Boss Reserve E-Liquid by Cuttwood

Honey, Cereal, Nut, Milk, Banana
10, 50ml
0 3 6 12
70% VG
Eliquid Flavours Banana, Cereal, Honey, Milk / Milkshake, Nut
Made In UK, USA

From £6.49

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Boss Reserve e-liquid by Cuttwood is a complex dessert blend with contrasting, distinct flavours. At first, a sugary cereal base is present with notes of banana and honey, before dark roasted nut notes and a creamy milk finishes things off for a layered, sweet vape.

Boss Reserve e-liquid is available with nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg; lower strengths delivering a lighter throat hit as opposed to a more noticeable feel for higher strengths. Featuring a 70% VG ratio, this e-liquid delivers large cloud production without reducing flavour.

Cuttwood are a US manufacturer who specialise in high-quality, distinct dessert tastes.

  • 10ml E-Liquid Bottles
  • Nicotine Strengths Of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg
  • 70% VG / 30% PG
  • Designed For Sub Ohm Vaping
  • Mixed and Bottled In An ISO 7 Cleanroom
  • TPD Compliant
  • Made In US
  • Childproof Cap
  • Tamper Evident
70% VG

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By Mike from Epsom

bit weird (12 April 2021)

I found this strange- a dark/complex flavour with roasted/bitter notes, like coffee or almost tobacco. sweetness and banana are there too. Not for me I'm afraid.

By Ron from London

this was a cheap juice (21 March 2021)

why are they charging so much for this bad taste, it was nice years ago it is not worth this price should be around 2.99 for 10ml

By Alyssia from Staffordshire

Nice but Expensive (20 November 2020)

This is a perfectly palatable eliquid, but I'm not sure it's spectacular enough to deserve the hefty £6.50 price tag.
It's got a musky, savoury taste to it which I quite enjoyed, but I'd say that Puff Daddy by Bord02 is more than it's equal and is half the price. I don't really get all the notes that they are promising either, it's more of a biscuit/nut tobacco flavour than anything with honey or banana.
At £3 this would be easy to recommend. At £6.50, I think they are taking the mickey a little bit if I'm bluntly honest. I wanted to try it because it's frequently recommended, but whilst it was pleasant enough, it just isn't worth the really hefty price tag.

By Carlos from Kent

Amazing ADV (10 November 2020)

My favourite e liquid. Love the flavour, not to sweet.
On the expensive side but worth it.
If you come from the cigs with this one you won’t look back.

By Outlaw

One of the best (02 August 2020)

Top quality fantastic tasting juice by cuttwood. Not a lot else to say.
Can happily vape this all day. Sweet full of flavour. A bit expensive but it's worth it.

By Mike

Love it, a bit expensive though (10 May 2020)

This recently became my new favourite. I've tried a fair few liquids over the years and always thought crack panda by button junkie was the best, but this even beats that for me. Nice balance of flavours and just a touch of a mellow aftertaste.

By John from North West

Amazing (04 May 2020)

This stuff is my all time favourite juice, love this stuff, cant really say I can describe the flavour but the flavour I do get is very very nice, not my all day vape I save it for a couple of nights a week so I enjoy it more

By P from Kent

Something Different. (10 January 2020)

It's a good quality and rather complex juice.
Nutty, with hints of vanilla and banana all come through.
It's a nice one to have around for when you want something different IMO.

By Hmz from London

Decent but not that amazing (15 September 2019)

I have bought this a few times and must admit that it isn't the strongest tasting nor do you get all of the flavours come through. For me it has a cereal, honey, nutty flavour. Not an all day vape nor worth the money. Much cheaper products with better taste

By Lu from Montenegro

Very bad, sorry. (15 August 2019)

Tastes like an old sock dipped into bad milk. Really, I'm not making this up.

By FiveThou from Leics.

Very Disappointing (01 June 2019)

Had this on my wishlist for a while. Finally got some, and wish I hadn't bothered. It's vapeable, but for the price, I expect a lot more than that. This is the most expensive 10ml bottle I've bought, and it really isn't worth it.
It's basically a poor man's, slightly sickly-sweet, version of Grandmaster by Five Pawns. It's a bit of a vague mess, with a quite artificial-tasting banana being the main event. By comparison, Grandmaster is a finely balanced mixture of real banana and peanut butter flavour.
It's not disgusting, and I'll get though the bottle, but I wouldn't buy it again, even at a fraction of the price.
Avoid this at full price. Try Grandmaster instead.

By Dan from Kent

Nice (20 October 2018)

A good all round juice in my opinion. Reminds me of honey nut cluster cereal. My only negative is that the flavour is so intense from the get go that the flavour quickly gets dull. Not good for an all day vape maybe.

By Waring192 from North West UK

Simply divine! (09 August 2018)

As a partially ex smoker and new vaper I have tried over 20 different flavours experimenting. This one wins hands down.
For the first time I actually would rather use the vape over having a real cigarette, it’s simply that good!
You can almost straight away taste the nutty/honey/cereal favours. Soft and mellow with no harsh throat hit.
It’s the first time ever I will be reordering the same flavour again and also going for the 3 x 10ml.
Now where’s my e-cig.,,

By Paul from Faringdon, Oxon

Will Steeping save this? (18 June 2018)

I have tried quite a few of Cuttwood e-liquids and know from experience some of them need steeping to get the real flavours from them.
Well unfortunately this has joined my Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood in my steeping cupboard. I read all the reviews and had high hopes for Boss Reserve.
When it arrived I tried it, with fresh coil at various wattages and all I could get was a nutty faintly sweet flavour, no bananna, no real flavour. For me just a very bland vape, not one of Cuttwoods finest. I will let it steep for a month then review it again. I vape mostly direct to lung using a Kbox Mini with the 0.5 ohm coils, wattage usually around 28 to 30.

By Mitul from London

One of my favourites (10 June 2018)

This is a great flavour. Flavour has a hint of cinnamon and waffle mixed

By Tom from Watford

Best Yet (03 April 2018)

My personal favourite ADV!
Sweet nutty flavour with an after taste of smooth banana. would absolutely purchase again A+++

By Theo from Southampton

Very Unique (27 March 2018)

I work within the vape industry and have tired several thousand flavours over the last 5 years, a few stand out to me and are worth the pennies they demand, this is one of them. We stocked in our shops and I have to say its rather lovely, hits a few flavour profiles in one go.
To smell- A dark, sweet and nutty aroma
Inhale- A soft milky banana (not an artificial one) a lovely realistic banana with a soft creamy undertone of milk
Exhale- (the good bit) crunchy nut ceral flavour, almost textured, followed by a sweet honey finish
Leaves a lovely aftertaste, highly recommend !

By John Coffscoast from Australia

Hit and miss (01 March 2018)

Up front, was hoping for a better a flavour from Cuttwood, some people might love this juice but, I didn’t like it. Flavour was bland and too milky. Tried at low and high watts, different coils, which didn’t help.

By John Coffscoast from Australia

Hit and miss (01 March 2018)

Up front, was hoping for a better a flavour from Cuttwood, some people might love this juice but, I didn’t like it. Flavour was bland and too milky. Tried at low and high watts, different coils, which didn’t help.

By Anonymous from UK

not great :S (10 December 2017)

no taste whatsoever, a slight sweet taste in the exhale of banana but that's about it really.

using 0.5 socc coil evod mega tank.

wouldn't buy again, i've tasted better eliquids honestly.