Cream Tobacco Elf Bar Mate P1 Prefilled Pod

Tobacco, Cream, 2ml Prefilled Pods, MTL, 20mg Salt Nicotine
2 x 2ml
Eliquid Flavours Cream, Tobacco
Made In China
Pod Nic Strength 20mg
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The Elf Bar P1 Cream Tobacco prefilled pods are made to be a simple replacement for your rechargeable Elf Bar Mate 500. Each pod contains 2ml of salt nicotine e-liquid and absorbs faster for quicker craving satisfaction, as well as delivering a smooth throat hit. They're also designed to produce an MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhale, which creates a more discreet amount of vapour and has a feel that's similar to a cigarette.


  • Prefilled Pods
  • Used With Elf Bar Mate 500 Kit
  • MTL Vaping
  • 20mg Salt Nicotine
  • 2ml Of E-Liquid

These disposable pods are made to be replaced and don't need to be refilled, so you don't have to worry about changing messy coils or having to clean anything when you want to try a different flavour. Elf has selected a range of their most popular flavours to include in their prefilled pods, so there is a variety for you to try. Pressing the red button breaks the freshness seal and once you've waited 10 seconds, they're ready to use.

Cream Tobacco sees the brand taking a break from its usual fruit and menthol blends. The rich and dark notes of tobacco are sweetened by the cream. Also available as a simple-to-use disposable, check out the Cream Tobacco Elf Bar.

Please note: The manufacturer has changed the name of the Elf Bar Mate P1 Cream Tobacco pods to Elf Bar Mate P1 Snoow Tobacco pods. This product may arrive in updated packaging which reflects this.


  • 2 x Elf Bar P1 Prefilled Pods
2 E-Liquids Included

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By Anonymous

Stomach churning (16 March 2024)

Tastes like a tobacco product by someone who has actually never smoked a cigarette before.
I read "cream" to be a kind of smooth, creamy tobacco taste, but be warned: the cream here is literally cream.
This tastes like double cream that has started to go off. I couldn't finish it.

By J from UK

Cream tobacco pod (16 March 2024)

Creamy and not too sweet, smoother than their other disposable version and no brain freeze. One of the best flavours they make even if pod quality control is a little questionable.

By Don from Lonadon

Great taste (04 March 2024)

One of the only pods you can buy that doesn’t have any mint/cooling effect very smooth tobacco taste

By Sue from U.K.

Leaky pods (02 November 2023)

I’ve been smoking these for 2 years now , but a few of my last orders have been leaky , when vaping them I’ve been getting the oil in my mouth , this is not a nice experience as it tastes disgusting. I did send one batch back some used and others unused, and they was all replaced . The last lot I’ve bought has the same problem , I buy 9 packs at a time and up to now have had to discard 4/5 pods , which works out quite expensive when you can’t vape them . I enjoy these and the flavour , and don’t really want to change , but with these particular pods it seems to be happening more often . Hopefully my next lot will be ok

By Rach from Wirral

Nice taste (14 May 2023)

Thought I'd give this flavour as a go as ive been buying the disposable elf bar cream tobacco. The flavor is very similar. I found it a little sweeter than the disposable elf bars but after using it for the weekend I've got used to it and will probably stick with the pod system as in the long run it will work out cheaper.

By Sally from West Yorkshire

Quality Control Escapee? (30 April 2023)

The flavour is not unpleasant, but I had no particular expectations. My only disappointment is that just one of the two pods actually worked. So, here I am again to re-order sooner than I anticipated, but I shall still order the same flavour.

By Anonymous

Just like the cream tobacco disposable (26 April 2023)

I was hoping to match the flavour of the disposable version with a more environmentally and financially friendly option and this does just that. Tastes exactly the same, happy customer.

By Katy

Smooth (05 April 2023)

Smooth creamy almost coffee like taste, not an overpowering tobacco flavour at all.

By Sophie from Northants, UK

Not good, not good at all (19 March 2023)

Has a really strange almost burnt flavour. Doesn't taste like tobacco at all, and there is no creamy taste either. Really disappointing!

By Big Dawg from N Ireland

Nope (11 March 2023)

Nope not nice at all..tastes like your licking burnt toast..very disappointed..cream tobacco was one of my favourite disposable elf so disappointed..

By SH from UK

1/6 tastes like sugary flavourless medicine. (06 March 2023)

I bought three packs of these when I switched from disposables to a pod system, and the first pod I opened was absolutely disgusting.

It was nauseating. Almost as though they’d forgotten to add flavouring. An absolutely awful experience. I didn’t want to waste a pod, or waste my money, so I carried on vaping it. I actually got used to how disgusting it was and it started to bother me less and less. I was still thankful when the pod was empty and I could move on to a new one.

The next one tasted normal. Flavour and all, but it still didn’t match the flavour of the elf bar cream tobacco disposables, or the elfliq brand cream tobacco liquid. It was far too creamy and much too sweet. I’m not sure how to describe the taste, but it was very displeasing.

I had considered that I might’ve just bought a bad batch, and checked the batch number on all of them. They all matched, so the entire order was definitely from the same batch.

I thought about reordering this product and hopefully receiving a different batch so that I could determine what went wrong, but I was a little nervous about it.

I will do it eventually, but I haven’t done it yet though, so I expect I’ll update or write another review when I finally do try the product again.

By J

not a fan (19 February 2023)

I find it weirdly Creamy, it doesn't feel right vaping it

By Dollydaydream from London

Bought more (13 December 2022)

These are a very smooth vape and have a sweet caramel flavour. They are very easy to use. I enjoyed them and bought some more.

By Mags from Derbyshire

Nice taste (12 December 2022)

I have used these a few times and although i mainly use the refillable pods now i buy these as a treat cos it can work out rather expensive! Nice taste but reminds me more of a creamy coffee than tobacco, but, if you're trying to quit smoking these did the trick for me. I've not had a cigarette since July having smoked for over 30 years!!

By Mel

Strange taste (29 November 2022)

Not sure this actually tastes of tobacco, it’s more a creamy smooth flavour than anything else. The first few inhales are ok then after that, I don’t enjoy. Don’t think I’ll buy this again

I’d love to see Elf bar make pods that are a lower strength than 20mg, praying this comes soon!

By Billie from London

Not sure (22 November 2022)

I’m still not sure about this one. I like the fruit flavours more but I thought I’d give this a try, it’s not for me, but if you like creamy flavours then try it.
It does not remind me of tobacco at all! But that’s a good thing , being a vaper I think we need to get away from trying to replicate the desire to find a tobacco flavour, replace with something totally different but that’s just my opinion.
So it’s ok!


Nice flavour (18 November 2022)

This flavour is a nice alternative to the fruit flavours and I like this one in the morning. It isn't really tobacco, it's quite sweet and very creamy. I can't quite describe the flavour, but I like it and I will definately buy again.

By M from U.K.

Beautiful flavour (25 October 2022)

Excellent flavour for dessert lovers, smooth, creamy, sweet and tasty. One of my favourite flavours from elf bar.

By LJC from Luton

Decent (07 October 2022)

Nice smooth draw on these pods with this liquid.
Really creamy flavour to this on but nice amount of woodsmoke to it also. Not sure about tobacco, maybe cigar

By Anna from Wrexham

I love this taste (04 October 2022)

I dont like sweet flavours but this taste is mine. I love creme tabacco flavour, it is a little like coffee for me. I recommend

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