable vapes have been one of the most popular around since launch, thanks to their wide variety of punchy and unique blends.

With Elux′s offering now standing at over 100 products, it′s no surprise that many vapers have found their favourites within this range. If you′re thinking of switching from disposable vapes to refillable vapes, you might be worried about leaving your favourite flavour behind. We′ve put together this guide to highlight e-liquids that taste like the most popular Elux Bars, so that you can continue to enjoy these blends in refillable pod vapes, vape pens and even sub ohm vape kits.

Alongside vape juices from our favourite brands, we′ve also included blends from the Elux Legend nic salt e-liquid range. They′re inspired by Elux′s own disposable flavours and feature nic salts and a 50/50 VG/PG concentration. However, as they haven′t bottled all of their flavours just yet, and they aren′t suitable for DTL (Direct To Lung) vaping – we′ve included several different nic salt, 50/50 and high VG picks from across all our brands.

The Peach Mango Elux Legend Mini II disposable vape is the most popular in the range. As the name suggests, it′s a fruity fusion that complements the light sweetness of peach with the bold, juicy taste of mango. If you′re looking for an alternative to use with your refillable vape, we have a few recommendations for you.

The Mango Peach Pineapple nic salt by Riot Bar Edition and the Hybrid Salt version by Punx both add the tangy taste of pineapple into the mix, which is ideal if you′re after something a little tangier. Fancy a more complex blend? Fruit Twist nic salt e-liquid by IVG does the same thing but also adds Passion Fruit to turn up the sweetness. We also have the Mango Strawberry Peach nic salt by Pod Salt Nexus if you′re looking for extra berry notes. Need something for your sub ohm kit? The Peach Mango & Passion Fruit shortfill by Tangle Fruits should do the job.

The Blueberry Cherry Cranberry Elux Legend Mini II disposable vape is a sweet, tart fusion of berry flavours. Juicy blueberry, dark cherry and tangy cranberry combine in every puff. This is a great choice if you′re looking for something on the more complex side of things and there are loads of blends that deliver the same distinctive taste.

Elux′s own Blueberry Cherry Cranberry vape juice, as well as the Blueberry Cherry Cranberry nic salt by Bar Juice 5000 and the IVG Bar Salt Favourites version, accurately recreate this popular flavour. If you′re after a version of this blend with a sour twist, Pod Salt Blue Razz Cherry Blast combines sweet cherry with a zingy note of blue raspberry. For DTL vapers, Major Flavor offers an option that tastes just like the disposable as a high VG shortfill.

If you′re a fan of soda vape flavours, you might have tried and loved the Blue Razz Lemonade Elux Legend Mini II disposable vape. The classic zingy taste of fizzy lemonade is perfectly complemented by the tangy sweetness of blue raspberry. If you like this flavour and want something similar, then you′re in luck, as blue raspberry and lemonade is a very popular flavour combo.

Elfliq and Bar Salts both offer a Blue Razz Lemonade nic salt, which combines tangy blue raspberry with traditional lemonade. Riot Squad have taken this blend in a sweeter direction with Pink Grenade which features lemonade with a juicy strawberry note. Berry Burst & Lemonade Fusion by Just Juice is a more layered version, with distinct flavours of blackberry, blueberry and strawberry complementing the lemonade. What a great idea! Finally, Element′s iconic Pink Lemonade blends red berries with lemonade for a sweet, sharp e-liquid.

Our next pick is the Unicorn Shake Elux Firerose Nova 600 disposable. This vape delivers a rich yet fruity blend, capturing the taste of a strawberry, banana and apple milkshake. It′s a tricky flavour to recreate, but luckily, we′ve found a few options if you′d like to experience a similar blend in your refillable kit.

Unicorn by Dr Vapes and Strawberry Banana by Bar Juice 5000 both taste similar to Unicorn Shake thanks to their fruity, creamy notes. If you′d prefer something a bit sweeter, Strawberry Banana Bubblegum by Jak′d adds the sugary taste of bubblegum to the mix. All of these e-liquids are suitable for MTL vaping – but DTL vapers needn′t feel left out. Strawberry Whip Banana Nut by Element and Strawberry Banana by Big Bold both offer similar tastes, while featuring a high VG concentration that makes them ideal for sub ohm vapes.

If you′re craving a candy blend with a fruity twist, then this next one is worth a second look. The Blueberry Bubblegum Elux Legend Mini II takes the ripe, juicy taste of freshly-picked blueberry and pairs it up with a sugary bubblegum base. This means you can expect a very sweet vape throughout and if you′re looking for something similar to pair with your refillable vape kit, there are plenty of options.

If you′re after an identical flavour, Blueberry Bubblegum By Elux Legend is an exact recreation of the blend found in the disposable. Blueberry Bubble by Ohm Brew 50/50 Nic Salts and Blueberry Bubblegum by Drifter Bar Series are also pretty spot on flavour matches. If you′re looking for blends to pair with your sub ohm kit, Blueberry Bubblegum Shortfill by Proper Vape and the version of Blueberry Bubblegum by Ohm Brew Badass Blends 50ml will do the job.

Next up is the Fresh Mint Elux Firerose Nova 600 disposable vape. If you′re looking for a simple flavour, this one will be right up your street – it′s sweet and cool with light floral notes without being too overpowering or complex.

Bar Juice and Pod Salt both offer classic mint e-liquids which feature a nic salt blend, so they′ll provide a smooth throat hit. If you′re looking for something that delivers a stronger hit, Ice Mint by Club Juice uses freebase nicotine, while Triple Mint by Riot features a hybrid formula that blends freebase and salt nicotine. Looking for a mint e-liquid for your sub ohm vape? Fresh Mint by Juice N Power is blended with a 70% VG concentration, so it will produce large amounts of vapour.

The Blueberry Pomegranate Elux Legend Mini II disposable vape expertly balances the sweet taste of blueberry with tangier notes of pomegranate, for a layered, fruity blend. It′s such a popular combination that you′ll find it in plenty of e-liquids, from nic salts to shortfills.

Bar Juice, Pod Salt and IVG Bar Favourites are all disposable vape-inspired ranges which deliver the flavour of mixed blueberry and pomegranate and taste like the Elux disposable. If you′re looking for a bolder taste, Xenon by Jak′d uses a special double-concentrate blend which improves flavour. For a sweeter vape, Bad Blood by Bad Drip adds notes of rich, smooth-tasting vanilla cream to this distinctive fruity mix.

The Apple Peach Elux Legend Mini is a layered fruit vape. Soft and juicy peach complements notes of crisp green apple for a garden fruit flavour that balances sweet and tart notes throughout. Elux Legend, Bar Juice 5000 and Elfliq have all had a shot at making their own versions of this popular fruit flavour. They all do a good job of recreating it, and because they′re nic salt e-liquids, you′ll also experience the same smooth throat hit.

Fruit Crush by Re Salt offers a tropical twist on this blend, with juicy, tangy passion fruit fusing with the sweetness of peach and apple. If you′re looking for a version that you can use with a DTL vape, the Joe′s Juice Just 200 blend features a 70% VG concentration in a budget-friendly 200ml bottle with space to add four nic shots. Adding four 18mg nic shots will create 240ml of 3mg e-liquid.

The Strawberry Jam Elux Firerose Nova 600 delivers the flavour of a breakfast classic. While it sure is an unusual flavour for a vape, Elux have authentically captured the taste with plenty of sweet notes. So, too, have several e-liquid brands. Whether you′re looking for a nic salt for a MTL kit or a high VG shortfill for sub ohm vaping, there′s a strawberry jam vape for everyone.

For a traditional sweet flavour, the Strawberry Jam nic salt by Monster Vape Labs and the Original shortfill by Just Jam deliver a sugary, fruity vape. If you prefer your strawberry jam notes alongside other dessert flavours, Jam Tart nic salt by Doozy Vape, IVG′s Jam Roly Poly 50/50 and Big Bold Creamy′s Strawberry Jam With Clotted Cream shortfill all deliver combinations of jam with pastry and cream.

Our final pick is the Watermelon Ice Elux Legend Mini. This bold yet simple blend takes the classic flavour of tropical watermelon and fuses it with a cool ice finish. Because this is such a popular flavour when it comes to disposable vapes, you′ll find it cropping up often in e-liquid ranges made by disposable manufacturers.

There′s a Watermelon Ice flavour in Elux′s own Legend nic salt vape juice line, as well as in the Crystal Original series by SKE. The disposable-inspired Bar Series range also features a Watermelon Ice blend. For a stronger throat hit, we′d recommend the Riot Squad Hybrid Watermelon Ice e-liquid, which delivers a throat hit that′s more noticeable than with nic salts but smoother than freebase. If you′re looking for a version that′s suitable for DTL vapes, it′s worth checking out Melon by Aisu. The 70% VG concentration means it will produce a large amount of vapour.

Summing Up

That's the end of our list of e-liquids that taste the same as Elux bars. We hope we've helped you find a good alternative to your favourite disposable vape. If you're still looking for more inspiration, check out our entire range of e-liquids and use the filters to sort by flavour, nicotine strength, nicotine type and even e-liquid multibuy.

If you have any questions regarding selecting an e-liquid, or if you need any help with anything else vape-related, you can always get in touch with our friendly Customer Service team. Our experts are on hand to help, seven days a week.

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