Riot Connex Pod Kit Review

Get connected with Riot's game-changing pod kit.
By Melanie, Copywriter
21 FEB 2024
  • BrandRiot
  • Flavours13
  • Price£7.99
  • Vaping StyleMouth To Lung
  • Weight34g
  • Battery Size500mAh

Riot Connex Preview

The Riot Connex is a prefilled pod vape kit by Riot, one of the UK’s oldest, most trusted e-liquid manufacturers. Beyond that, they’re no stranger to hardware, having created their own line of Riot disposables. Designed to be easy to use, the Connex features a sleek, magnetic-pod design that makes set-up quick and simple.

Riot has been hard at work on this kit for ages, so when they called us up and told us our shipment was on its way, I was really excited. Not only is the Riot Connex a good alternative to disposable vapes, since it’s fuss-free just like disposables are, it features prefilled pods in popular flavours including some of my favourite Riot blends. But how does it stack up? Read on to find out!

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Flavour Range

What's Included In the Box?

Every Riot Connex kit includes the following:

  • Riot Connex BatteryRiot Connex Battery
  • Riot Connex Now device 2x Riot Connex Pods
  • User Manual

What We Like

  • Unique Style
  • Popular Flavours Available
  • Smooth Throat Hit
  • Solid Build
  • Super Lightweight
  • Simple To Set Up And Use
  • Carbon Negative Construction

What We Don't Like

  • E-Liquid Level Not Visible
  • Limited Range Of Flavours
  • Only One Nicotine Strength

Who is the Riot Connex for?

Riot Connex

We highly recommend the Riot Connex if you’re looking for a device that’s low maintenance, budget-friendly and easy to set up. It could hardly be simpler to use, and since you can recharge the battery and use it again and again, it’s an eco-friendly option too.

It also makes a great replacement for disposable vapes. It’s just as quick to set up as a disposable – instead of disposing of your single-use vape and unwrapping a new one, you simply recycle your pod and insert a new one. But it works out much cheaper, and produces less waste.

How Does The Riot Connex Look And Feel?

The Connex features a high-quality, soft-touch finish, so it both looks and feels premium. When you attach a pod to the battery, the magnetic “click” feels sturdy and solid. Each pod comes in a different colour, corresponding to its flavour – I love how these contrast with the solid black battery.

The device is really tiny – it’s ultra-compact, making it ideal for on-the-go vaping. It’s lightweight, too, so it’s easy to carry in your pocket or bag.

How Does The Connex Taste?

Now, if you’ve ever used Riot e-liquid – one of our best-selling ranges – you’ll know that they’re all about bold, punchy flavours. The Connex doesn’t disappoint, and it features some of Riot’s most popular signature blends, featuring tobacco, fruit, ice and soda notes. Let’s do a deep dive on my three favourites:

600 Puffs
Cherry Cola Riot Connex Prefilled Pod
£2.99 4 for £10

Cherry Cola Pods

Riot are experts when it comes to crafting fizzy-tasting soda flavours. This was the first pod I picked up, since I vape their Cherry Cola hybrid nic salt e-liquid whenever I fancy something sweet. Just like the vape juice version, it blends the dark, fruity flavour of cherry with a sugary-tasting cola note for a spot-on recreation of the popular sparkling drink.

600 Puffs
Guava Passionfruit Pineapple Riot Connex Prefilled Pod
£2.99 4 for £10

Guava Passionfruit Pineapple Pods

Guava is a flavour I always love to see in vapes. It lends any blend a ripe, mellow note that works well to smooth out sour or sharp flavours. That’s why it pairs so well with the tangy passion fruit and tropical pineapple notes in this fruity, balanced blend. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a pure fruit flavour, as you won’t find any creamy or candy notes here.

600 Puffs
Pineapple Ice Riot Connex Prefilled Pod
£2.99 4 for £10

Pineapple Ice Pods

For a simple, frosty flavour, go for the Pineapple Ice Connex pod. It features a bright mix of juicy pineapple and chilly ice notes, for an exotic, frozen fruit blend. It’s well-balanced – neither too sweet nor too cool. It’s a strong flavour in its own right, but it’s also ideal for those who enjoy popular pineapple ice disposables, such as the ones in the Lost Mary or Gold Bar ranges.

How Do I Use The Riot Connex?

Unwrap Your Connex
Unwrap Your Connex

Unwrap your Riot Connex battery and pod, and put the packaging with your household recycling.

Turn On Your Connex
Turn On Your Connex

Turn the battery on by flipping the child-lock switch.

Attach Your Connex Pod
Attach Your Connex Pod

Clip your pod and battery together – they’ll attach magnetically.

Plug In Your Connex
Plug In Your Connex

Charge your Connex via the USB-C port, located on the rear of your battery.

Charge Your Connex
Charge Your Connex

Wait for your Connex to charge – the LED will light up in green to let you know the battery is full.

Vape Your Connex
Vape Your Connex

Your Connex is now ready to vape! All you have to do is inhale on the mouthpiece.


Our Experts' Opinions On The Riot Connex Kit

So far, you can probably tell I’m a fan of the Connex. But one opinion isn’t enough – what do the rest of the review team think? I mentioned in passing that our Connex stock had arrived and moments later, the conversation had been entirely derailed as my colleagues dug through the box, wondering which flavour to try first…

Vape Club women employee illustration

JoshThe Vaping Specialist

I was very happy to see that Riot had included a Tobacco flavour in the Connex pod range. Not only am I big on smoky, woody blends, I also think they’re ideal for smokers who want a familiar tobacco taste. Riot’s blend didn’t disappoint – it’s earthy, woody and slightly sweet. The Connex kit design is slick and clean, and you can set it up quickly so it’s ideal even for complete beginners.

Vape Club male employee illustration

HugoThe Flavour Aficionado

I’m always recommending Riot e-liquids to vapers who want big, bold flavours. Now that they’ve released the Connex pod kit, they also offer a product that’s great for those after something more convenient than a refillable vape, but cheaper and greener than a disposable. My favourite pod is definitely Strawberry Blueberry Ice. It delivers a really authentic sweet-yet-sharp berry medley alongside a cool layer of crisp, arctic ice.

Should You Buy The Riot Connex Kit?

The Riot Connex pod vape kit is perfect if you want something that’s simple to use, features bold flavours and is easy on the wallet. Sure, disposable vapes might be slightly easier to use, since they don’t have a separate pod – but they’re also more expensive and they produce more waste.

In my opinion, the only thing that holds the Connex back is the single nicotine strength and relatively small range of flavours – 13 at launch. But the flavours are so well-crafted, and the range covers most flavour categories (such as tobacco, soda, berry, ice and tropical fruit) that most vapers are sure to find something that’ll suit. And, if I know Riot, their expert mixologists will be whizzing up new blends in no time.

Riot Connex Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • The e-liquid inside the Riot Connex pods feature a 20mg nicotine strength and is blended with nic salts, which means they’ll be absorbed quickly by the body to satisfy cravings fast while delivering a smooth throat hit.

  • The Riot Connex kit is built to a high standard, using quality materials, and it’s fully TPD compliant like every other pod kit we stock. Despite its unusual shape, it works in exactly the same way as other popular prefilled pod vape kits, like the Crystal Plus and Elfa Pro. Additionally, the Connex features a hidden child-lock switch that stops it from producing vapour, even when you’re not around, for extra peace of mind.

  • The Riot Connex kit costs £7.99 and it comes with two pods. The pods themselves cost £2.99 and each delivers up to 600 puffs. That’s the same amount as a standard disposable vape, which costs £4-5 each – so, they offer a good opportunity to save money too.

  • Each Connex pod provides up to 600 puffs each, outlasting 20 cigarettes. You’ll know your pod is empty when the flavour begins to fade. When that happens, simply pull the pod away from the battery and attach a new one.

  • The Riot Connex is a much greener choice when compared to disposables, since only the pod needs to be replaced – the battery can be recharged and reused again and again. Plus, the pods themselves are made from recycled plastic, for extra green credit.

Need More Help?

That’s the end of our review of the Riot Connex kit. We hope we’ve answered all of your questions – but if you need any extra help, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team. Our friendly vape experts are here to assist you seven days a week, by phone, email and live chat.

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