A Complete Guide To Elf Bar

Everything you need to know about Elf Bars.
By Josh, Head Of Media
Updated 23 JAN 2024

Elf Bar disposable vapes have taken the vaping world by storm. Compact, easy to use and requiring no maintenance, they’re ideal if you’re looking for a simple entry point into vaping. Plus, they’re also popular as a backup device for those who have other vape kits. In this guide, we’ll lay out everything you could possibly want or need to know about Elf Bars. So, whether you’re trying to find out how they work, whether they’re right for you, or wanting to learn about the different kinds of Elf Bars, read on for all the important info.

All About Elf Bars

Why Is The Elf Bar So Popular?

Elf Bars are without a doubt one of the best-selling types of disposable vape. So much so, that they’re quickly becoming the shorthand for all disposables. But, why are they such a hit? They’re incredibly simple and require absolutely zero vaping experience, you can use them straight out of the box and they’re small enough to fit in your pocket. Plus, there’s a huge range of flavours to choose from.

Above all though, Elf Bar disposables are a cheap way to try vaping for the first time without the need to buy any extra parts or liquids. Especially with our 3 for £12 disposable vapes multi-buy makes it easy to try new flavours while saving money – and once you’ve found your favourite, you can stock up for less.

The Elf Bar range is wider than you might think, as they also offer pod vapes like the Elfa, Elfa Pro and Elf Bar Mate 500. These kits can be paired with a variety of prefilled pods, or in the case of the Mate 500, there’s even a refillable pod option. So, whether you prefer a disposable, prefilled or refillable vape kit, Elf Bar offers something for everyone.

Easy To Use
Wide Range Of Flavours
Small & Compact

What Is In Elf Bars?

Just like all other vapes, Elf Bars contain e-liquid. This is a specially-blended liquid with a short, simple list of ingredients: nicotine to satisfy cravings, flavouring to add taste, and VG and PG that create vapour. Beyond that, they also contain a battery and a coil. Although they contain nicotine, Elf Bars don’t contain any tobacco or tar; this is what makes them less harmful than smoking.

Are Elf Bars Legal In The UK?

Elf Bars and other disposables like them are perfectly legal to buy in the UK providing you’re 18 or older and the product is genuine. There are Elf Bars designed specifically for the UK and European markets that meet the requirements of the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive), they will contain no more than 2ml of e-liquid and come in a nicotine strength of 20mg at the most.

Products bearing the name Elf Bar, that boast higher strengths than 20mg or contain more than 2ml of e-liquid, will be counterfeit products or illegal imports. We recommend you only purchase vapes from a verified store for your own safety.

Are Elf Bars Safe?

Providing you’ve bought a genuine product, Elf Bar vapes are as safe as any other kind of kit and are built, then tested, to a high standard. The only difference between Elf and traditional vape kits you may be used to seeing is that they arrive as fully assembled units that are ready to use. Remember, Elf Bars and other vape products are only ever recommended for adults who are trying to quit smoking.

What Kind Of E-Liquid Is In An Elf Bar?

Elf Bar disposables and prefilled pods contain 2ml of e-liquid and use salt nicotine rather than standard freebase. Nic salt e-liquid delivers a much smoother throat hit when vaped, which can make switching to vaping that much easier. It also satisfies cravings quicker as it is absorbed by the body faster.

When it comes to flavour, you’ll have plenty of options and this wide variety means it’s easy to find something you’ll get on with. There are fruit, tobacco, menthol, candy, soda and dessert blends available to try. If you’re looking to recreate the smooth throat hit and popular flavours of Elf Bars in your refillable vape kit, try the Elfliq nic salt e-liquids.

How Many Puffs Are In An Elf Bar?

Disposables are often listed with a puff count. This puff count gives an indication as to how long each will last based on how many times you can inhale on the device before it runs out of e-liquid. As a 600 puff disposable vape, the Elf Bar lasts a lot longer than some competitors and still takes up very little space when you need to carry it around with you. Elf Bar pods also last for up to 600 puffs, and since they come in packs of two, they’re more budget-friendly than disposable versions.

Choosing Your Elf Bar

What Are The Different Kinds Of Elf Bar?

Elf Bar Models

When we think of Elf Bars, we tend to think of Elf Bar disposable vapes, such as the Elf Bar 600 and Elf Bar 600 V2. These single-use devices are designed to be as convenient as possible as they can simply be replaced once the e-liquid inside runs out.

But, Elf also offers several pod vapes, such as the Elfa, Elfa Pro and Elf Mate. These kits use prefilled Elf pods with e-liquid and are inserted into the device. When it comes to the Elf Mate in particular, you can also pick up Mate P1 refillable pods which can be paired with your choice of 50% VG e-liquid.

Are Elf Bars Expensive?

Although disposable vapes like the Elf offer a good introduction to vaping and are very simple to use, they’re not the most cost-effective option. Picking a refillable vape kit will save you a lot more money over time.

We stock a wide range of refillable pod kits that are almost as simple as disposables and perfect for new vapers. The only difference is they’ll need to be recharged (like a mobile device) and filled with e-liquid. Aside from costing less, refillable pods give you the opportunity to experiment with different flavours and nicotine strengths to find the vape that’s right for you.

We've created a whole guide that can help you make the switch from disposables to refillable vapes, which even gives you some examples of popular kits.

How Much Nicotine Is In An Elf Bar?

Elf Bar disposable vapes come in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths. Many disposables from other ranges are only available in 20mg, so Elf Bars are an ideal choice if you’re looking for a lower strength or if you want a range of options to swap between.

Elf pods for the Elfa, Elfa Pro and Elf Bar Mate kits feature a 20mg nicotine strength. The exception is the refillable pods for the Elf Bar Mate – because you can refill these with your choice of e-liquid, you can pick any strength you’d like, including 0mg.

What’s The Best Elf Bar?

With so many flavours to choose from, you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Here are some recommendations. If you’re looking for a summer blend that’s sweet with fruit notes, why not try Elf Bar Blue Raspberry Lemonade? Or, if you’re looking for a flavour that solely focuses on fruit, the Elf Bar Watermelon is a very popular choice. Finally, for something a bit different there’s also Elf Bar Strawberry Ice Cream. Whichever you pick, they’re all available in a 20mg strength and use nic salt to deliver a smooth throat hit. Check our Best Elf Bar Flavours guide if you need a bit more inspiration.

What’s The Difference Between Elf Bars And Other Disposables?

Elf Bars are one of the UK’s most popular disposable vape ranges, and we think that’s down to their wide range of punchy blends. Elf Bar disposables feature a slim design that looks more like a standard vape pen, while other disposable brands such as Lost Mary and Crystal Bar feature more square or blocky shapes. Really, it’s a matter of personal preference, as all UK disposables are limited to a maximum of 20mg nicotine strength and a 2ml e-liquid capacity. Plenty of vapers will try a few devices and find one that’s best for them.

How Long Does An Elf Bar Last?

But how long does an Elf Bar last? You might ask. We’ve put together a handy table that should give you a rough guide as to how much use you can expect out of each device:

User Type Daily Usage Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Light User 1 disposable every 2 days ~£60 ~£720
Regular User 1 disposable per day ~£120 ~£1440
Heavy User 2 disposables per day ~£240 ~£2880

Using Your Elf Bar

How Does An Elf Bar Work?

No matter which type of Elf Bar you choose, they all work in the same way. Each contains a battery which powers the device and a “coil” – a piece of cotton wrapped in wire which soaks up your e-liquid and heats it up. A sensor inside your Elf Bar detects when you inhale on the mouthpiece and makes the battery send an electrical current to the coil. The coil heats up the liquid and turns it into vapour which you inhale.

  • Mouthpiece
  • Spit-Back Sponge
  • E-Liquid Tank
  • Coil
  • Battery
  • Airflow Switch & Air inlet
vape kit anatomy illustration

How Do I Set Up The Elf Bar?

Elf Bar disposables require no set-up whatsoever. Each device arrives fully charged and filled with e-liquid. You don’t even have to switch the device on, just inhale on the mouthpiece to start vaping and you’ll experience an inhale that feels close to a cigarette. When it runs out of e-liquid, you can switch over to a new one.

Elf Bar pod kits, on the other hand, do require some set-up – but it’s really quick and easy. All you have to do is insert your pod into the device. Done! Now, just inhale on the mouthpiece. When your pod is empty, you can swap it out for a new one.

How Do I Use An Elf Bar?

Just like other disposable vapes, Elf Bars are really easy to use. To start vaping, simply remove it from the packaging and inhale on the mouthpiece to vape. As they’re disposable, when your device runs out, it can simply be replaced with a new device.

With vape kits like the Elf Mate, Elfa and Elfa Pro pods, you’ll need to insert a prefilled e-liquid pod first. Once you’ve done that, just take a puff from the mouthpiece. These pod kits require a similar amount of maintenance to disposables – just replace the pod instead of your whole device. Because there’s less waste, prefilled Elf pod vapes are also a greener and more budget-friendly choice.

How to Charge Your Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Kit
Step 1

Inhale on the mouthpiece.

How to Charge Your Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Kit
Step 2

The airflow switch activates the battery.

How to Charge Your Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Kit
Step 3

The battery heats the coil vaporising eliquid.

How to Charge Your Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Kit
Step 4

Vapour is produced from the mouth piece.

Can I Refill An Elf Bar?

Most Elf Bars aren’t refillable and this is to make them as low-maintenance as possible. When the e-liquid inside your Elf disposable runs out, you’ll need to replace your device. Even if you are regularly swapping your device, you’ll still find it’s cheaper than smoking.

Similarly, when the e-liquid inside your prefilled Elf pod runs out, you can replace the pod. The only exception is the refillable pods for the Elf Mate 500, which can be topped up with your choice of 50/50 e-liquid. If you're looking to find a bit more about other refillable options, make sure you check out our guide to Elf Bar alternatives.

When Do I Have To Get A New Elf Bar?

After a day or two of using your Elf Bar, you will probably need to swap it for a new one. You’ll know it’s time to switch when you notice either a deterioration in flavour or the device stops creating vapour. The Elf Bar also features an LED light that will flash on and off to alert you when the device has run out of e-liquid. We recommend that if you’re just getting started with disposables you keep a few spares in case your device runs out earlier than you expected.

Are There Side Effects To Using Elf Bars?

Elf Bars work in the same basic way as all other kinds of vape, so they don’t have any unique side effects. As with all vaping products, you should only use them if you’re trying to quit or cut down on smoking – if you don’t smoke, don’t vape. If you experience side effects such as nausea or headaches when you vape, you might be using a nicotine strength that’s too high. Consider swapping to a lower strength, such as a 10mg Elf Bar.

How Do You Dispose Of Elf Bars?

Elf Bars cannot be disposed of with your usual household recycling. As each device contains a built-in battery, disposables will need to be taken to your local battery recycling point, which can usually be found in supermarkets and recycling centres. If you have any questions relating to disposal, please contact your local council for more details. You can also read our guide to recycling vape products.

Need More Help?

Well, there’s our round-up of the most important facts about Elf Bars – we hope you’ve learned everything you needed to know. Remember that Elf disposables are only one option, you can view our full range to take your pick from over one thousand disposable vapes.

Still have questions? Not to worry, our customer service team is here to help. Our friendly vape experts can be reached by email, phone or live chat, seven days a week.

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