Pre-Cut Cotton Threads By COTN

100% Organic Pre-Cut Cotton Strips, Resealable Bag
Made In USA
Weight 8g
Height 8.1cm (3.2")
Width 12cm (4.7")
Depth 1.9cm (0.7")

From £3.99

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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We do have threaded cotton available here, for alternative cotton options please take a look at our RDA Cotton Wick Page.

Whether you’re new to coil-building or looking to cut down the amount of time it takes to set up your favourite rebuildable atomiser, precut wicks like the 100% Cotton Threads by Cotn are a good solution.

Each pack contains 20 pre-cut cotton strips, that are made of pharma grade, 100% organic cotton. The benefit of quality wicking material like this is that it will deliver a better flavour from your eliquid even at high temperatures.

As well as arriving pre-cut, each strip has a plastic end called an aglet, that allows you to thread this cotton through your coil smoothly. Once threaded you can snip off the plastic ends and fluff your cotton like normal.

Packaged in a resealable bag to keep it fresh, this bag can also be used to store and transport hardware or eliquid when you’ve run out of cotton.


  • 20 x Pre-cut 8.5cm (3.34 Inch) cotton wicks


  • Made In The USA
  • Pharma Grade Organic Cotton
  • Easy To Fit
  • Cut To Size
  • Resealable Bag
  • Unbleached
  • Designed For Use With Rebuildable Atomisers
  • Improved Taste
  • No Break-In Period
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    By Dacorbz from Stoke-on-trent

    Amazing flavour (09 August 2022)

    I honestly love this cotton it tastes amazing reliable keeps flavour and takes ages to burn easy to go through wire hole

    By Skudorus from Birmingham

    Fantastic for ease of use (03 June 2022)

    I just started build and so im quite inexperienced so i thought maybe these might help, and they're great but don't fit a lot of my pre built coils so just be aware they may not fit your coils! other than that they are great! cant fault them

    By Russell from Inverness

    Cotton Threads (31 May 2022)

    A little expensive for only 20 in a pack, but they are very convenient, easy to use absorb e-liquid very well and the cotton is tasteless, which is a massive plus. They are perfect for wicking coils with 3mm centers.
    They make re wicking your coils hassle free, i still use Cotton Bacon V2, as i love this cotton also.
    If you havn't tried these, i would reccomend you give them a try!
    Excellent service from Vape Club as always.

    By Mark Eckett from Sheringham

    A good time saver.⁸ (22 January 2022)

    So glad i got this cotton. I personally think it's better than Cotton Bacon and easier to use.

    By Phil from Blackpool

    Overall they're OK (17 December 2021)

    There are good and bad points with these threads.
    The cotton is tasteless and wicks very well, although it does tend struggle with life as you move past the 0.3ohm mark.
    Sometimes the aglets won't fit through a 2.5mm coil, varies between batches, but it is pliable enough to fit through after taking an aglet off and twisting a touch.
    Also, there isn't a lot of the cotton, you don't want to be thinning it out or you'll end up with nothing to show for it.

    By Stevo775 from Renfrew

    First coil build (05 December 2021)

    My first shot at coil building worked just because I bought Cotn threads, the ends just go through the coil perfectly, if it wasn't for these I would have given up.

    By Vin from Watford

    very good (25 November 2021)

    I am using 3 strips for my zeus mesh tank. amazing product.

    By Norwegian_vaper from Norway

    Very good cotton! (29 March 2021)

    I've seen some mixed reviews regarding Cotn Threads and i wanted to clear up a few misunderstandings.
    One reviewer says it is impossible to use this cotton in a coil that is less than 3mm.ID.
    That's not entirely true as one lace is thinner than the one on the other side and can be used with ease on a 2,5mm.ID. coil.
    To be honest, i don't notice any difference in flavour with Cotn Threads or Vapefly's Firebolt laces.
    To me they're both on my top 3 list as far as flavour and heat resistance goes.
    That being said, i prefer Cloud 9 over both Cotn and Firebolts, but unfortuneately they don't come in laces, just a box with 1 meter of cotton in it.
    However, i don't have any issues recommending Cotn Threads to both beginners and advanced builders.
    It is actually that good!

    By Jay from Leicester

    Great flavour (26 January 2021)

    I could not thread these through my 2.5mm coil so I cut of the ends to at least use the cotton.
    This is the best cotton I’ve experienced for both wicking and flavour.
    The cotton is fantastic and I don’t care about cutting the ends of as it was worth it !!

    By Dean

    Absolutely awful (23 May 2020)

    I'm all up for trying new products here and there to break the norm of constantly buying the same things, so when I saw the Cotn Threads I thought I'd give them a go. Packaging is really nice, I like the zip-lock bag and the actual wicks themselves are well presented. This is where, for me at least, the good points end. If you have a small RDA where you can only fit under 30mm coils, these are not for you. The orange shoe-lace style tips will not go through anything under 30mm which is a shame as I do like smaller builds from time to time. I think the biggest complaint I have is how easy it is for them to tear, I broke 3 just by pulling them through my coils, and every single one I've used (about 10 now), within an HOUR of light vaping the cotton simply disintegrates in the wick, leaving nothing but a juiced up coil with burnt cotton residue on every inhale. I can't recommend these to anyone from my personal experience, others may have had great success with them, but for me I'm going to stick to Cotton Bacon as its never failed me in 5 years.

    By Cloudycraig from Kent

    Cotton (28 March 2020)

    Easy cotton to use and love this cotton and I would recommend this to any one who has started to use rda and other re-buildable atomises

    By N

    tough call (05 March 2020)

    Super convinient and the cotton is really fluffy and perfectly sized for building but man this stuff gets dark really fast compared to other cotton I've used, cannacotton is by far my favourite brand but this stuff is pretty good as well, I'll probably buy a bit more

    By Paul from Kent

    Cotn threads (28 February 2020)

    Excellent cotton, I use these for my rda’s and I have no complaints, just as clean cotton bacon.

    By Tom from Teesside

    Average (19 February 2020)

    This is an interesting cotton, it's very easy to use on account of how fluffy it is and how it fits into coils.
    For a new builder this is great in 2mm/2.5mm coils but the flavour isn't quite as good as firebolt (obviously just my opinion)
    I personally will stick with firebolt for better flavour and lower cost, that being said this isn't terrible and is worth a shot if you're new to wicking rtas and rdas.

    By Giles from Sussex

    Nice and easy (27 October 2019)

    Normally use cotton bacon, if I'm feeling lazy this a good alternative. Very absorbant, almost no break in time, and really easy to use. You get the perfect amount of cotton everytime. Good stuff.

    By Mrozkowiak from Surrey

    Game changing cotton (14 October 2019)

    I’ve tried all different cottons including cotton bacon and wotofo’s own brand.
    Personally I find this the best. It doesn’t need fluffing and the flavour is way more intense than the above mentioned brands. Super easy to use too.

    By Tad from London

    My new go-to cotton (31 July 2019)

    Previously having using Firebolt & Cotton Bacon this now is the only cotton ill buy, yes its more expensive than firebolt or cotton bacon but this is NOT made in china, its made in the USA and you can really tell from the quality. so easy to wick and theres barely any waste. an all round 10/10

    By Johan from Belgium

    Very good (20 July 2019)

    Good cotton and easy wicking

    By Josh from Uk

    Easy (03 March 2019)

    No fluff out needed good cotton

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