Vape Maintenance Tips: How To Keep Your Vape in Good Condition?

Proper care and maintenance is a key part of vaping, you’ll need to keep your vape kits in working order and your e-liquids in tip-top condition. This is as easy as pie when you know how to. In this guide, we’ll be giving you a rundown of tips relating to vape maintenance to help get the most out of your itinerary, whilst saving some money in the process.



E-liquid has a shelf life, around 6 months when opened and 18 months when left sealed. To help your e-liquid last longer, follow these tips to help maximise their usage:

How to keep e-liquids in top condition


Room temperature is best for e-liquid, hot temperatures can cause ingredients of e-liquid (like the flavour) to break down. Keeping your e-liquid in the car on a very hot day is a sure-fire way to ruin its taste. In the same vein, keeping your e-liquid too cold will make it thicker. This a real problem if you’re using a high PG blend, as the thicker an e-liquid makes it harder for mouth to lung vape kits to heat wick them fast enough, resulting in a dry hit.

Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight and e-liquid just don’t mix, if you leave your favourite flavour out in the sun it will discolour, due to the nicotine increasing its rate of oxidation. What this means is that you’ll end up with an e-liquid that’s weaker in both flavour and strength.

Keep It Sealed

As we said before, once opened an e-liquid has an average shelf life of about six months. Keeping your e-liquid stored without its lid will greatly reduce this. Much like exposure to sunlight, keeping your e-liquid open will increase the oxidation rate, leading to deterioration of taste and nicotine strength.

Store In The Original Bottle

E-liquid where possible should be stored in the bottle it came in, leaving e-liquid in your tank can gunk up your coils and if you leave it for more than a day or so you’ll notice a real difference in taste. Tanks are specifically designed to have a continuous airflow and as we discussed earlier, oxidation leads to a poor taste.

Keep It Locked And Safe

Safety is just as important as maintenance. Remember most of your e-liquid will probably contain nicotine. Nicotine, when it’s a liquid state, is dangerous and often fatal when consumed orally, especially by children and pets. It is essential at all times to keep them out of sight and out of reach to avoid incidence.



Vape tanks serve two purposes; they hold your e-liquid and they also heat it up, turning it into vapour. The key to good tank maintenance is to ensure a clear and accessible airflow, which results in experiencing a consistent vape. Follow this advice to help get the most out of your tank.

How to keep your vape tank in good condition

Check Your Seals

Whilst you’re in the midst of cleaning your tank, it’s always good practice to check its seals. The seals, as you may have guessed, stop e-liquid from escaping the tank - helping to curb wastage and any nasty spills. The seals are located around the base of the tank and at key points in the design, they are generally rubber O-rings. Be on the lookout for fraying and ripped seals, luckily most modern tanks include replacement O-rings with each model, so you should have a spare set to hand.

Clear Airways

A constant flow of air and vapour is key to a good vaping experience, to help keep things moving, check your tank regularly for debris and any e-liquid build-up. We recommend cleaning your tank properly at least once a week. You don’t need any special solutions, warm water and a cloth will do the job, just make sure you always dry your tank before reassembling. Remember, your coils won’t need to be cleaned, so a good piece of advice is to clean your tank when it comes time to changing your coil. For more info check out our tank cleaning video below.


Upright And Shut

A tip for storage as much as maintenance, is when not in use, try to keep your tank upright and if possible the airflow closed. This will help stop any dirt or dust making its way into your tank, as well as reducing the chance of leaking.



Vape devices are the power source of your kit, they also contain a regulating chipset to ensure the device performs exactly as intended. Keeping your device in good condition and looking after its internal battery becomes second nature when you know how to and you build up a routine.

How to maintain your vape device

Clear Connection

The firing plate acts as the connection point between your vape device and tank. What this means is that if the connection point isn’t clear you’ll experience a weaker flow of power or none at all, resulting in your device not working properly. This is especially true of vape devices that feature a 510 connection. This is simple enough to resolve, by removing your tank and using either a dry cloth or cotton bud on the 510 port of your device to get rid of any dirt or excess e-liquid. As this is a conductive point, it is very important you do not clean your connection port with water as you could be in for a shock, quite literally.


A dead battery means no vaping for you, which is disappointing to say the least. The best time to charge your battery is when it is almost completely depleted of power, then charge it up to its maximum capacity. Charging your battery only halfway or overcharging can greatly reduce its lifespan, much similar to a smartphone or laptop.

Wipe Down

Cleanliness is a good principle anyway, doubly so with vape devices. A vape device with stray e-liquid on it will slip out of your hands like a bar of soap, which can be an expensive mistake to make. We recommend wiping down your device every so often with a clean, dry cloth to avoid any mishaps.



External rechargeable batteries are a reliable and useful power source for vape devices and kits. You can change out a flat battery and recharge it without having to stop vaping. Consistently cycling two batteries is a good way to provide your vape with a constant source of power. Below are some other tips to help get the most from your batteries, you can also access more info on battery safety.

How to maintain vape batteries


The battery wrap is the coating around your battery, which serves to cover the conductive material of a battery, rendering it safe to use. A damaged wrap is not only unsightly, it also poses a danger to the user. We advise any batteries with damaged wraps to not be used in any circumstances as it could lead to a nasty accident.


If your battery wrap has undergone damage you may not need to replace your entire battery. A number of reputable companies are now producing replacement wraps that can be fitted on top of the old ones to make your battery usable again.


Even if you charge your batteries fully and correctly every time, they will eventually need to be replaced. The rule of thumb is a 18650 Li-on battery will need to be replaced after approximately 300 charge cycles or after eighteen months.



Taking care of your vape kit and accessories is easier than you might think. We hope this guide has helped you learn a few methods to get the most out of your items. For more info on vape maintenance or vaping in general, please contact us.



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