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A high quality, rechargeable 3000mAh 18650 from LG, this flat top battery features a 20A rating and is safe to use in regulated mods. These batteries are sold in singles or in packs of two, and come with a free protective battery case.

Check out our Battery Safety Guide for tips on keeping your batteries in tip-top condition.

Please Note: These are the last LG HG2 batteries we'll be able to get in, and we will be discontinuing this product once it has sold out.


  • Flat Top
  • 3000mAh Capacity
  • 20A Max Discharge Current
  • 3.7V

Disclaimer On Use Of Batteries


Batteries must:

  • Be charged correctly: The current and voltage used to charge the batteries must not be greater than is set out in the instructions. Batteries should not be charged in excessively cold or hot temperatures. Do not leave the battery in the charger for over 24 hours. Do not leave the battery unattended whilst charging. Never use a modified or damaged charge.
  • Use the correct discharge current: The discharging current shouldn’t exceed the level set out in the instructions. If it does this may cause the battery to overheat.
  • Store the batteries at the right temperature: batteries should be stored at an ambient temperature in dry, well-ventilated conditions. You should avoid excessive hot or cold.
  • Keep your batteries in a case when not in use. Don’t carry them around loose in bags or pockets: It’s vitally important that batteries do not come into contact with any metal objects as this can lead to leakage, explosion or fire.
  • Not be used if they are damaged, abnormally hot, discoloured, deformed, if the wrapping is not intact or if any other abnormal conditions are detected. Dispose of the batteries if this occurs.
  • Not be allowed to come into contact with water or fire. Dispose of the batteries if this occurs.
  • Not be put in microwave ovens or in any high pressure container.
  • Not be used or assembled with other different makes, types or models of batteries.
  • Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration.

If liquid leaking from a battery gets in your eyes, don’t rub your eyes, wash them with clean water and seek medical attention immediately. Ensure that the battery is disposed of immediately and that any liquid that has leaked from the battery is contained and removed as it may cause explosion or fire.

Each country has its own rules on the disposal of batteries. Please ensure that you dispose of the batteries in accordance with local regulations.

For more information about battery safety please see our Safety Tips For Vape Batteries.

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Brilliant! (08 June 2018)

Cheaper and better than the samsung batteries i tried. I bought some for my sister and ahe said they are better than any she has tried too, unfortunately i don’t know the brands she has tried. I always buy these batteries for my mods they last a long time in terms of battery life vaping and before they stop working ( like all batteries do).

By from London

Batteries for vape (01 June 2018)

Used daily on Revenger X @ 75W. They are genuine, not cheap clones.
Measured values are:
1st battery 2991mAh
2nd battery 3007mAh
very very good result
Comes in individual protective case. NOT like shown on photo (double case)

By from Manchester

Best battery I've tried so far (29 April 2018)

It last long in my VW mod, good price and fast delivery. been using it for 6 months now.

By from Ballymoney

Great life (28 February 2018)

Had my batteries two years and seem to still be working perfect everyday since buying. Great job


Discharging pretty fast (27 February 2018)

The batteries are amazing, but doesn't last as much as sony's model, i've might got a bad batch or something, it lasted me few months, but for the price they are good.


Decent batteries (06 February 2018)

Had to get some new batts, as the new Smok Procolor mods I got were mega draining my old ones. Impressed by these, so ordering 2 more.

By from Doncaster

a great safe easy choice battery. (20 April 2017)

purchased two of these for the aspire nx75. i can get a full day out of one battery but i drive a lot so chain vape while driving. currently using atlantis v2 tank with 0.5 evo coils. will be ordering more to get me through 5 days at Glastonbury. previously used the aspire cf sub but 6 of those took up a lot of space. i was pleasantly surprised to recieve 2 of the silicone covers as well as the plastic case for the 2 batteries. great service as always from vapeclub.

By from East London

LG HG2 3000mAh Battery (08 February 2017)

This is one of the best you can buy! I bought 4 of these and you get them in a nice plastic carrying case which is good. Big thumbs up to Vape Club!

By from Newark

Great Batteries (19 December 2016)

Great pair of batteries in a nice strong case. Last a decent amount of time with out having to charge them and a safe buy always got to be careful when buying batteries with bug MOD's.

Using with my Smok Alien and TFV8 big baby beast. T8 coils smoking at 80 watts.

Highly recommend these batteries and mustn't forget the brilliant service as always from vape club. Fast delivery and great customer service. Always there to help if needed. Will never purchase anything now other than from here.

By from London

Perfect batteries (25 November 2016)

Using the LG with my Dripbox MOD. After considerable research. Found the LG to be one of the most popular, safe and reliable batteries for MODs.

Great capacity and vape away knowing your device is safe!

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