What is AQ30?

Aquios Labs has partnered with Innokin to launch a new innovative liquid: AQ30, an e-liquid that contains 30% distilled water. This formulation replaces high percentages of VG and PG with water to deliver a smoother vape that is more easily absorbed by the body. Up until now, water hasn't been used in vaping so we thought we would give you the rundown on this new type of e-liquid.

What Is AQ30?

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Reformulating e-liquids using distilled water means that there is less VG and PG. But to understand why water-based vapes could change the way we vape, you’ll need to know why we use VG and PG in the first place.

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Traditionally e-liquid has been created using four main ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Nicotine and Flavouring. The roles of nicotine and flavouring are fairly obvious, but what do VG and PG do? They are known as the ‘base liquids’ and are the main constituents of e-liquid, serving several important roles. Their main function is to produce the visible vapour which you see when the user exhales - this is incredibly important, and it is part of what makes vaping such a successful alternative to smoking. The fact that it both feels AND looks like smoking makes the transition so much easier for the consumer.

VG and PG are also used to carry the nicotine and flavours in the vapour, and contribute to the sensation known as ’throat hit’ which again is important in mimicking the feeling of smoking. But why do we use both of these ingredients and not just one? Well, they have some slight differences, for example, PG carries flavour better and has a much more distinct throat hit, whereas VG has a much smoother throat hit but doesn’t carry flavouring quite so well. For this reason, manufacturers use a combination of both to ensure they get the right balance in their products.

E-liquids featuring a typical VG/PG blend can leave you with a dry mouth and feeling thirsty. For some vapers, PG may even irritate the throat, VG when used in high concentrations can also sweeten and change the flavours of e-liquids.

Aquios Labs have set out to solve these issues with its water-based liquids. Thanks to the 30% water content of Aquios AQ30 vapes, less power is needed to vaporise the liquid meaning a lower wattage can be used. This low power output not only delivers a cooler vape but also increases the battery life of kits that uses AQ30-based liquids. Moreover, the vapour that is produced is more compatible with our bodies, which means the kits that use AQ30 can satisfy cravings faster, improve flavour and reduce irritation that can be caused by PG. But, how?

How Could AQ30 Change The Way We Vape?

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The liquids that we have now can sometimes leave vapers feeling pretty thirsty and you might even experience Xerostomia (better known as dry mouth), and a small number of people might find that traditionally blended e-liquids leave their throats feeling irritated. Thanks to the higher water content of AQ30 e-liquids, people who are sensitive to high amounts of VG and PG are less likely to experience throat irritation. Additionally, the greater availability of water is believed to be less dehydrating minimising the feeling of dry mouth and thirst that can occur after a prolonged session of vaping.

What's more, thanks to this unique combination of salt nicotine and a water base, the nicotine is more effectively absorbed by the body. This means you’ll not only experience a smoother vape but quicker craving satisfaction too. These factors make AQ30 a great choice for people who have tried vaping before, but have gone back to smoking because of throat irritation. It’s also a great option for more experienced vapers who are looking for an alternative to e-liquids that use a traditional VG/PG base mixed with freebase or salt nicotine.

Another massive advantage of using water to create e-liquids is that water is flavourless. Its been a trend for many years that some of the most popular e-liquids contain large amounts of sweeteners on top of the already sweet-tasting VG. Using water means that vapers can experience a whole host of popular flavours that taste less artificial, thanks to the lower VG concentration.

Whilst the technology that makes creating a water-based e-liquid possible is being kept secret, we do know that the Innobar C1 replacement pods feature a Nichrome mesh coil. This integrated coil has a large surface area that heats up faster than a traditional coil, vapourising more e-liquid with each puff. Combined with AQ30 liquid's increased water content, the salt-based nicotine will feel a lot smoother than traditionally blended e-liquids that are only mixed with VG and PG.

Are There Any Cons To AQ30 Vapes?

The outlook for a new generation of e-liquids, spearheaded by Aquios labs, looks bright with a statement from Aquios Labs confirming that they are “working to increase the possible water content of vapes”. The benefits of using water-based e-liquids are clear to see. But, like with any advancements in vaping, time will tell how successful AQ30 liquids will be.

One drawback we can see at the moment is the very limited range of products that are currently on offer. Additionally, this small selection of vape devices allows for MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping, which is great for people making the switch to vaping and vapers who want an experience that feels closer to a cigarette. However, if you prefer sub ohm kits and tanks it might be a while before you get to experience these e-liquids.

Aquios Labs are partnered with Innokin, one of the most inventive hardware manufacturers in the industry. We’re pretty sure it's only a matter of time until we see a larger selection of water-based vapes become available. Right now you can only experience these water-based vapes in prefilled pod kits like the Innobar C1 and a select range of Lota disposables.

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With such an innovative e-liquid we would love to see it become more widely available like 10ml bottles of AQ30 e-liquids as well as some water-based e-liquids that are suitable for sub ohm vaping, bringing this new formulation to a wider array of vapers not just people who use prefilled pod kits.

Summing Up

If you’re looking for a vape that delivers a smoother throat hit than other disposables and prefilled pod kits that are currently available then this collaboration between Aquios Labs and Innokin is a great choice. The increased water content and decreased amounts of VG and PG could be one way to prevent some common issues that many vapers experience like dry mouth and the feeling of dehydration.

We’ve mentioned some really advanced vaping concepts here, so don’t worry if you are feeling a little confused, you can check out our Beginners Guide To Vaping, which goes into more detail about how traditional e-liquids are made. Alternatively, get in touch with our 5-star customer service team for any questions you might have about AQ30, e-liquids and vape kits.

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