Riot Connex Pod Kit

Prefilled Pod Kit, 2 x 2ml Pods Included, Rechargeable 500mAh Battery, Inhale Activated, MTL Vaping
2 x 2ml
1200 Puff
Battery Type Integrated
Charging Type USB Type-C
Disposable Brand Riot Bar
Made In UK
Puff Count 1200 Puffs
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 34g
Height 6.6cm (2.6")
Width 4.0cm (1.6")
Depth 1.5cm (0.6")


2 For £15 Multi-Buy
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The Riot Squad Connex pod kit is one of the simplest vapes available, and whether you’re a beginner or just in the market for something a little easier, this pocket-friendly kit has you covered. Utilising specially designed prefilled Connex pods, attach one to the battery and you’re ready to go – no filling required. The built-in, rechargeable 500mAh battery lasts as long as a pod and can be recharged in no time, you can even vape when it’s plugged in. Each kit contains everything you need to get started, including two prefilled pods that together deliver up to 1200 puffs.


  • Riot Squad Prefilled Pod Kit
  • 600 Puffs Per Pod
  • Removable Battery
  • Inhale Activated
  • MTL Vaping
  • 2ml Pods Made From Recycled Plastic

The Connex boasts an innovative design that still keeps things straightforward enough for beginners. Getting started is just a case of connecting the battery to the pod (built-in magnets make this a breeze) and then inhaling on the mouthpiece. When you take a puff, your device will create a discreet amount of vapour that feels like a cigarette or disposable. So, whether you’re new to vaping or just aren’t into huge clouds, this kit ticks all the boxes.

Just like a disposable, the vape juice inside each Connex pod is mixed with salt nicotine, which will deliver a smooth throat and satisfy your cravings swiftly. They are available in 20mg strength. If you’re a fan of the flavours made by Riot Squad, then you’re in luck, as these pods recreate some of the best-selling blends from their extensive collection. With everything from fruit and soda to tobacco and menthol, there’s a flavour to suit every taste.

Looking for even more information about the Riot Connex? We’ve got you covered – check out our Riot Connex pod vape kit review, featuring the honest opinions of our vape experts.

Please note: The Riot Connex does not include a charging cable, but you can buy a USB-C cable separately.


  • Riot Squad Connex Vape Device
  • 2 x Riot Squad Connex Prefilled Pods
  • User Manual

How To Set Up And Use The Riot Connex Pod Kit?

Unwrap Your Connex

Unwrap Your Connex

Unwrap your Riot Connex battery and pod, and put the packaging with your household recycling.

dTurn On Your Connex

Turn On Your Connex

Turn the battery on by flipping the child-lock switch.

Attach Your Connex Pod

Attach Your Connex Pod

Clip your pod and battery together – they’ll attach magnetically.

Plug In Your Connex

Plug In Your Connex

Charge your Connex via the USB-C port, located on the rear of your battery.

Charge Your Connex

Charge Your Connex

Wait for your Connex to charge – the LED will light up in green to let you know the battery is full.

Vape Your Connex

Vape Your Connex

Your Connex is now ready to vape! All you have to do is inhale on the mouthpiece.

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2 stars (2)
1 star (1)

By Bax

Great (24 May 2024)

Great product and very affordable. Love the simple design and size as well as a decent range of flavors.

By Lyn from Nottingham

Blue cherry riot connex (17 May 2024)

Got this as a freebie to try with my last order, thank you Vape Club.
What a handy little vape it is, great to hold in the hand and love the way the battery part is in black and locks together (and stays together) with the prefilled pods. Great battery life for me too. I got sent the blue cherry flavour which I totally enjoyed vaping. Will reorder some more pods and maybe try some other flavours too!

By Shoey from Bristol

Nice bit of kit (13 May 2024)

Wicked little bit of kit ! No issues what so ever and the pods really do connect and stay connected. Only downside depending on how much you use it battery does go quicker than I would like but thats it 👍

By Russ from Kent

I like it! (13 May 2024)

Needed something small and stealthy for working environment, this ticked all the boxes. The pods are small, the device is small. Battery life is not bad.

By Pip from Kent

Love this! (13 May 2024)

Got this as a freebie with my last order (thank you). Great little kit. Very easy to use, compact and easy to hold. Much prefer the size and shape. I got the kiwi guava and passion fruit. It’s a little sweet but looking forward to trying their other flavours. I’m currently using the elf bar p1 pods mainly the kiwi guava passion fruit which is slightly sharper. Will definitely re order the Riot.

By Kelz7683 from Cheshire

Thankyou!! (12 May 2024)

First off I want to say a massive thankyou to vape club for sending me one of these as a freebie. I received the watermelon ice one and although it’s a handy little kit and I love the way the pods attach to the battery watermelon is not a flavour I would vape. That meant I didn’t like the flavour but so it didn’t go to waste it was passed on to a family member who loves it and says she will repurchase it again. The flavour was strong and had it been a different flavour I’m sure I would have loved it and recommended it but don’t be put off by my review it’s purely just because I don’t like watermelon the rest of the kit is really good! My 4 stars are purely for the design.

By Lucy from Kent

Okay (08 May 2024)

Got as a freebie with my order which was lovely but flavour’s quite weak but doesn’t seem to leak and lasts a while

By LauraJ from Herefordshire

Nifty little device (08 May 2024)

What a fantastic little device! Great for those who like to fiddle! I love the vibrancy of the colours with the clash of the black battery, definitely makes it easier to find when I misplace it! Such a great size and not heavy at all.

By Kyle from Brighton & Hove

Okay.. (08 May 2024)

Got the Guava, Passion fruit & pineapple one as a freebie on one of my orders, thank you. I love the design and looks good but the flavour profile just isn’t there. Found this flavour to be very weak. Will definitely be worth trying other flavours though.

By Ross

Great Design & Easy To Use! (07 May 2024)

Got this as a freebie in one of my Vape Club orders (thankyou!) and I’m impressed. It’s got a great design which looks and feels durable. Simply charge, snap on the magnetic pod and you’re good to go.

By Soph from Kent

Connex pod kit (01 May 2024)

Got this in an order and have to say very impressed! I have tried blue cherry burst now and the flavour is great, the device is small and fits perfectly in your hand, the connection with the device and pod is very snazzy too. Love it so far!

By Natasha

Decent (30 April 2024)

Received this as a freebie from Vape Club with items that I ordered. Was surprised with the flavour of this pod, I was sent the blueberry sour raspberry and the flavour definitely packs a punch. Will be looking at ordering more in the future. Thanks for the freebie

By Pete from Colchester

Not good (29 April 2024)

Don’t know if Riot (a British company?) is farming the manufacturing of these units out to China but all their flavours are really sweet just like the rest of China’s flavours?
Ive had Riot ejuice for some time now but these flavours are nothing like the juice I vape from Riot!
The device is a great idea with the juice pots being magnetic….but a lot of wastage with the magnets and brass inserts so I dont know where their coming from about “being better”? Plus I cant see when it’s running dry so will get the inevitable dry burnt hit! YUK!
Would I buy again….NO! And I bought 5 Grape!!!

By Fan from Essex

Riot connex (27 April 2024)

Wow is all I can say to blueberry sour raspberry absolutely love it
I’m usually on elfbar pro and have my favourite flavours same each month but I will definitely be getting some more of the blueberry sour raspberry in this and try some other flavours I love how sweet this was should hopefully stop me wanting to snack when I get my sweet on might stop me getting fatter as pickers wear big knickers!!!

By Becky from London

Great kit (07 April 2024)

Very easy to use, perfect size, great battery life, quick charging.
The pod was a great flavour just as sweet as other brands.
The only thing I didn't like was the burnt foul taste you got when the pod was dead.

By Anonymous

Super good (03 April 2024)

Love this easy to use , smooth hit and great flavours to choose from - blue cherry is a personal favourite. Lightweight and compact for on the go

By Kathy from Basingstoke

Love this (31 March 2024)

This little vape is so easy to use, smooth tasting and long lasting battery. I bought it on a whim, in a deal and loved it so much I've ordered more. I love that it's rechargeable and that the flavours are all a variety.

By Bee from London

amazing flavour but short life (30 March 2024)

I really love riot's juices so I thought I'd give this a go.

It's a really small and compact rechargeable disposable. I like the pods. The selection of flavours are all CRAZY powerful if you enjoy the fruity sweet sugar mouth overdose feeling. Battery doesn't seem to last long. The 1200 puffs is a total lie, it's more like 300 for me.

Something NOBODY seems to mention is how the pods go gunky and nasty craaazy fast. Almost immediately, ngl. The worst part is that where a dying lost mary goes like.... a little bit nasty and smokey, when these connex things go dry it feels like you're literally inhaling pure tar from a steam engine or something. Like actual cancer in my mouth 0/10 the worst sensation imaginable. don't even pursue the dregs, it's not worth it.

I don't really understand how this is supposed to be better for the environment. It's nice for marketing but if you care about the environment, just get a rechargeable vape and change the coils. I don't think there's any ethical disposable.

By Cody R. from Middlesbrough

Surprised design (26 March 2024)

I bought this thinking it was a twin-pack disposable, but was pleasantly surprised by its sleek design. It resembles a disposable with vibrant colors and is easy to use. I’ve tried the Pineapple Ice and Lychee flavors; both are rich and fresh. The only downside is needing to charge the battery. Maybe it’s time to consider environmental friendliness?

By Matt from Liverpool

If you use only disposables you’ll be okay but… (25 March 2024)

So I used disposables at the start of my vaping journey last year but I now use a pod device that I refill myself as it’s so much cheaper. I bought this device because I really like the Riot Bar e-liquids so I assumed as this pod/dispossable vape system is made by Riot also the flavours would be similar but god I was wrong!, they are so sweet and sugar filled it’s like drinking Diet Coke for 10 years then drinking a full fat Coke glass. My mouth after vaping a few times felt stuck together at the back of my throat I really didn’t enjoy it at all. I have to say the design of the device is great and well made it’s just a shame the flavours are so powerful, they need to be dulled down abit in my opinion but I guess it’s because most disposable vapes are strong flavour wise and this device is aimed at that market but no not for me at all :(

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