Chai Spice E-Liquids

Chai spice is a blend of exotic flavours that include black tea, cinnamon and ginger. The result is a type of tea that is widely enjoyed across india and has grown in popularity around the world. In terms of a distinct flavour it sits between sweet and savoury with bold floral notes, making it rather unlike anything else. Those looking for a vape flavour outside the norm, or for something to cleanse the palate should seriously consider chai. When used in eliquids it is rarely found on its own, instead it is used to intensify other spices and as part of more complex tea and coffee blends, such as the ever-popular chai latte.

Due to its intricate taste an authentic chai flavour is difficult to replicate in e liquids and there are less variations of it available today, however, when you get your hands on one be prepared for a rich flavour that you can sink your teeth into. Working best as part of a higher VG blend, when vaped at higher temperatures you’ll be able to taste the interplay between sweet and savoury for a unique vape.

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70% VG
Cardamom Chai Latte eLiquid by IVG Desserts 50ml
Black Tea, Spices, Milk