Gold Bar Reload Pod Kit Review

Recharge, Reload, Reuse - The New Gold Standard!
By Melanie, Lead Copywriter
23rd May 2024(updated)
  • BrandVape Gold
  • Release Date29/04/24
  • Price£5.99
  • Vaping StyleMTL Vaping
  • Weight32g
  • Battery Size500mAh

Gold Bar Reload Pod Kit Preview

Whether it’s in your local corner shop, the supermarket or on our site, Gold Bar disposables certainly stand out. Their iconic, radiant packaging marks them as something a little more luxe than their average disposable, and the devices themselves carry this same ethos with soft lines and a muted gold finish.

Now, you can experience the most popular Gold Bar flavours in a way that’s more budget and eco-friendly, thanks to the Gold Bar Reload pod vape kit. They’re designed to look, taste and feel just like the original – but have they missed the mark, or did they strike gold? Read on to find out!

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Build Quality
Flavour Range
Battery Life
Ease Of Use

What's Included In the Box?

  • Gold Bar Reload DeviceGold Bar Reload Device
  • Gold Bar Reload Prefilled PodGold Bar Reload Prefilled Pod
  • User ManualUser Manual

What We Like

  • Tastes Just Like Gold Bar Disposables
  • Looks Just Like Gold Bar Disposables
  • Lightweight & Pocket-friendly
  • Unique, Sophisticated Design
  • Greener Than Disposable Vapes
  • Cheaper Than Disposable Vapes
  • Solid Range Of Flavours

What We Don't Like

  • Pod E-Liquid Level Not Visible
  • Relatively Small Range Of Flavours

Who Is The Gold Bar Reload Kit For?

Gold Bar Reload & Reload Pods

The Gold Bar Reload kit is ideal if you want to move away from disposable vapes. Single-use devices are convenient and easy to use, but they do have some drawbacks – they’re not the cheapest or greenest way to vape. Since the Reload kit can be reused and recharged, it works out far more budget-friendly and produces less waste too. The only part you’ll need to replace is your Reload pod.

The Reload kit is also a good choice if you just want something simple. Perhaps you already use a refillable kit, but you want something lower-maintenance to take with you on holidays or on nights out – if so, we highly recommend the Reload kit.

How Does The Gold Bar Reload Look And Feel?

Gold Bar Reload vs Gold Bar Disposable

If you’ve ever seen a Gold Bar disposable, you already know what the Reload looks like. We can’t stress enough how similar the two devices are. Were it not for the fact that the Reload says “Reload” on the front and features a USB-C charging port on the base, it would be nearly impossible to tell them apart.

This is good news, because like the original disposables, the Reload features a unique textured gold finish that offers a welcome touch of class. With simple black detailing and dark gold text, the Reload is a good choice if you want a vape that mingles elegance and discretion.

Being honest, the first time I heard “vapes that are themed after bars of gold”, I worried that they’d look tacky. It would have been so easy for them to look cheap or garish – but they’re the exact opposite! You can tell that Vape Gold has put lots of time and effort into the design.

How Easy Is It To Use The Gold Bar Reload Kit?

The Gold Bar Reload couldn’t be easier to use. Remove the stickers and stoppers, insert your pod, and inhale on the mouthpiece; the kit even comes with a pod to get you started.

Remove The Packaging
Remove Your Gold Bar Reload From Its Packaging

Unwrap your Gold Bar Reload device.

Remove Pod From Your Device
Remove Pod From Your Reload Device

Take the pod out of the Reload device.

Prepare Your Gold Bar Reload Pod
Prepare Your Gold Bar Reload Pod

Remove the sticker from the base and the stopper from the mouthpiece.

Insert Your Gold Bar Pod
Insert Your Gold Bar Pod

Push your Gold Bar Reload pod into your Reload device. It will be held in place magnetically.

Start Vaping Your Gold Bar Reload
Start Vaping Your Gold Bar Reload

Inhale on the mouthpiece to vape. Your device will create a small amount of vapour for a MTL inhale. Once the pod is empty, it can be replaced, and you can reuse the device over and over.

Charge Your Gold Bar Reload
Charge Your Gold Bar Reload

Use a USB-C cable (sold separately) to recharge your Gold Bar Reload kit.


What Is The Best Gold Bar Reload Kit Pod?

The Gold Bar Reload pod range features 12 blends (for now). While this might not sound like many, the selection is highly curated – with a variety of fruit, ice, soda and mint options on offer, there’s something to suit every palate.

2 x 2ml
Cherry Fizz Gold Bar Disposable Vape
£5.99 3 for £15

Lemon Lime Gold Bar Reload

The Lemon Lime Gold Bar Reload pod is ideal if you prefer a vape that’s slightly tangy. The zesty taste of lemon is rounded out by the sweet flavour of lime. A cool ice layer chills out the blend for a really summery finish.

2 x 2ml
Cherry Fizz Gold Bar Disposable Vape
£5.99 3 for £15

Banana Ice Gold Bar Reload

Do you want a flavour that’s cool, or fruity, or creamy? Why not have all three with the Banana Ice Reload pod. Delivering the sweet, rich taste of banana alongside an arctic ice chill, this flavour reminds us a little of banana ice cream or a banana milkshake.

2 x 2ml
Cherry Fizz Gold Bar Disposable Vape
£5.99 3 for £15

Spearmint Gold Bar Reload

If you want a classic, you can’t go wrong with the Spearmint Reload pod. Featuring the familiar flavour of cool, sweet mint, this popular blend makes an ideal all-day vape because it isn’t too strong or too sugary-tasting.

How Do I Look After The Gold Bar Reload Kit?

Looking after your Gold Bar Reload is easy. All you have to do is recharge the battery when it’s running low and replace your pod when it’s empty.

The Battery

Recharge your Gold Bar Reload kit whenever you need to via the USB-C port at its base. While the kit doesn’t come with a charging cable, you might find you have one spare at home already. If not, USB-C cables are available to purchase separately.

The Pods

Your pods are prefilled so you won’t need to refill them with e-liquid. When your pod is empty, simply replace it with a new one.

Opinions About The Gold Bar Reload Kit

Once I had thoroughly reviewed the Gold Bar Reload kit (by vaping my way through several Lemon Lime pods, my favourite, at an astonishing speed), I dropped the goods off with my fellow experts. They were confused at first. “Melanie, we’ve already reviewed the Gold Bar disposables,” they told me. See – I did say that the disposables look very similar to this pod kit!

Vape Club male employee illustration

JoshThe Vaping Specialist

I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Gold Bar Reload kit – so much so that I might not give this sample back… It’s incredibly lightweight which makes it great for travelling, and the range of flavours is solid. My favourite is Summer Berries, a balanced fruit blend that’s both sweet and tangy. One thing though – I’d really like to see a tobacco flavour in the range in the future.

Vape Club male employee illustration

LouisThe New Vaper Expert

I think the Gold Bar Reload kit is a really good choice for beginner vapers. Setting it up is quick and easy and using it is simple, so it’s ideal even if you have no experience with vaping. Beyond that, if you only have experience using disposables, the Gold Bar Reload is a good next step.

Should You Buy The Gold Bar Reload Kit?

Overall, we’re really impressed with the Gold Bar Reload. Its small size, thoughtful design and bold, punchy flavoured pod range means this kit ticks all the boxes.

In the future, we hope to see more flavours added to the Reload pod range. A refillable pod would be ideal, too, since that would mean you could pair the Reload kit with Gold Bar nic salt e-liquids.

Gold Bar Reload Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each Gold Bar Reload pod can deliver up to 600 puffs, easily outlasting 20 cigarettes or a standard disposable vape.

  • When it comes to vaping, the best flavour is the one that you’ll stick with – especially if you’ve recently quit smoking. If you want a classic flavour, go for cool Spearmint. For something sweeter, why not try Cherry Fizz?

  • The Gold Bar Reload sports a completely buttonless design, so you don’t need to turn it on or off. Just inhale on the mouthpiece to vape.

  • The Gold Bar Reload kit’s built-in 500mAh battery is big enough to last most vapers a full day.

  • When you plug in your Gold Bar Reload, a white light will appear from the base. This light will turn off once your kit is fully charged.

  • The Gold Bar Reload works out much cheaper than disposable vapes! A single disposable vape costs around £5, and provides up to 600 puffs. In comparison, Gold Bar Reload pods also deliver around 600 puffs, and come in packs of two for £5.99. Or, you can get three packs including six pods total in our 3 for £15 multi-buy. So, Gold Bar Reload pods cost around half of what disposable vapes do.

  • The Gold Bar Reload is a greener choice than disposable vapes. All you need to dispose of is a small pod when it’s empty – you’ll recharge the battery and use it over and over. In comparison, when it comes to disposable vapes, the entire device including the battery needs to be replaced.

Which Vapes Are Similar To The Gold Bar Reload Kit?

“Prefilled pod kit made by a famous disposable vape company” might seem like an oddly specific product category. But, there are actually plenty of single-use vape manufacturers who have come out with their own pod kits. Big brands like Elf Bar and Lost Mary offer their own, inspired by their best-selling disposables.

Need More Help?

That’s the end of our Gold Bar Reload pod vape review. We hope we’ve helped you decide whether this kit is right for you. As always, if you have any further questions about Gold Bar, or vaping in general, please reach out to our Customer Service team. Our friendly vape experts are happy to help, seven days a week, by phone, email or live chat.

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