Uwell Caliburn AK2 Pod Vape Kit

520mAh Battery, Inhale Activation, MTL Vaping, Mesh Coil Pods
Battery Capacity 520mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Coil Resistance 0.9ohm
Coil Types Mesh
Made In China
Pod Coil Type Mesh
Tank Capacity 2ml
Weight 35g
Height 6.8cm (2.7")
Width 4.3cm (1.7")
Depth 1.2cm (0.5")


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The Uwell Caliburn AK2 pod vape kit is one of the most compact kits on the market. Simple to use, it creates a small amount of vapour for an MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape. Powered by a built-in 520mAh battery, it can last up to a full day on a single charge and is very slim. The ideal option for new vapers or anyone looking for a simpler vape, each kit comes complete with two Caliburn A2 refillable pods to help you get started.


  • Slim Refillable Pod Kit
  • 520mAh Battery
  • Inhale Activated
  • MTL Vaping
  • Mesh Coils

Thanks to inhale activation you won’t have to deal with menu systems or screens. Instead, you can start vaping by inhaling on the mouthpiece. Designed to deliver a vape that feels closer to a cigarette, this kit produces a smaller amount of vapour for an MTL inhale. The fixed power output of this kit also means you’ll experience a consistent vape - even as the battery runs down.

The A2 Caliburn pods can each hold up to 2ml of e-liquid and there’s plenty of options for you to choose from. Uwell has designed a new top-filling mechanism that makes refilling simpler than ever. The mesh coil inside each will deliver better flavour from e-liquid and is long-lasting. You won’t need to worry about messy coil changes, you can just replace the pod. When it comes to e-liquid we recommend a 50/50 or high PG e-liquid.

Please note: Though it doesn't come with a USB-C charging cable, we will be supplying them with this kit while stocks last. Also, the Caliburn AK2 can not be used with the original Caliburn pods or Caliburn Koko pods.


  • Uwell Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit
  • 2 x Caliburn A2 Refillable Pods
  • User Manual
  • Lanyard

How To Set-Up & Use My Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit

How to Recharge Your Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

Charge Your Caliburn AK2 Kit Battery

When you receive your Uwell Caliburn AK2 kit it may be partially charged. Using a USB-C cable you can fully charge the device in around 35 minutes.

How To Remove Caliburn A2 Pod Mouthpiece

Remove The AK2 Pod Mouthpiece

Refilling is easier when you keep the Caliburn AK2 pod inside the device. Push against the mouthpiece to remove it and reveal the pod’s filling port.

How To Put E-Liquid In The Caliburn A2 Pod

Fill Your Caliburn AK2 Pod

Insert the nib of your e-liquid bottle into the hole with the red underlay - this is the filling port. Please do not attempt to refill via the center hole or the hole on the other side.

How To Reassemble The Caliburn A2 Vape Kit

Reassemble the Caliburn AK2 Vape Kit

To reassemble, push the mouthpiece back onto the AK2 pod firmly until you hear a click. This will keep the pod secure and stop leaks

How To Stop The Caliburn A2 Coil From Burning

Prime The Coil In the AK2 Pod

Keep the Caliburn upright and don’t use it for 10 minutes. This process is known as “priming” your vape coil and will give the e-liquid time to soak in..

How to Unlock And Vape The Caliburn A2 Kit

Inhale And Vape With The Caliburn AK2

Begin vaping by inhaling on the Caliburn AK2 kit’s mouthpiece. There are no buttons on this inhale activated vape and it’s ready to go when filled and charged

The Uwell Caliburn AK2 vape starter kit combines a compact build with a simple design, making it ideal for first-time vapers.
The Uwell Caliburn AK2 pod kit takes the design of the Caliburn Koko and makes it even smaller. It’s ideal for new vapers and for taking on the go.
Experience a better taste thanks to Pro-FOCS technology, the Uwell Valiburn AK2 vape kit delivers improved flavour from e-liquid.
Featuring flavour-boosting technology, the Caliburn AK2 pod has been developed to offer a better taste from your e-liquid.
Capable of holding up to 2ml of e-liquid, the Caliburn AK2 vape features a  window so you know exactly how much e-liquid is left.
You’ll know exactly how much e-liquid is left in your Caliburn AK2 pod thanks to the window feature, this means no more guessing when it’s time to top up.
Top filling pods make topping up your Caliburn AK2 kit with e-liquid very easy, in fact you don’t even have to remove it from the device to do so.
Talking about topping up, the top filling design means you can refill your Caliburn pod without even removing it from the device.
Recharge quickly and experience up to a full day of vaping on one charge with the Caliburn AK2 kit.
The Caliburn AK2 kit features a 520mAh battery that can last all day, plus quick charging means you can recharge your kit fully in as little as 45 minutes.
0 3 6 12 18
40% VG
4 for £12

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How Do I Switch On The Caliburn AK2 Vape Kit?

(19 Oct 2021)

This inhale activated vape kit is ready to go whenever you need it. There are no buttons to press and you can start vaping with the Caliburn AK2 by inhaling on the mouthpiece. This beginner-friendly design makes it a popular option for new vapers.

When Do I Have To Recharge The Caliburn AK2 Battery?

(19 Oct 2021)

The Caliburn AK2 is powered by a built-in 520mAh battery that can last up to a full day. It also features a built-in LED light that acts as a battery life indicator:

Green Light: 60 - 100%

Charge Blue Light: 30 - 60%

Charge Red Light: 1 - 30%

Flashing Red Light: 0% Charge

How Long Does It Take To Recharge The Caliburn AK2 Battery?

(19 Oct 2021)

The Caliburn AK2 vape kit can be fully recharged in as little as 45 minutes with a 1A USB-C lead. Alongside fast-charging capabilities, the AK2 also features pass-through charging which allows you to use the kit safely when it’s plugged in.

How Do I Recharge My Caliburn AK2 Vape Kit?

(19 Oct 2021)

Uwell recommends a 5V/1A USB-C lead for this kit for a 45-minute recharge. Using a 0.5A cable will mean your kit takes longer to recharge, on average up to 90 minutes.

How Long Does A Caliburn AK2 Coil Last?

(19 Oct 2021)

The mesh coil that’s built into every Caliburn A2 pod has been designed to last longer and deliver better flavour. Each pod and coil will last a week on average and can be refilled multiple times, with each coil capable of cycling through 10 - 20ml of e-liquid.

How Do I Fill Up The Caliburn A2 Pods?

(19 Oct 2021)

Featuring a “snap-fit” design, you can remove the mouthpiece of the Caliburn A2 pod to refill it. Each pod will hold up to 2ml of e-liquid and topping up is easy, you don’t have to remove the pod from the device to refill it.

What E-Liquid Works Best With The Caliburn AK2 Pod Vape Kit?

(19 Oct 2021)

You can use any flavour e-liquid with the Uwell AK2 pod vape kit, which gives you a lot more options than a prefilled or disposable vape. We recommend 50/50 e-liquids or high PG e-liquids with this kit.

Is The Caliburn AK2 The Same As The Caliburn Koko?

(19 Oct 2021)

An upgraded version of the older Caliburn Koko kit, the AK2 features a slimmer design and an e-liquid window that lets you see exactly when you need to top up. Plus, the newer AK2 uses built-in mesh coil pods which means no more messy coil changes.

Can I Use Nic Salts With the Uwell Caliburn AK2 Kit?

(19 Oct 2021)

Yes. If you’re looking for a smoother throat hit with your vape, you can pair the Caliburn AK2 vape kit with nic salt e-liquids.

Is The Caliburn AK2 Kit Mouth To Lung?

(19 Oct 2021)

Designed to deliver a discreet vape, the Uwell Caliburn AK2 vape creates a smaller amount of vapour and is a classic example of an MTL vape kit.

Does The Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit Feel Like A Cigarette?

(19 Oct 2021)

Thanks to a combination of inhale activation and discreet vapour production, the AK2 pod vape kit feels more like a cigarette. This makes it the perfect choice for new vapers or anyone looking for something a bit more stealthy.

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By Dee from UK

Perfect little kit! (24 May 2022)

This vape is perfect, better than disposables and of course a lot cheaper in the long run! The vape allows for a really great flavour of any e-liquid you choose, really easy to fill up and surprisingly, the 2ml tank of liquid lasts quite a while (and that’s coming from a chain vaper!)

100% recommend this :)

By Louby from Oxford

Compact & easy to use (29 April 2022)

Very small and lightweight, perfect pocket size.
Very easy to refill, pop the top off the pod and the liquid goes in through the top.

By Milly29 from Hampshire

2nd purchase (19 April 2022)

Bought another as unfortunately the last one got dropped in the sea! Was so pleased with the first though that decided to get the same one. So easy to use with the pods and have yet to find a juice that it doesn't like.

By Adam

Great Vape (22 March 2022)

This is very good product, no leaking, easy to use, good hit. Great value for money!

By Charlie from UK

Great! (20 March 2022)

My partner and I bought one of these each as we were spending too much on disposables. We're both delighted with them, very quick to charge (15 min) and lasts most of the day. Great flavour, great vapour. No more disposables here!

By Jay from Sheffield

Revolutionised Vaping For Me! (04 March 2022)

I’ve been a vaper for years but always stuck to the old school pens. Finally gave this a shot and all I can say is wow! Excellent flavour from the AK2 pods, small, slick, decent battery for what it is… this thing ticks all the boxes. Highly recommend this. The AK2 allows you to venture into an amazing world of flavours and appreciate every single one. Great smooth hits

By Oatcakes from Staffordshire

Amazing upgrade (25 January 2022)

Using the original I had high hopes for this and was not disappointed. Albeit if you are a heavy vaper you might want to consider purchasing 2 for those long days this is highly recommended. Has a perfect draw and is a perfect pod system trying to come off those icky sticks.

By M45 from UK

Small, compact, great flavour, quick charging. (24 January 2022)

This is excellent, perfect size for your pocket and has great flavour. It charges really quick with a fast USB C charger and is easy to fill with the replaceable pods. The activation when inhaling is great (on inhale) and the vape is spot on. Battery lasts long enough for me during the day and i just re-charge on the way home in the car and its fully charged in about 15 minutes.

By Rish from London

Compact device (19 January 2022)

I got this just before i bought the caliburn g2. They both vape fairly similarly, however, i do like the form factor of the AK2 as its easier to hold (good for those who don't like the pen type shapes. Extremely compact, battery lasts long enough, though i'd carry a juice bottle as its quite easy to empty out the pod if you are a chain vaper like me.

By Terry from Coulsdon, Surrey

Brilliant vape! (15 January 2022)

I already use the original, Caliburn G and Koko prime but wanted another vape with no button for work as I didn't want any misfiring in my pocket. This kit has it all, fantastic flavour, very pocketable and battery lasts a day. Nice quality lanyard too as a bonus. No leaks or gurgling either, very happy with all my Caliburn family.

By Robert from Stafford UK

Brilliant product (22 November 2021)

Ordered for my partner, as we have both decided to quit smoking we can't fault the product in any way battery life is brilliant for such a small device very convinent in terms of size and discreet brilliant for 1st time quitting and flavours are immense even comes with a really handy lanyard to keep it to hand and means you don't have to place in your pocket and fill the mouth pieces with dust so very handy for cleanliness too really sturdy device that packs a punch delivery was on time as expected.

By Connor from Worthing

Fantastic (30 October 2021)

Personally I wasn’t a fan of the caliburn G or koko prime due to the pods, replaceable coils, mouthpiece and awkward airflow control. This and the caliburn a2 are far closer to what the original caliburn and koko were (which are all I’ve used for the past year until buying this). Nice tight draw, ever so slightly looser than the original, and amazing flavour. Rewriting this review due to saying that it did not include a charger, before realising that vapeclub are nice enough to include one free of charge, I’m guessing at their own expense. Another reason to buy all my vape juice and the occasional kit from them exclusively.

By Kate from Cumbria

Uwell is back with no fuss vaping (27 October 2021)

Heh. I knew if I waited, Uwell would market a new version of the KOKO -the one so many have raved about so long. Again, no fiddly coils to swap out, no Luck of the Draw silicon plugs that you hope won't leak, just minimalistic want-it-right-now fill and go.
I might come back to edit this review, depending on how the pods perform over time.
Thank you VapeClub for stocking this. Also for not needing Captcha cheat codes on your site lol

By Trina from London

What I think about the Caliburn AK2 (22 October 2021)

There are so many Caliburns out there, before I got this one I really did wonder whether the Caliburn AK2 was any good. I’d had a Koko for a while and then moved on to the Koko Prime. The Koko AK2 is like an upgrade to both of them. It’s a lot slimmer than the earlier kits and has a slightly smaller battery, but I really didn’t notice any difference in battery life. It also has a little window on it so I can see how much juice I have left in my pod. It’s a really small and nifty little vape and I actually prefer it to some of the vape pens I have. I don’t even have to turn it on, I can just breathe in on the mouthpiece to start vaping.

By Connor from Worthing

New favourite (21 October 2021)

The pods on this are far nicer to vape than that of the caliburn G and the koko prime in my opinion. Vape quality is much better. The only downside of this kit is that it doesn’t come with a charger, but with it being cheaper than the even the original caliburn I guess that’s fine.