What Vapes Taste Like Lost Mary Flavours?

Find the best Lost Mary alternatives.
By Hugo H.C. , Copywritter
17 OCT 2022Updated 24 OCT 2023

Lost Mary disposable vapes have quickly become a favourite amongst vapers old and new. They′re small, simple, and require no setup or maintenance. But, perhaps their biggest draw is the sheer range of flavours available. Specialising in classic fruit and menthol combinations their range is growing all the time.

That′s all well and good, but you might find yourself wanting to move away from disposables. Replacing your vape almost daily can quickly get expensive and the potential environmental impact of single-use devices mean that a lot of vapers look for an alternative. Not knowing if you can keep vaping your favourite flavour might cause a bit of concern. That′s why we′ve put this guide together.

We′ve combed through our vast range of e-liquids to find perfect matches and alternatives that you can use with refillable vape kits. Our selection includes nic salts that deliver a smooth throat hit, freebase e-liquids that create a stronger throat, and shortfills that are perfect if you′re looking for bigger bottles. We′ve even snuck in a few prefilled pods if you want to keep things really simple.

Sweet, tangy and more than a little cool, the Pineapple Ice Lost Mary disposable vape takes the taste of the tropics and gives it a frosty finish. From your first vape, you′ll detect the juicy taste of ripe pineapples, the sweetness of which is intensified by a layer of ice that comes through on exhale.

Finding the perfect pineapple vape isn′t always easy but Pineapple Ice nic salt e-liquid by Riot Squad Bar Edition fits the bill. Unlike the Lost Mary, you can choose between a 5mg, 10mg and 20mg strength. If you prefer a stronger throat hit, give Pineapple Ice by Vampire Vape a try. Sub ohm vapers, we haven′t forgotten about you! Dr Frost′s Pineapple Ice Shortfill will work great with your DTL kit. If you′re after less maintenance but don′t want to stock up on Elf Bars, the Pineapple Ice Mate P1 Pod should do the trick.

The Blueberry Sour Raspberry Lost Mary vape pitches the perfect balance between sweet and tart notes with its fusion of blueberry and raspberry. An underlying juicy taste serves to further recreate the fruit this flavour is based on. You can find almost identical flavours with the Elfliq Blueberry Sour Raspberry nic sal and Bar Juice 5000 Blueberry Sour Raspberry nic salt, both available in 10mg and 20mg strengths.

There′s also the Riot Bar Edition Blueberry Sour Raspberry nic salt, which comes in a 5mg strength too. Don′t fancy using a refillable vape? There's always the Crystal Plus Pod Kit by SKE! It′s compatible with a range of specially designed pods including the Blueberry Sour Raspberry Crystal Plus Pod. If you′d prefer a shortfill (we′re not leaving anyone out), we recommend the Puff More Blueberry Sour Raspberry 100ml Shortfill.

We′re not kidding when we say that strawberry vapes are easily some of our bestsellers. We don′t know what it is about the light, sweet notes of summer fruit but when you pair it up with menthol – like in the Strawberry Ice Lost Mary disposable – you experience a whole new kind of juicy-tasting vape.

The cool notes of menthol works complement the sweetness of strawberry that features throughout. This is perfectly replicated by Strawberry Ice nic salt e-liquid by Lost Mary Maryliq. You can also try Trap Queen nic salt e-liquid by Nasty Juice if you′re looking for a sweeter vape. Yeti has perfected the art of frosty strawberry flavours with their Strawberry shortfill. Want less maintenance? Try the Strawberry Ice ePod Prefilled Pod by Vuse.

Cool and simple, if you're looking for an all-day vape that you can keep coming back to, the Menthol Lost Mary disposable might be the perfect choice. Aside from the prominent icy flavour, light sweet notes also come through on exhale to tie this flavour together. Menthol vape juices are some of the most popular e-liquids around. So, if you're looking for an alternative to your disposable, there are plenty available.

Vapers on a budget can′t get enough of Menthol Chill by 88Vape and at £1 a bottle, we can see why. If you're after something inspired by a disposable vape, we also have the Menthol nic salt e-liquid by Elux Legend. For sub ohm vapers, the Frost shortfill by Element carries the same classic flavour throughout, while the Menthol prefilled pod by Hexa delivers a similarly frosty vape from start to finish, without the maintenance.

Doubling up on the crisp and sweet flavour of the orchard fruit, the Double Apple Lost Mary disposable vape has turned a lot of heads. From your first vape, you'll detect sweet notes that quickly turn to tangy and a juicy taste that lingers on through to exhale. Luckily, apple blends are a popular choice and this means there are plenty of e-liquids to try if you're looking to find a similar flavour.

Sour Green Apple by IVG delivers the tangy taste of green apples from start to finish and uses freebase nicotine. If you prefer the smoother throat hit offered by nic salts, we recommend Apple Blow by UTLD or Double Apple by Imp Jar. For a frosty finish, Green Apple Zero Ice shortfill by ZAP Juice adds a layer of ice to the mix. If you're looking to move away from disposables but aren't ready for refillable kits, try the Jucce Apple Sours prefilled pod with a Jucce Bar.

Not doubling up but tripling up on exotic fruit flavour, the Triple Mango Lost Mary disposable vape emulates the flavour of mango with its sweet almost creamy notes. If you′re a fan of keeping things simple but still want a vape you can go back to all day, you′re in luck. The sweet and vibrant flavour of mango pops up in a fair few e-liquids, if you′re looking for the straight-up taste of exotic fruit then we recommend the Triple Mango nic salt by Bar Juice 5000.

For a smooth throat hit and fast craving satisfaction, why not try Triple Mango nic salt e-liquid by Elux Legend or Bar Fuel Triple Mango nic salt? For your sub ohm kit, the Mango shortfill by Rodeo creates large amounts of vapour and delivers the taste of tropical fruit with every puff. You might be wondering if you can experience the same level of flavour with a prefilled pod. Wonder no more! The Mango Elf Bar Mate P1 pod delivers authentic-tasting fruit notes from the first puff.

Sweet, tart and reminiscent of your favourite squash, the nostalgic blend of blackcurrant and apple is fast becoming a favourite flavour pairing among vapers everywhere. Nothing exemplifies this quite like the Blackcurrant Apple Lost Mary disposable vape, balancing the tangy sweetness of berries with the crisp notes of orchard fruit.

For an identical flavour, we recommend Blackcurrant Apple nic salt e-liquid by Lost Mary Maryliq. Blackcurrant Fuji Apple nic salt is slightly sweeter, fusing blackcurrant with the lighter notes of fuji apple (the sweetest apple there is!). Fancy a frosty finish? Apple Blackcurrant Ice nic salt by Ohm Boy adds a cool blast of ice to the mix. If you′re a sub ohm vaper, why not try the Blackcurrant & Apple 50ml Shortfill by Livin Large or Apple Berry 100ml Shortfill by Why Not?

Sometimes you just can′t beat good ol′ grape, and we′re not talking about the soft flavour of white grape or the tart red variety either (although they are popular.) No, we mean punchy purple grape with its dark, sweet flavour, just like the kind you′ll find with the Grape Lost Mary disposable vape! Grape vapes have long been the choice of those who are looking for a punchier fruit flavour.

As an alternative, Grape nic salt e-liquid by Maryliq will do the trick and Grape nic salt e-liquid by Bar Juice 5000 is also pretty spot on. If you want a stronger throat hit, Grape e-liquid by Club Juice is the dieal option. Fancy a bigger bottle and more vapour? Check out Grape Drank shortfill e-liquid by Ruthless, which mixes things up by adding fizzy soda and sugary candy! For your prefilled pod kit, you can go for the Grape Elf Bar P1 pod.

Turning up the tangy, the Cherry Ice Lost Mary remains a favourite amongst vapers looking for a bold fruity flavour and an icy finish. On inhale, the dark and tart notes of forest cherries come through, they're then chilled on exhale by a cool layer of ice. If you're after an exact flavour match, you can't go wrong with Cherry Ice nic salt e-liquid by Lost Mary Maryliq.

Frozen Cherries nic salt e-liquid by IVG and Cherry Ice nic salt e-liquid by Re Salt also feature the same blend of forest fruits and cool notes. Want something that tastes more like an Elux Bar? Check out Cherry Ice nic salt e-liquid by Elux Legend. If you're into bigger bottles and clouds to match, Cherry Menthol shortfill e-liquid by Riot Squad is a good choice, featuring a more subtle menthol note. If you′re looking for less maintenance, the Cherry Ice Elf Bar Mate P1 Pod is a solid pick.

When you fancy something sweet and fizzy, you can′t go wrong with a classic cola flavour. So naturally, the Cola Lost Mary disposable vape is a firm favourite among vapers who like their soda blends. It complements the sugary notes and subtle undertones of caramel and vanilla with a sparkling base, authentically capturing the taste of the real thing.

The closest flavours you′ll get to the Cola Lost Mary are Cola nic salt e-liquid by Elf Bar Elfliq and the Cola nic salt by Elux Legend. Both feature the fizzy flavour we know and love, and come in a range of nic strengths. If you prefer the cigarette-like throat hit of freebase e-liquid, check out Cola e-liquid by Vampire Vape. After a shortfill to pair with your sub ohm kit? Why not try Original Cola shortfill e-liquid by Livin Large? If you have an Elf Bar Mate 500, you can get the Cola Elf Bar P1 pod.

Blueberry is one of the most popular vape flavours around and if you like your blends fruity and straightforward, you′ll know why. The Blueberry Lost Mary Disposable Vape faithfully replicates the taste of this popular berry, with sweet and juicy-tasting notes making themselves present from inhale to exhale. If you′re looking for identical flavours, Your best bet is Blueberry nic salt e-liquid by Elf Bar Elfliq or the Blueberry nic salt by Bar Juice 5000

Fresh Blueberry hybrid salt e-liquid by Riot Squad uses an innovative blend of freebase and salt nicotine to combine a stronger throat hit with faster-acting satisfaction. Want a bigger bottle of vape juice? Blueberry shortfill e-liquid by Imp Jar has you covered. For those who prefer less maintenance, the Blueberry Elf Bar Elfa pod is a good choice. Designed for use with the Elfa pod kit, it′ll deliver up to 600 puffs and uses salt nicotine in a 20mg strength.

Whether it′s in disposables, pods or bottles of e-liquid, the fruity fusion of strawberry and kiwi has captured the attention of vapers and isn′t letting go any time soon. The Strawberry Kiwi Lost Mary vape is no exception. Its balance of sweet and tangy notes creates a layered vape that′s the choice of vapers across the land.

If you′re looking for something super similar, you can′t go wrong with Strawberry Kiwi nic salt e-liquid by Bar Juice 5000 or the Strawberry Kiwi nic salt by Elf Bar Elifiq. Fancy a touch of frost? Strawberry Kiwi Ice e-liquid by Pacha Mama delivers a sweet and tangy vape but cools things down with a layer of ice. For your sub ohm vape kit, Strawberry Kiwi shortfill e-liquid by Juice Head should do the trick. If you′ve got an Elfa pod kit, you can pair it up with the Strawberry Kiwi Elf Bar Elfa Pod.

There′s nothing quite like the juicy taste of peach and if you′re after a sweet, orchard inspired blend that flawlessly captures the flavour of the real life fruit, you′re in for a treat with the Juicy Peach Lost Mary disposable vape. This classic fruit vape delivers sweet and juicy notes from start to finish and if you′re looking for something similar, we have a few recommendations for you.

If you′re after a pretty spot on flavour match, we recommend trying the Peach Punch nic salt e-liquid by Pacha Mama. Or, if you′d like a bit of ice with your peach, the frosty finish of the Peach Ice nic salt e-liquid by Elf Bar Elfliq should hit the spot nicely. Sub ohm vapers can try Peach shortfill e-liquid by Rodeo. In need of a no-nonsense vape? Look no further than the Peach Ice Elf Bar Mate P1 Pod!

Plenty of disposables double up on fruit flavours, but options like the Triple Melon Lost Mary vape amp up the sweet and juicy taste of the classic fruit even further. This blend brings the taste of the tropics to your vape and delivers an authentic taste. If you're looking to experience the vibrant flavour of melon in your refillable kit, there are plenty of options.

Melon On My Mind nic salt e-liquid by Six Licks channels the notes of watermelon and honeydew throughout, while Melon XL nic salt e-liquid by Riot Bar Edition adds cantaloupe into the mix. If you′re a sub ohm vaper, Triple Melon shortfill e-liquid by Imp Jar and All Melon shortfill e-liquid by Naked 100 are near-identical flavours to the Lost Mary blend. If you aren't into refilling and prefer watermelon by itself, the Watermelon Elf Bar P1 pod is a good pick.

Served straight from the pitcher into a tall glass, pink lemonade is a summer staple. Now you don′t have to worry about the weather as the Pink Lemonade Lost Mary vape is a popular choice all year round. Sharp and tangy lemonade is treated to a sweet finish by lingering notes of raspberries in this soda-inspired blend.

Pink Lemonade nic salt e-liquid by Lost Mary Maryliq packs a punch with its fusion of sweet American-style lemonade and pink berries, and is an authentic replication as you′re going to get. Pink Lemonade nic salt e-liquid by Elf Bar Efliq and the Pink Lemonade nic salt by Bar Juice 5000 are also very similar. If you want a bigger bottle, Pink Lemonade shortfill e-liquid by Drifter Bar Series is a good choice. Looking for an option with less maintenance but the same attention to flavour? Try the Pink Lemonade Elf Bar Elfa Prefilled Pod.

You just can't beat a classic and the timeless fusion of blue raspberry and ice has proven to be a bestseller. The Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary vape is no exception. This blend delivers a tangy flavour that's cooled and softened on exhale by icy notes. The popularity of this flavour doesn't end with disposable vapes and you'll find plenty of e-liquids that feature this fruity, frosty fusion.

For an exact flavour match, try Blue Razz Ice nic salt e-liquid by Lost Mary Maryliq. Blue Razz Ice by Seriously Salty and Blue Burst e-liquid by Riot Squad are also near-identical. Or, if you prefer freebase e-liquids, why not try Blue Raspberry e-liquid by IVG? For something sub-ohm-friendly, you can try Blue Slush shortfill e-liquid by Ohm Brew. If you're looking to swap your disposable for a pod, we recommend the Blueberry Raspberry Elf Bar P1 pod.

Watermelon on its own has been somewhat of a vaping staple for a while now. Pair that up with some ice and you′ve got a winner. A fast favourite among vapers, watermelon and ice — also commonly called Lush Ice — is one of the most popular flavour combinations in the world of disposable vaping, and this is thanks in part to the Watermelon Ice Lost Mary. If you can′t get enough of this fusion of exotic sweetness and chilly notes, there are a lot of other options you can try.

The closest flavour to the Lost Mary that you′ll find is the Watermelon Ice nic salt by Lost Mary Maryliq. We also have Frozen Watermelon e-liquid by Yeti, which is another almost identical blend. The Watermelon Ice nic salt e-liquid by Riot Bar Edition is pretty similar too, and is also available in a 5mg strength. So, it′s a solid pick if you′re after something lighter. If you prefer shortfills, Watermelon Ice shortfill e-liquid by Drifter Bar Series is a good shout. Can′t be bothered with all the refilling? SKE has you covered with their Watermelon Ice Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod.

Balancing three different kinds of fruit flavours is no easy task and the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Lost Mary shows once again that the brand knows a thing or two about mixology. This vape starts off sweet thanks to the passionfruit and guava notes that are then sharpened on exhale by a layer of tangy kiwi.

The Kiwi Passionfruit Guava nic salt e-liquid by Elf Bar Efliq and Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava e-liquid by Bar Juice 5000 follow the same pattern of sweet inhale and tangy exhale. A light juicy note also comes through, bolstering the fruity flavours. The same can also be said for the Kiwi Passionfruit Guava Nic Salt E-Liquid by Crystal Original. If you want a bit more bang for your buck, you might want to try the Kiwi Passionfruit Guava Shortfill E-Liquid by Imp Jar 50ml. Or, if you use an Elf Bar Mate 500, the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava P1 Pods are a great choice!

Don′t crack open another energy drink until you′ve tried the next flavour on our list! The Marybull Ice Lost Mary vape fuses a base of sweet fruit and tangy soda with a layer of cool menthol. The result is an authentic-tasting replication of your favourite energy drink – with none of the caffeine! Energy drink vapes have taken the market by storm in the last few years and whatever style of refillable kit you′re planning on using there′s something for you.

If you′re looking to add a bit of fizz to your pod or pen, we recommend Elfbull Ice nic salt e-liquid by Elf Bar Elfliq, NRG Ice nic salt by Bar Salts or Tiger Blood nic salt e-liquid by Elux Legend. Need something to pair with your sub ohm kit? Energy Drank shortfill by Ruthless 100ml will be more your thing. Prefer to use an Elfa kit? You can pair it up with the Elfbull Elf Bar Elfa pod for a sweet, fizzy vape.

While it′s not everyone′s cup of tea, the citrus fusion of lemon and lime is increasing in popularity among disposable users and vapers in general, exemplified by their keenness on the Lemon Lime Lost Mary disposable vape. If you like your vapes on the sharper side of things, then this flavour pairing is the one for you. It enhances the tang of the lemon with the even zestier notes of lime, and there are plenty of similar options to check out if you′re moving on to a refillable vape kit.

If you′re after a blend that closely resembles Lost Mary′s lemon and lime flavour, try Lemon & Lime nic salt e-liquid by Bar Juice 5000, Lemon & Lime nic salt by Elux Legend and Lemon & Lime by Crystal Original. Another vape juice that gets the combination found in the Lost Mary pretty spot on — in the form of a shortfill, is Lemon Lime shortfill e-liquid by Big Bold. Similarly to the Crystal Original flavour mentioned, the Lemon & Lime SKE Crystal Plus prefilled pod recreates the flavour of the Lemon & Lime Crystal Bar.

In Conclusion

Talk about a whistle-stop tour! We hope that the above has given you a little inspiration and shows that while the flavours you′ll find inside Lost Mary vapes might be popular, they′re by no means your only option! Make sure you check out our full range of disposable vapes if you like the sound of a wide range of flavours and zero maintenance. There are also plenty of different e-liquid flavours to get to grips with and our carefully curated range is the best way to see them all in one place.

In the meantime, if you need a little more help picking (with so much choice it′s understandable) then you should get in touch with our Customer Service Team. They′re available seven days a week and you can reach them by phone, email, live chat and even social media.

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