Aspire PockeX All In One Starter Kit

1500mAh Battery, Single Button, Pen Style, 2ml Capacity
Battery Capacity 1500mAh
Coil Resistance 0.6ohm
Made In China
Tank Capacity 2ml
Tank Features Pyrex Glass, Replacement Coils, Replacement Parts


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The Aspire PockeX vape kit is an AIO (All In One) kit known for being one of the most popular starter kits worldwide and is recommended to vapers of all experience levels. Powered by a built-in 1500mAh battery this kit combines a 2ml tank and mod into one device, making maintenance and set-up very easy. Due to its interchangeable coil feature, the PockeX is compatible with a range of coils and can be used for mouth to lung vaping.


  • 1500mAh Battery Capacity
  • Ergonomic Pen Style Design
  • 2ml Tank Capacity 
  • Top Fill Method
  • Leak Proof Design
  • No Spill Coil Swap System
  • Easy To Take Apart & Clean
  • Interchangeable Coils
  • Compatible with Sub Ohm and Mouth to Lung Coils

Lightweight and compact in size, the PockeX is easy to carry and great for vaping on the go. Featuring single button operation, there are no menu systems or confusing button combinations to remember, the button on the front of the device serves to both activate and lock the device.

The long-life battery means users will experience up to a full day of vaping between charges, with an inbuilt LED acting as a battery life indicator. When you need to charge the PockeX, simply use the USB lead that’s included with the kit.

Featuring top filling to make refilling a simpler task, unscrewing the top of the PockeX tank will remove both the cap and the coil itself. Fill up to the max line printed on the device, to stop leaking and to ensure your coils stay saturated.

You have the choice of using either the dedicated PockeX coils that are available in a 0.6 Ohm (included) or 1.2 Ohm resistance (available separately), or the Aspire Nautilus X coils that are available in higher resistances of 1.5 Ohm, 1.8 Ohm as well as a 0.7 Ohm mesh. We recommend you use a 60% VG or 70% VG with the 0.6 Ohm coils, high PG e-liquid or 50% PG e-liquid will work best with the other coils.

Overall, the PockeX is a lightweight and simple to use vape kit, which offers new users a good introduction to vaping as well as a reliable back-up device for experienced vapers.


  • Aspire PockeX Starter Kit
  • 2 x Aspire PockeX 0.6 Ohm Coil (1 x Pre-Installed)
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Manual

Important information about sub ohm vaping:

This device is intended for sub ohm vaping. Sub ohm vape kits require a greater amount of knowledge and experience to use safely. They use specially designed coils that register below 1.0 Ohm resistance, for use at higher wattages. These kits will also feature advanced modes that require a knowledge of vaping to be used correctly.

We recommend that when sub ohm vaping, you do not use an e-liquid that has higher than a 6mg nicotine strength, this will be too harsh on the throat. Sub ohm vaping produces more vapour and because of this, an increased throat hit. You should kits like this with a high VG e-liquid, that is 60% VG or higher.

How to Set-Up And Use My Aspire PockeX Starter Kit

How to Charge Your Aspire PockeX

Charge Your Aspire PockeX

When your vape kit arrives it might not be fully charged. Before you get started, charge the device until the light on the bottom of the kit turns green.

How To Remove PockeX Tank Cap

Remove PockeX Tank Cap

Unscrew and the metal ring that’s connected to the kit’s mouthpiece. This may also remove the coil (don’t worry that’s normal).

How To Fill Aspire PockeX Tank

Fill Aspire PockeX Tank

Take your e-liquid and fill the tank until the liquid reaches the “MAX” line which is printed on the outside of the tank.

How To Replace Cap

Replace Cap

Screw the cap back on. If the PockeX coil has been removed, make sure it’s lined up straight before tightening.

How to Prime Your Pockex Coil

Prime Your PockeX Coil

Leave your device upright for ten minutes, allowing the PockeX coil to soak up the e-liquid. This is known as priming your coil.

How To Unlock And Vape Your PockeX

Unlock And Vape Your PockeX

Click the button on your PockeX kit five times to unlock it, you can then press the button to vape.

The Aspire PockeX is a compact vape kit for mouth to lung vaping
The Aspire PockeX vape starter kit is a simple and reliable kit
Even though it's compact, the PockeX vape kit uses a large capacity 1500mAh battery
Featuring single button operation the Aspire PockeX uses a large capacity battery
The PockeX vape kit holds 2ml of e-liquid and features top filling
Top filling makes maintaining the PockeX vape kit quick and simple, it will hold 2ml of e-liquid
The Aspire PockeX coil produces a discreet amount of vaping for mouth to lung vaping
A wide range of compatible coils are available, supporting both MTL vaping and DTL vaping. 
from £29.99

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Aspire PockeX Replacement Glass

Aspire PockeX Kit
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Aspire PockeX Replacement Vape Coils

Aspire PockeX Coils, MTL & DTL Coils
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How Do I Turn On The Aspire PockeX Kit?

(11 Nov 2021)

Press the power button five times in quick succession to turn on and unlock the PockeX starter vape kit. When you’ve finished vaping, click the button five times again to lock it.

How Much E-Liquid Does The Aspire PockeX Hold?

(11 Nov 2021)

The Aspire PockeX can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. As it is a refillable vape kit, you can top it up whenever you need to.

Which Coils Can I Use With the Aspire PockeX Kit?

(11 Nov 2021)

The PockeX kit comes complete with compatible Aspire PockeX coils. But, if you want to experiment with different levels of vapour production, you can also use the Nautilus X coils.

How Long Does A PockeX Coil Last?

(11 Nov 2021)

Both the PockeX coils and Nautilus X coils will last up to a week on average. This means they will support multiple refills and can cycle 10 - 20ml of e-liquid.

Can I Use Different Tanks With The Aspire PockeX Vape?

(11 Nov 2021)

The PockeX tank is built into the device so it can’t be swapped for another one. However, the wide range of compatible vape coils available means you can experience different styles of vaping without ever changing your tank.

How Do I Refill The Aspire PockeX Pen?

(11 Nov 2021)

The PockeX is a top-filling vape kit, which means all you need to do is unscrew the top section of the tank to refill it.

What E-Liquid Can I Use With The PockeX Vape Kit?

(11 Nov 2021)

0.6 Ohm PockeX Coils: 60% VG e-liquid and 70% VG e-liquid.

1.2 Ohm PockeX Coils: 50/50 e-liquid and high PG e-liquid.

Nautilus X Coils: 50/50 e-liquid and high PG e-liquid.

How Long Does It Take For The PockeX Battery To Charge?

(11 Nov 2021)

When completely depleted, the PockeX battery will take 4 hours to charge. You can use the PockeX while it’s plugged in and when completely recharged the light on the base of the kit will flash green.

Can I Change The Wattage On The PockeX Kit?

(11 Nov 2021)

Although you can’t manually change the wattage on the PockeX kit, it recognises which coil has been inserted and selects the correct wattage automatically for a quicker set-up.

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By Kunsru from Great Britain

Inferior product (21 June 2022)

Aspire seems to have really gone down hill. I liked this vaping device because it was small and sturdy. The PockeX I got (my second in a year) lasted for about 3 months, and even then during the last two months I had problems. The tank leaks, the battery power goes in and out or doesn't charge, and the vape production is very inconsistent. There are much better products available.

By Martin from Surrey

Great for first Vape (11 June 2022)

I gave up smoking and started vaping with this one on a recommendation as I still wanted a hit on the back of the throat, but didn't want a complex vape. I can say this delivers just that. Easy to use and refill and not that big really. My only negative, if it is in fact fair to say, is I forget to turn it off after use and the button is easily pressed when in a pocket or bag.
The coils seem to last a decent time and so when comparing this to the money I spent on cigarettes I am so better off.
This is a good value vape and as I like to have a couple of different flavours throughout the day I just purchased 2 of them to save messing around. You then have the added bonus of not having to worry about running out of charge so much.

By Louie from Norwich

Always a go to for beginners. Ive had many throughout the years (10 March 2022)

Perfect if you have just given up smoking. It can leak if not done up tight. However its a great vape i even got one for a family member.

By Cobba from UK

One of the best vapes in this price range (10 February 2022)

Used the PockeX for around 7 months now and it's still going strong. My friend had issues with the button getting jammed on his PockeX but for the period i've had mine it's still working perfectly. Coil replacements are a bit costly but when you compare it to a pouch of tobacco it's still a win. Some coils can be faulty but there's not a lot of them, i had more faulty coils/pods with the OG Caliburn. Flavour and vapour production is amazing, great airflow, easy to fill and rarely leaks. Just don't overfill it over the max line

By Anonymous

Amazing (10 January 2022)

Love this vape, so easy to use and refill

By Tris from England

aspire pockex (28 December 2021)

very nice good flavour

By Laura from London

Great little device (18 December 2021)

What not to like about the Pockex? It’s so simple send easy. The coil screws in to the cap so there’s no way it can be inserted wrong. Airflow and wattage are set. Just fill and that’s all. It performs brilliantly, good clouds and decent throat hit. For me the coils last nearly two weeks and the battery is very good.

By Gary

Decent product (13 December 2021)

Decent vape, got a bit hot charging and started to leak after 2-3 months use.

By Ryan from Bucks

Great first vape (02 November 2021)

Bought this for someone's first vape device and it's great no leaks, easy to use and great flavour.

By Daniel from WATFORD

Fantastic starter pen (19 October 2021)

coming straight on the back off smoking real cigarettes i wasn't convinced vaping would help me stop. however 6 weeks in i haven't touched a cigarette and do not miss them at all. The pockex is a great starter pen providing everything you need to help make the change. the build quality is great and the battery lasts the day without issue.

By Polly from Scotland

Broken vape (08 October 2021)

I bought mine and thought it was great but its not even 6 months old, is leaking and will not charge, wont be buying another

By Hooty79 from Bognor Regis

Wish this was my first device (07 October 2021)

great little device this is and wish it was what I originally started with
great flavour and taste and long lasting battery

By Chris

Very Disappointed (28 August 2021)

Awful, purchased as a carry around vape.

Firstly it does NOT come with 2 x 0.6 coils as stated above. One coil is 1.2 and not worth eveb using.

After buying 2 packs of 0.6 coils, every single one of the coils burnt out within 2 days. Using 50/50 juice too!

This is now in the bin a few weeks after buying as it cannot be used! Easily worst vape I've come across

By CloudPuffer98 from London

Terrible (12 August 2021)

I bought this as a replacement for my other vape that broke. The coil burnt out in just over a day, it says it's a leak proof design, but it leaked around the top cap seal and glass panels and there is absolutely no flavour at all.

I'd suggest going with the Vaporesso Luxe or thr PM40.

By Zeus from Leicester

Lifesaver (19 July 2021)

I was on holiday a while back and took my smok nord 2 with me, unfortunately I dropped it in the swimming pool. I found this device and it was actually better than the smok. The flavours or produced were brilliant and the battery lasted longer than the smok nord 2. I found adding the eLiquid slightly off as it can be a little messy other than that a fantastic little device that packs a punch.

By Karol from Newark

Excellent (29 June 2021)

High quality and good price. Gives good flavour and clouds. A good basic reliable kit

By Dan from Kent

Great little device (25 May 2021)

Just purchased this to replace my Smok Stick Prince, and got to say it is a great piece of kit. Small and lightweight so can carry around in my pocket with ease. Get a lovely smooth inhale, good clouds, and great flavour. My new favourite vape device already!

By J from Kent Uk

Brill starter vape (05 May 2021)

I bought this vape to help me quit smoking, I was completely new to the whole vape scene but It helped me quit smoking for good. Easy to use easy to set up no issues at all with this vape. My partner even bought one himself after seeing how easily I gave up smoking with it

By Char from Surrey, UK

Awesome starter vape! (26 April 2021)

I have been using this trusty vape for over 6 months now and it's amazing. I was recommended it as a starter and I definitely think it's one of the best. Easy to use, easy to charge and works so well. It's the perfect size for pockets and handbags so it can be taken out well. I've got 2 as I use it so much and both the rainbow and rose gold colours are stunning. I'm also super clumsy and have dropped them a few times and there's no damage or scratches! Highly recommend.

By Catley from Hertfordshire

Easy vape (24 April 2021)

Honestly can’t rate this little vape high enough for the price, definitely a good one for first timers. I’ve been using 70vg liquids with this vape and the hit is super smooth and strong. The only one negative is that the charge wire is very short and the base of the vape seems to get really REALLY hot for the first hour of charging, but I just make sure it’s resting on a cool surface and it really hasn’t caused any harm at all. I absolutely love this vape, great size/weight, great price and so easy to use.