Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 (3015mAh 22.1A)

18650 Battery, 3015mAh, 22.1 CDR, Flat Top, 3.6V
Battery Capacity 3015mAh
Battery Discharge 22.1A
Battery Size 18650
Battery Type Single 18650
Battery Voltage 3.6V

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The Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 vape battery has been designed for use with 18650 battery vape kits and mods. Equipped with a 22.1A continuous discharge rate, this vape battery is intended to be used at high wattages, as well as providing a consistently fast ramp-up. With a 3015mAh capacity, it strikes the ideal balance between power and output.

For more information on how to keep your batteries in good working condition, we recommend you check out our battery safety guide.


  • 18650 Vape Battery
  • Flat Top
  • Bottom: Non-Protected
  • Capacity: 3015mAh
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 22.1A
  • Voltage: 3.6V

Please Note: We always recommend that you do not attempt to work outside of the max Continuous Discharge Rate when using these batteries with an unregulated or regulated vape device.

Disclaimer On Use Of Batteries


Batteries must:

  • Be charged correctly: The current and voltage used to charge the batteries must not be greater than is set out in the instructions. Batteries should not be charged in excessively cold or hot temperatures. Do not leave the battery in the charger for over 24 hours. Do not leave the battery unattended whilst charging. Never use a modified or damaged charge.
  • Use the correct discharge current: The discharging current shouldn't exceed the level set out in the instructions. If it does this may cause the battery to overheat.
  • Store the batteries at the right temperature: batteries should be stored at an ambient temperature in dry, well-ventilated conditions. You should avoid excessive hot or cold.
  • Keep your batteries in a case when not in use. Don't carry them around loose in bags or pockets: It's vitally important that batteries do not come into contact with any metal objects as this can lead to leakage, explosion or fire.
  • Not be used if they are damaged, abnormally hot, discoloured, deformed, if the wrapping is not intact or if any other abnormal conditions are detected. Dispose of the batteries if this occurs.
  • Not be allowed to come into contact with water or fire. Dispose of the batteries if this occurs.
  • Not be put in microwave ovens or in any high pressure container.
  • Not be used or assembled with other different makes, types or models of batteries.
  • Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration.

If liquid leaking from a battery gets in your eyes, don't rub your eyes, wash them with clean water and seek medical attention immediately. Ensure that the battery is disposed of immediately and that any liquid that has leaked from the battery is contained and removed as it may cause explosion or fire.

Each country has its own rules on the disposal of batteries. Please ensure that you dispose of the batteries in accordance with local regulations.

For more information about battery safety please see our Safety Tips For Vape Batteries.

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By Sam M from London

Good Batteries (18 September 2023)

Have been using these for quite a while now, I run 3 of these in my aspire box.

Never let me down, great charge time ( I use a battery charger rather than the mod). Lasts for ages, which is great for when I am away and cannot recharge.

Haven't had any issues with the wrapper, Although have caught the wrapper a few times when putting them on the charger.

By DT from UK

They do what they're supposed to do (28 May 2023)

These batteries seem to last well for me, I am not a heavy vaper by any means id say i'm a very light vaper and these last me a few days easily, i bought these on the good reviews and am very happy with my purchase

By Gog from Newcastl

Possibly the worst batteries (01 May 2023)

Maybe I got bad ones maybe not but out of the 2 pairs I have 1 from each matching pair started to give up within a few months. I will NOT be buying these or the hohm work 18650's either same happened there too.

By Darren from Aylesbury

Hohm Tech Hohm Life 18650 (19 April 2023)

great batteries last me all day on one set vaping 60-70w

By James from Sthelens

Lots of power (10 April 2023)

Maybe at this stage,the best batteries I have ever used.they are so powerful and last me out,as iam vaping from 5am/22.00 every day.with still enough charge the next day for a hit.very fast to charge from flat/100 per cent within 2 hours. I like them that much,will place another order very soon as I still need to replace 8twin batteries that are coming to there end. Another item going on my wishlist.

By Mlab from London

Great longevity (18 February 2023)

Fantastic batteries, they last a long time even if you vape and forget (yep I leave the bad boy on and forget about it).

Relative quick charge and so far never let me down.

By Sheridan

V1 Wrapper (07 January 2023)

Not sure what's wrong with these Version 1s but the wrapper doesn't last very long and always cuts off at the end compared to the 2500mah V2 versions. Bought a set of V1s in November and today the wrapper cut off, same as last order doesn't last long. The V2 however lasted over 1 year, not sure if they're all like that or just my luck...

By Carl from Norfolk

Hohm Tech Hohm Life 3015 mA/h 18650 Batteries (21 November 2022)

I have chosen a pair of Hohm Tech Hohm Life 3015 mA/h 18650 batteries. With the 50 - 60 watt coil in a GeekVape Zeus Sub Ohm tank sat on top of a Smok Mag 18 mod vape. Set at 50 watt setting I get 450 hits. I usually inhale for 2 - 2.5 seconds per hit according to the timer on my vape. These seem to hold their charge very well. Both batteries had just over 20% remaining when I put them on to recharge. So it lasted me 3 full days vaping so I am impressed with these. This also includes standby time while the vape has been sitting there not being used. I purchased 2 x 2 pairs of these so I can keep a spare set fully charged which I charge up in an external battery charger. I would highly recommend these and when they are finally due for renewal I will be buying them again.

By Dan

Very good (16 April 2022)

Good little batteries. Bought 2 for my new mod. Seems to hold charge well.

By Disco from Ross-on-Wye

Great batteries sub 65 watts (17 March 2022)

Superb life as long as you stay below 65w. Charge slowly at 1.0 amp in a charger and they’ll do the rest & take care of you… ok up to 85w, but happier below that. Go for the HohmWORK if you’re going 75w and above

By Alil from London

Update..... (15 March 2022)

Totally dissapointed.
Can't hold even a 400 puffs I need to charge them twice a day both of them...
Losing power very quickly, can't even taste your e juice. No power.

By Alil from London

Good but depends how much you vape (10 March 2022)

These batteries are good. Got 21700 30A and they are beast!!!!!
Decide to buy 18650 ones. Pretty good, depends on your coils ohm and etc. It might hold you a whole day of vaping.
They came really well packaged + the most safe rubber case for batteries, easy to take them out and put them back in so they be stored safely.

By Ric from Norfoll

Great product (27 February 2022)

Excellent replacements that I got for my new mod. Feels like an upgrade from my Sony 2500. Great power and plenty of charge. Been running heavy all day and still going strong.
Time will tell if they keep their performance.

By Robert from Gravesend

Great value for money (09 February 2022)

Bought this one as the Sony I wanted was sold old - and am happy I did.
This one offers great battery life due to its 3,015mAh capacity and lasts me through the day even during my heavy vaping session. Great recharge speed as well, really happy with the purchase.
Pairs great with my VooPoo Drag X.

By Gorv from Manchester

Good long lasting battery (23 January 2022)

New to vaping after giving up smoking. I bought two of these thinking I would need them to make sure I didn’t run out of battery through the day. They are lasting a full day and charge really fast, I have not used the second one due to this!

By Vapeman21 from England

Batteries (30 December 2021)

Good batteries, last all day for the amount I vape which is a lot, will depend on the person but I’d say for the average vaper these are a good buy


excellent (07 December 2021)

Excellent product, the battery last for 6-7 hours vaping at 50 watts. This company is absolutely the best.

By Lize from UK

Fraction longer and not a good fit with screw in doors (03 September 2021)

I got these as I wanted something longer lasting then my Sony type 2600mAh ones.

I'm running a Z80 with Zenith II tank and MTL 0.8 coils at 16W so not a huge amp draw like others might be using them for. I suppose I could have calculated the difference, they do last longer but I personally still need to recharge several times a day.

Around 400 puffs of 3.5 or so seconds average before fully discharged, not very scientific but seems proportional to my experience with the Sony lower mAh ones. Difference is not massive and I wouldn't have upgraded unless I wanted some extra batteries.

The big draw back with these is they are a fraction longer than the Sony. When putting them in the Z80 with screw in type battery cover the door doesn't close and jams half way unless the battery is absolutely upright which makes it fiddly and a nuisance.

The bottom of the wrap rubs on the bottom of the door and I can feel it catching so I will need to closely monitor the wrap and I expect it will tear and need replacing in a fairly short time. Possibly wouldn't be a problem in hinged doors.

I can't testify to longevity as only had them a few days.

Disappointing since the name leads you to think they will be great. Think they should make more effort with the product than their branding and packaging. Personally I won't bother with these again.

By Anonymous

Battery (30 June 2021)

So far can’t say they are any good, I use a vaporesso pm80 se and the battery is only last for a few hours at around 35 watts. Not impressed so far.

By Jack from Wrexham

Great (22 June 2021)

It is an amazing quality battery for the price
Great battery life

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