Vaporesso Gen 200 Vape Kit

2 x 18650 Batteries Required, 5–220W Output Range, DTL Vaping , Button Activated, Multiple Modes, 2ml Tank
Battery Type Dual 18650
Charging Type USB Type-C
Coil Resistance 0.2ohm, 0.4ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 143g
Height 14cm (5.5")
Width 4.4cm (1.7")
Depth 3.9cm (1.5")


1 Shortfill Included
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The Vaporesso Gen 200 vape kit has a sturdy build and is ideal for sub ohm vapers that want a device that’s easy to carry with them. Its 5–220W power output range is powered by two 18650 batteries (sold separately) and means that you have the choice to create a DTL (Direct To Lung) inhale. Plus, the 2ml Vaporesso iTank and two GTi coils included in the pack mean you’re ready to vape from the get-go.


  • 5–220W Output Range
  • DTL Mesh Coils
  • Requires Two 18650 Batteries
  • Variable Wattage
  • Pulse Mode
  • 2ml Tank
  • Top Fill
  • Adjustable Airflow

You’ll find different modes available to use on your Gen 200 kit, but Variable Wattage is the default. It allows you to adjust the output level, so your kit creates either more or less vapour. As well as this, there’s also Pulse mode, which gives your kit a boost and means you experience a stronger vape. No matter which coil you choose, it’ll create a DTL inhale with a larger amount of vapour. However, the 0.2 Ohm coils will produce a little more vapour than the 0.4 Ohm version.

Refilling the Vaporesso iTank with e-liquid is easy thanks to the top filling design. All you need to do is unscrew the lid of the tank and you’ll find the filling port. With either of the coils, we’d recommend that an e-liquid with a 70% or higher VG concentration is used for best results. Also, with the adjustable airflow feature, you’re able to set the feel of the inhale to be tighter or looser.


  • Vaporesso Gen 200 Mod
  • Vaporesso iTank
  • 0.2 Ohm GTi Mesh Coil
  • 0.4 Ohm GTi Mesh Coil
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • 3 x Spare O-Ring
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
An exploded panel of the Gen 200 vape kit, showing the layers of the construction.
The Vaporesso Gen 200 kit has been built with a durable layer of rubber, that is coated with a hardwearing metal spray delivering a vape kit ideal for everyday wear and tear.
Three Vaporesso iTank highlighting its features including top-fill design.
The Gen 200 vape kit includes the Vaporesso iTank, ideal for creating large amounts of vapour and a DTL (Direct To Lung) inhale.
A forward-facing Gen 200 vape device, with specs including the weight of the mod (76 G).
The Vaporesso Gen 200 is a lightweight and pocket friend dual battery vape mode, ideal for taking on the go.
60% VG
2 for £30

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Ez Duz It Shortfill E-Liquid by Ruthless

Strawberry, Watermelon
60% VG
2 for £30

Rise Shortfill E-Liquid by Ruthless

Lychee, Mango
0.2Ω, 0.3Ω

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By Jamie from Wiltshire

(21 January 2024)

So happy with this purchase. I've owned many vapes kits over the years from various manufacturers. This is probably my favourite. Paired with the itank which is definitely the best tank I've had makes a brilliant combination.

Easy to use, being able to remove the 2ml restriction plastic inside (for cleaning purposes 😉) leaves a tank size of 8ml. I Do not in anyway recommended doing this 🤥 who needs an 8ml tanks size?

Honestly the best vape purchase I've made. Paired with doozy legends pink haze liquid it's a taste sensation of epic proportion.

Thank you vape Club for your wonderful service!

By Colin from North East , Uk

Vaporesso Gen 200 Vape Kit (21 November 2023)

really pleased i bought this , it ticks so many box's , strurdy , great charge life last's a day and i'm a heavy user , great flavour and cloud producer , with the tank that came with it theres a good choice of different coils that seem to last well and in packs of 5 , and it's a 510 thread so any tank that's 510 will work and it'll automatically adjust the wattage for diffent coil types , you do need to buy batterys to go with this , i chose the cheapest option so i'm pleased with outcome of a day charge on it , it feels nice in your hand not to big or small , the weight is pleasing ,
i really like the slide top filling tank , pretty neat , and you get a free shortfill and nic shot with it too , honestly 5 gold star's from me .
the only flaw is , and i say this jokingly , it keeps setting the fire alarm off

By Julie from London (01 October 2023)

I love the Vaporesso Gen 200 this is the one that I have only got. The battery lasts me all day and the glass is an 8ml tank so that means I don't have to keep on refilling my tank. I have brought a silicone case (and it is pink) off from amazon so if it drops it don't brake the mod. This is the one that I am most comfortable with the grip of the hand is comfortable too. Thanks Vaporesso for this piece of kit. ❤️

By Lee from West Sussex

Great Product 5* (23 September 2023)

I have been through so many vapes since I quit smoking. All ended up in breaking, leaking or dead battery life. I have had this vape for 1 year now and it truly is a great product. Battery life is great and charges quick, no leaking and I have dropped it a few times and it still works perfectly.
I'm no vape expert but this vape it easy to use, produces great taste and is sturdy.
I would highly recommend this product ro beginners or long term vapers.
If this one does ever die on me I will definitely be replacing it with the same one!

By Sam M

Strong kit (18 September 2023)

Not a bad starter kit for people looking to get into Sub-Ohm vaping.

The mod itself is well made, can push a lot of power (although never pushed it higher than 100w) my only issue with the mod is that it scratches quite easily and gets covered in finger prints quite easily.

The tank though I wasn't too impressed with, leaked quite a bit and not the best flavour.

By Frankee J from Hertfordshire

It’s great but… (05 September 2023)

It’s a great bit of kit but it drains juice like crazy! I also have no idea how to remove the plastic limiter and it’s hard to find out how to remove it. I go through 50ml a week easily and I’ve not had a mod that goes through juice that quickly.
Haven’t had too many issues with leaking.
Besides all of this, I do love it especially after having a piece of kit previously that leaked constantly and had to be wrapped in kitchen towel all the time.

By Miz

Amazing Kit (20 August 2023)

Vaporesso are one of the best vape companies producing excellent MODs. The Gen 200 is one of the best. It is more compact than other double 18650 MODs, so so light, feels great when holding and carrying. Menu is simple and easy to use. The tank is awesome, producing excellent taste and coils are long lasting. I got myself the 5ml bubble glass, making refilling easier. And... it's true, it doesn't leak at all! Even when its on its side. Great MOD, highly recommended.

By Brendon from Wales

Rubbish - keeps leaking (31 May 2023)

No matter what I’ve tried, having searched and tried solutions from all over the web, this box mod kit keeps leaking. Rubbish.

By Dude from Wales

Mostly great with a few caveats / work required (27 May 2023)

Got mine today. With the 2ml limiter in the glass, filling up with eLiquid caused major leaking out the airflow gap and below it.

I had to follow a youtube video to remove the plastic limiter, then reassemble and now i fill it with liquid with the airflow vent closed, and now it doesn't leak upon filling.

But, it still leaks if you fill it in the 5ml standard tank more than halfway full, out the airflow gap.

So in summary, to prevent leaks:
- remove the plastic 2ml limiter from inside the glass tank and reassemble now with 5ml available.
- refill with eLiquid only to halfway and vape with the airflow gap half to three-quarters closed to prevent leaking out the airflow gap. (i vape at 60 watts).

By Chris from West Midlands

Great kit (15 April 2023)

This is a great kit to use. The only draw backs (doesn't bother me to be honest) it doesn't have a temperature control setting, the glass is very snug and tight fitting (definitely won't leak juice everywhere so plus for me) and removing the coil can be a bit tricky. The itank although comes as 2ml juice well, it can be upgraded to a 5ml tank by removing the thick plastic screen inside. Removing the glass is tough as the rings are super tight but you'll need a thin knife/flat head screwdriver and put it at the top of the tank and gently push down all the way around. The mod automatically detects the coil and sets the temperature to get the best out of it. The flavours are on point, I'm using a homemade Blackcurrent, aniseed and menthol juice (70/30) and I can taste the aniseed at the end of each vape. Definitely would recommend

By Ryan from Leeds

Excellent mod (07 April 2023)

Was deliberating between this and the drag 4 Sooooo glad I bought this, the tank is exceptional Ive been using it around a week I've put 100ml ish through the coil 1519 puffs to be exact and its still going strong, the mod is lightweight and powerful. The only downside is the glass is a pain in the ars to get off to remove the plastic spacer so much so I just decided to smash the glass. Im normally a religious aegis/voopoo man but this device honestly leaves them both in them mud the Z tank is awesome but it just doesn't come close to this one.

By Richard

Amazing vape (01 April 2023)

It’s a nice looking vape and it’s light and the itank has good flavour and is easy to use

By Anonymous

Very Impressed (01 March 2023)

Absolutely superb piece of kit. I love the weight and feel of it in my hand as well as the simplicity of changing the wattage or one of the four modes.

The tank is solid and I've not had one drip out of it yet. Both the coils packed with it give a great flavour hit with some massive clouds. I prefer the 0.2 but the 0.4 is still a very good coil. The glass can be a bit stubborn to remove the first time but one that's out of the way, it'll come off with ease for cleaning. When taking the plastic insert out, you'll have a nice 5ml capacity

Only downside is the swivel top when filling with a 100ml Shortfill but I'm just decanting into a 60ml bottle and job done

The price on vape club was a lot cheaper than Amazon and the free Shortfill was a nice bonus too.

By Sophie from Leicester

Best device I've used (21 February 2023)

- Easy to hold device
- First coil didn't need to be changed until over 4k puffs
- Lot of settings to adjust to make it perfect for you
- Batteries last ages
- comes with a 0.2 and 0.4 coil (I prefer the 0.4) and a spare tank

- Refilling can be awkward when using a 100ml liquid bottle
- The tank isn't big enough so you have to refill quite often

By Mlab from London

Wow. Everyone else- in the mud. (18 February 2023)

Flavour- great.
Coils- long lasting.
Usability- easy.

Upside down? No spill.

Great mod, the pulse feature is pretty cool and does offer something different. Fire lock is cool too but I’d rather just turn the device off. Up to 220w for those insane people out there but at 55-65 it feels smooth and consistent.

Tank- wow. I loved the Uwell crown. But this is different gravy. Top fill locks in place and doesn’t spill even when upside down. Looks industrial and sturdy and so far it has been. Easily replaceable o-rings, coils and the glass (will be getting the 8ml, 2ml is just insufficient). Good adjustability on the air intake as well, 3 decent sized holes (best at 3/4 open id say).

0.2 coil I took out at 3k puffs and inspecting it- could’ve done double that. Not sure how it would fair with your butterscotch tarts but with a kiwi melon and bubblegum it’s been providing great flavour and not burning out at all.

By Mr Gnu from Wales

Impressive mod with brilliant tank (06 February 2023)

I’ve recently changed the way I vape I’ve cut my nicotine from 18mg to 3mg, so I bought this for using short fills.
This Vaparesso gen 200 has way more than enough power. It’s a very lightweight mod it’s seems well built and the i tank is superb. It’s a completely different vaping experience compared to any other device I’ve used before and the flavours in the juice are at another level with this style of vaping.
The tank holds 2ml but if you take the glass off there’s a plastic reducer if you take this out and it comes out very easily then the tank holds 5ml. If 5ml isn’t enough you can easily fit an 8ml bubble tank, that can be bought online.
The coils are easy to fit and work well.
Some slight negatives are the unit is a bit slow to charge and I’m using a fast MacBook charger and the clouds that come off this mod kit are so big I’ve set off my fire alarm twice and have now been banished to vape by the back door.

By Maffy from Bognor Regis

Unbelievable flavours! (29 January 2023)

Thought it was time to try a more expensive vape kit, so I opted for this Gen 200.
So glad I did! Tastes from vape oils are so much nicer, even same oils I was using in smaller vapes.
I've upgraded the glass on the tank to 8ml & that makes a big difference.
Looking to upgrade? Splash out that little bit more & grab this, you won't be disappointed. 👍🏻

By Jason from Hertfordshire

Excellent (29 January 2023)

the tank and standard coil that come with this are without doubt the best flavour producer I have used and I've used a lot of different kits. In addition the mod is solid and very reliable and easy to use . The only fault with this device is it has no fire lock.

By Becs from Uk

Wow (17 January 2023)

I'm very impressed with this device its amazing great air flow and really light weight

By Katherine from London

Best Vaporesso so far... (08 October 2022)

I've had lots of vape mods and this is, without doubt, the best. It delivers a fantastic flavour and instant hit. I love it and highly recommend with the tank or with another one.

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