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Are There Vapes That Taste Like Crystal Bars?

The small and simple design of the Crystal bar disposable vapes has made them a bit of a hit with vapers. With no recharging and refilling required, disposable vapes like this are a maintenance-free option that has helped make vaping accessible to more people. Aside from their beginner-friendly design, a big appeal lies in the huge range of flavours available. You can take your pick from sweet-tasting fruit blends, cool menthols, and even combinations of the two. If you're looking for something less sweet there are even tobacco vapes available.

A comprehensive range of blends aside, disposables like the Crystal Bars aren't always considered a long-term option by vapers. The expense of constantly having to replace your device whenever it runs empty, as well as the limited range of nic strengths, mean it's not unusual for vapers to trade in their single-use devices for something more long-term and customisable like a refillable pod kit or vape pen. If you're worried about finding a vape that tastes the same as your Crystal disposable, don't be!

This guide is your one-stop shop for finding e-liquids that taste like disposables from the Crystal Bar range. We'll be taking you through the top Crystal flavours and alternatives from our wide range of vape liquids. We'll even be recommending some prefilled pods that taste the same if you like to keep things simple and don't want to fill a kit.

Cherry Ice By Crystal Bar

Let's kick things off with a vapers' favourite. The Cherry Ice Crystal Bar offers the perfect balance between sweet and cool. The tangy, fruity flavour of cherry is softened on exhale by a layer of icy menthol. It's no wonder then that this vape remains the best-selling device in the range.

Luckily, e-liquid mixologists have long understood the appeal of cherry and have created a huge range of options for your refillable kit. Cherry Ice Menthol e-liquid by Edge captures the simple fusion in an e-liquid that's ideal for MTL kits like pods and pens. If you're looking for all of the fruit and none of the menthol, try Cherry e-liquid by Club Juice. For sub ohm vapers (we didn't forget you) the Double Cherry shortfill e-liquid by Fruit Falls is the standout option if you're looking for something cool and fruity to pair with your DTL kit.

Prefilled pods offer you a kit option that's very similar to a disposable, they're compact and simple to use but you only ever need to replace the pod. Try the Elf Bar Mate 500 kit with the Elf Cherry Ice P1 pod if you're looking for a vape that tastes and feels more like the Crystal Bar you're used to.

Menthol By Crystal Bar

Cool, sweet and simple, there's a lot to like about the Menthol Crystal Bar. Blends like this are ideal if you're looking to take a break from rich tobaccos or super-sweet fruit vapes, and instead, it delivers the icy flavour of menthol with every inhale. As far as disposables go, it doesn't get more classic than this.

Menthol vapes are one of the first flavours you'll likely try. With this in mind, e-liquid companies from around the world have spent endless hours and days coming up with their ultimate version. We've gone for Frost e-liquid by Element as our recommendation. Tapping into the simple and sweet flavour balance that makes these blends such a favourite, it was so popular they even went ahead and created Frost shortfill e-liquid for sub ohm kits.

There's no shortage of menthol pods for prefilled kits too. There's the Menthol e-liquid pod by MyBlu and even Elf Bar is getting in on the action with their Spearmint P1 e-liquid pod. Now, that's a lot of options! If you're dead-set on saving money and want to stick to a refillable kit, Menthol Chill e-liquid by 88Vape is only £1 but it certainly doesn't taste like it!

Lemon & Lime By Crystal Bar

Are your daydreams full of the tangy flavour of citrus fruits? Ours too! In that case, the Lemon & Lime Crystal Bar vape will probably be right up your street. From your first inhale you'll detect the sweet and sharp fusion of lemon and limes, with a juicy taste coming through on exhale to keep things interesting.

Our top contenders for a citrusy alternative to your disposable have to be Lemon & Lime Lolly e-liquid by Ohm Brew, or Zest Pest nic salt e-liquid by Large Juice which actually throws orange into the mix for an extra citrus hit. For DTL kits we think you can't go wrong with the Fantasia Lemon shortfill e-liquid by Seriously Fruity, it combines a big bottle with a big flavour for sure!

When it comes to prefilled pods your options are a little more limited (sorry about that) but fret not, as you can always give the Ice Lemon pod by Voom a try. It takes the sharp notes of lemon and combines it with a cool menthol that helps balance out the strong citrus inhale you'll experience.

Watermelon Strawberry Bubblegum By Crystal Bar

There's nothing like a good candy vape, chuck some tropical and garden-variety fruit into the mix and you have a recipe for success! The Watermelon Strawberry Crystal Bar is all that and more. Apart from the sweet flavour you'll experience there are also added ripe and juicy notes for a more authentic-tasting vape.

Now, this is quite a unique and complex flavour, so you might be a little worried that maybe the e-liquid mixers haven't quite caught onto the trend. Well, you'd be wrong! Pennywise nic salt e-liquid by Clown is as close to an exact match as you can get, you can also find it in bigger bottles for DTL kits with the Pennywise shortfill e-liquid.

If you're all about the fruit but not the candy make sure you try a blend from our huge selection of fruit vapes like Berry Watermelon e-liquid by Seriously Salty or Strawberry Watermelon by Pacha Mama. For your prefilled pod kit you're going to want to check out the Elf Strawberry Watermelon P1 pod for the Mate 500 kit.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry By Crystal Bar

If you like your vapes on the bold side then you should definitely set yourself up with the Blueberry Sour Raspberry Crystal Bar vape. On inhale and exhale, a balanced fusion of sweet blueberry and a more tangy raspberry are present. The underlying juicy taste serves to highlight the sharpness of the berry flavours.

We're going to let you in on a little secret, most (but not all) blue raspberry vapes you find are actually a combination of blueberry and raspberry flavours. With this in mind, we can't begin to tell you how many blends are at your fingertips! Blueberry Sour Raspberry e-liquid by Bar Juice 5000 is an obvious choice for an almost perfect match, but if you're looking to experiment a little we recommend Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry e-liquid by Riot Squad that includes an extra sweet note.

For your sub ohm kit, Blue Razz Berry shortfill e-liquid by Seriosuly Fruity is a big bottle full of flavour and is available as part of our multi-buy deal. If you're interested in similar flavours try the Blueberry Raspberry Ice shortfill e-liquid by Fruit Drop. It adds a cool note to the fruity blend, and guess what, it's available as part of the same 2 for £25 deal as the Seriously Fruity shortfill!

Tobacco By Crystal Bar

Now we're talking! Rich, smooth and an altogether welcome alternative to the fruits and menthols that grace the rest of the collection, the Tobacco Crystal Bar vape keeps things classic by channelling the dark flavour of tobacco into every puff. A bit sweet and more than a little nutty it's a complex blend that vapers seem to keep coming back to.

We're not kidding when we tell you that tobacco vapes are a serious contender for the best-seller list. Which makes it really hard to recommend one. So, we haven't… here are our favourites! Try Virginia Tobacco e-liquid by Edge for a sweeter vape and if you like the sound of premium flavour at a low price Rolling Leaf e-liquid by 88Vape fits the bill. There's also Tobacco e-liquid by Club Juice if you're looking for a few more nicotine strengths.

Make sure you don't skip out on tobacco fusions either! Our customers flock to layered vapes like Caramel Tobacco e-liquid by Dinner Lady and 555 Tobacco by Element, as well as creamy blends like Pecanilla nic salt e-liquid by Large Juice. If you're set on a prefilled pod kit then you should give the Cream Tobacco P1 pod a go, or stray a bit from the beaten path and try the Tobacco e-liquid pod by Hexa.

Cola Ice By Crystal Bar

Don't reach into the fridge for another can until you've read about this next vape. The Cola Ice Crystal Bar captures the sharp notes of a classic soda and brings with it a sweetness reminiscent of American-style cola. The added ice notes intensify the tangy flavour of this blend and help deliver a fresh taste.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Cola Ice must be feeling pretty good about itself! You'll find plenty of e-liquids that match the taste of this distinct soda blend with Cola Ice nic salt by IVG offering an almost-perfect flavour match. No less impressive taste-wise, vapers on a budget should check out Red Cola e-liquid by 88Vape too.

If bigger bottles are more your style, IVG has also created a Cola Ice shortfill with a 70% VG concentration for sub ohm kits. If you're watching the pounds and pence, we recommend the Original Cola shortfill by Livin Large as a more budget-friendly, high VG option.

Banana Ice By Crystal Bar

There's something about the ripe, almost creamy taste of bananas that works well with menthol. Delivering a smooth taste with a sweet kick, the Banana Ice Crystal Bar disposable vape is ideal if you're looking for a softer fruit flavour that still carries a sweetness with it from inhale to exhale.

Still trying to find a vape that really plays up the creamy notes of banana? Then we highly recommend Banana Milkshake nic salt e-liquid by Holy Cow. Sweet, cool and creamy it's a real all-day vape. If you're more of a purist then Banana Ice nic salt e-liquid by Pod Salt should already be in your basket. If you're all about bigger clouds then the Cold Banana Blast shortfill e-liquid by Yeti is a force to be reckoned with.

If you’d prefer to use a pre-filled pod kit as a cheaper and greener alternative to disposables, we recommend the Banana P1 prefilled pod. While there might not be any ice in this flavour, the rich and sweet taste of exotic fruit more than makes up for it in our opinion.

Sour Apple By Crystal Bar

The crisp and tangy taste of green apples has kept vapers captivated for years - Swamp Thang by Ruthless is clear evidence of this. If you need it in a disposable, the sour Green Apple Crystal Bar is one vape that can't be missed! Sweet gives way to sour before the two contrasting notes are pulled together by a juicy taste on exhale.

If you're looking for the same crisp orchard fruit flavour with your refillable vape, then you're in luck. Sour Green Apple nic salt e-liquid by IVG plays up the fruit's tangy notes and pairs them with a light candy finish for a sweet counter to the sharp fruity inhale. If you're after the same flavour and a stronger throat hit, there's also the freebase Sour Green Apple e-liquid by IVG to try.

If you prefer to use a prefilled pod vape then you can't go wrong with the Fresh Apple pod by Vuse. There's no menthol and no candy, just the sweet and juicy taste of ripe green apples.

Pink Lemonade By Crystal Bar

Hark back to hazy summer days with the flavour of a favourite hot-weather soda. We're talking about the Pink Lemonade Crystal Bar of course! Delicate notes of pink berries serve as a jumping-off point for the bold citrusy flavour of traditional lemonade. The two work together to create a balanced flavour that's equal parts sweet and tangy.

Understandably, mixing the perfect soda vape remains the preoccupation of e-liquid mixologists around the world. This means there are quite a few for us to recommend too! Pink Grenade e-liquid by Riot Squad is a fan favourite and the Pink Lemonade nic salt e-liquid by Element remains the gold standard for soda vapes. Looking to experiment? Coastal Cocktail e-liquid by Cornish Liquid takes a tangy, fruity base and pairs it with a secret blend of mixed berries.

When it comes to pods, the sweet and citrusy flavour is at your fingertips. The SKE Crystal Plus Pink Lemonade is available in the same 20mg strength as the Crystal Bar and if you're a fan of Elf Bar - with a wide range of flavours and compact devices, who could blame you - there's the option of the Pink Lemonade P1 pod for the Elf Bar Mate and the Pink Lemonade pod for the Elfa kit. So, whichever prefilled kit you prefer there are plenty of options when it comes to flavour.

Summing Up

When it comes to flavour, we really know our stuff and we hope this guide has helped you see what’s out there if you don’t fancy relying on disposables anymore. Make sure you check out our full range of e-liquid flavours, it’s the best way to see everything all in one place and you can filter results by your preferred taste.

If you’re looking to move away from disposables and want to find out what your alternatives are when it comes to different vape kits, we’ve put together a few guides that are a great starting point, go check out Should I Switch From Disposables To Refillable Vapes and Moving On From Disposables To Prefilled Pods.

Questions? Queries? You name it, we can answer them! Our Customer Service Team would love to hear from you. Vaping experts, they're always happy to offer a direct recommendation or talk through in more detail any of the products in the guide or on our site. You can chat with them via phone, email, live chat and even social media.

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