Gambit E-Liquid by Five Pawns

Apple Pie, Cream, Caramel, Vanilla Ice, Cream
3 6 12
50% VG
Eliquid Flavours Apple Pie, Caramel, Cream, Ice Cream, Vanilla
Made In USA

From £5.99

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Gambit e-liquid by Five Pawns is a dessert blend taking inspiration from the classic apple pie flavour. A buttery pie crust with a crisp apple is complemented by a smooth vanilla ice cream and rich caramel for an authentic-tasting vape.

Gambit e-liquid by Five Pawns is available as a 50ml shortfill with space for a 10ml nic shot or in 10ml TPD compliant bottles in nicotine strengths of 3mg, 6mg and 12mg.

These e-liquids feature a 50% VG ratio, ideal for use with pod devices or starter kits with a focus on clear flavour.

Five Pawns are a US manufacturer famed for bespoke, complex flavours made with skilled craftsmanship.

  • 10ml E-Liquid Bottles & 50ml Shortfills
  • 10mls - 3mg, 6mg & 12mg Nicotine Strength
  • 50% VG / 50% PG
  • Designed For Pod Devices & Starter Kits
  • Made In The USA
  • Childproof Cap
  • Tamper Evident Seal
0 3 6 12 18
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By Caz from Brighton

Five pawns (11 July 2023)

As a fan of five pawns, on paper I really thought this would be my favourite. I was left feeling a little underwhelmed. Nice enough liquid but the flavour balance and intensity was a little lacking compared to others I’ve tried. May just be me and down to personal taste.

By VapeAlot from London

Gross! (27 June 2021)

This eliquid tastes like a burnt coil. I tried it on two devices but I got the same nasty bitter taste. I vaped it long enough for the eliquid to warm and the coil to adjust, but this made no difference. However, it smells nice and leaves a nice aroma, but tastes disgusting. Whatever you do, do NOT get this eliquid in the mouth- it is truly the worst thing you will ever taste. It will make you physically shudder in revolt!

By AnaPanda from Mansfield

Poor (02 October 2020)

Waste my money on that!
Very poor quality on taste , just a bit creamy apple, too many flavours and nothing specific. I won’t buy it again from this brand...

By Josh from Perthshire

Caramel apple pastry treat (23 August 2020)

The mixed reviews have me scratching my head ,defiantly a creamy caramel inhale with a sweet pastry apple exhale . price is worth a mention but it seriously tastes decadent and a notch above a lot of others . Complex but as described which is always great , just need to try more five pawns

By Shelly from Birmingham

Not sure (10 November 2019)

This tastes similar to Charlie's fudge and cinnamon.
I get no apple pie no.l cream.
It's my first trying this brand I'm not over joyed so far.

By Peterdc from London

A bit weird (21 October 2019)

Taste is of course subjective but I expected a lot more from Gambit.
I don't notice much apple or pastry. Or cream. Or ice cream. In fact I'm not sure what it is I'm tasting.
The thing I can't get on with is the strange cheap scented soap smell on the end of the exhale (I think that's meant to be the cream). I was expecting a rich, full flavour experience but in fact it smells like my nan's bathroom.
It's pretty smooth though.
If you want apple pie I'd recommend Apple Pie And Custard by What's For Afters. That one has good cooked apples and great pastry.
I'm now wary of trying other Five Pawns liquids as Gambit seems to be highly popular.
I don't know, maybe my nose and tongue are broken.

By Capelli from Austria

Very nice flavor (20 September 2019)

This is my absolute favorite from Five Pawns, taste a lot like Apple pie

By FiveThou from Leics.

Alright (10 June 2019)

I'm a big fan of Five Pawns' juices, especially Black Flag Risen Enriched, Grandmaster, Bowden's Mate and Symmetry Six. I love apple pie and I had high hopes for this. I have to say it was a bit disappointing, really.
The flavour isn't bad, but I dont think it's very accurate. It's strong enough, but I find it hard to pick out the individual flavours, or even what it's supposed to be.
Symmetry Six is a beautiful dessert flavour by the same company, so I'm surprised this doesn't even compare. Perhaps I got some of a bad batch.
I think Dinner Lady's Apple Pie is better.

By Kingerax from London, UK

urrrr? (14 September 2017)

Just ok. Not wonderful, not amazing, just ok - in my opinion.

mmmmmm, so far not too impressed with the Five Pawn line and I had such high expectations. I'm going to give them one more shot and order one more flavour!

For how much they cost - so far, I feel like you get a very nice bottle with an eliquid that does taste high quality, but doesn't met the description - so far. Like I said will give them one more shot!

By Wooolie from Worcester

Gambit by Five Pawns (10 August 2017)

After reading all the excellent reviews I had to try this liquid. I love most caramel type flavours and I was expecting this to be great especially since it's so expensive! Unfortunately I wasn't very impressed. It's not bad, it's just nowhere near as nice as I thought it would has a slightly chemically taste which is a bit off-putting and overpowers the nice sweet caramel flavour a bit. I will definitely try it again after a bit of steeping and hopefully I'll get on with it better then. I do still quite like the taste I just don't love it, but I am quite fussy with eliquids in general! I love ordering from here because it always arrives the next day! Thanks!

By Dearth Vaper from London

WWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (25 March 2017)

I literally just filled my tank, took 2 drags and had an orgasm.

I had to stop to write this review instantly. This juice is absolutely phoenominal, of all the hundreds of juices I've Vaped over the years the good ones have tasted "like" what they are supposed to.

THIS IS BANG ON MCDONALDS APPLE PIE!!! Like I just frickin ate one. Like identical, like 100% the real deal, it's uncanny.

My mind is going absolutely nuts, it can't tell weather I'm vaping or eating, my tongue is doing back flips. I'm gonna go Vape this all night!!! Hahahahahahahahahaahah!! Wwwooo

By Ria from Ipswich

Mmm (26 April 2016)

This is a nice juice. A full on Apple pastry. More McDonald's apple pie then anything else and a good vape but too expensive for what it is. I will vape the bottle but it's not good enough to buy again at £24
Why do they cost so much I wonder? Vaping using a toptank mini SSOCC 0.5 ohm coil at 23-25w. A nice medium throat hit and good cloud for 50/50 but far too expensive. I would buy queenside again but not this for that price.

By Rick

Great product! (17 December 2015)

Really enjoyed this e juice.

Great flavour. Great clouds. Couldn't ask for more from the product itself.

Costs more than most on the market but I totally see why. I have just got my second bottle today.

Vaped on -

Evic vtc mini, Uwell crown subtank with .5 ohm coil at 55w

Will definitely keep buying in the future.

By Steve from Midlands

My favourite (20 November 2015)

Probably my favourite juice overall. It grows on you; for me it wasn't love at first vape but after a while, I really started appreciating the subtle apple pie flavour and creaminess. I'm not a big fan of many five pawns liquids - but this and Castle Long are two that I always have loaded and ready to vape.

By Lovecedu from London

Not justified (15 November 2015)

I understand how marketing and subliminal messaging works and I'm not impressed.
It's been proven that nine times out of ten people will subconsciously prefer a more expensive product.
Does that equate to a more refined product, I doubt the wine testing experiments would confirm that.

it's an ok juice. It's vapeable, it's pleasant, but I'm not one to glorify a company who thinks they deserve to make more money than others.
The flavours are there but this is nothing special.
It's nice, does it justify a £8/£9 increase in price compared to other premiums...
I urge people to stick to lower cost juices so these companies don't start thinking they can charge anything they like just coz we are all inclined to take more pleasure in something we pay more for.

By NastyRide from London

Yes Yes No (20 October 2015)

I like this but I also don't. When I first got it the overwhelming taste of Caramel was too much! I left it for at least 3 weeks and it settled dramatically. Problem is there is too much Pastry which creates harshness, too much caramel too. Still it is recognisable as how it is described... just the iceland version rather than the home made we all know and love

By MD from Surrey

Kinda agree... (30 September 2015)

With gee, doesn't taste anything like the description? getting a whisky tobacco flavour which isn't really pleasant. Been vaping for a while and have a selection of great flavours and was kinda looking forward to this Ejuice and really disappointed. I'm leaving for a bit and will give it another go... fingers crossed as a shame to waste a 30ml bottle!

Service brilliant as always from vape club though.

By Abovetheclouds from London

oh gambit... (19 September 2015)

Brown sugar, caramel syrup pastry baked goodness.

Used to love this stuff and have gone through many bottles, but i just cannot justify the price anymore. A year ago, yes, as this was easily one of a kind and so damn luxurious to vape. But you can easily find equally quality juice and flavour at half the price. Still a mouth watering juice though, which you HAVE to try it once.

By Gee from Wales

I tried!! (29 August 2015)

Had this juice weeks now and tried my best to get on with it but I just can't!! It just doesn't taste like what it says, quite chemical tasting. Got a few friends to also taste it and they don't like it either.
Also it's quite a harsh juice if you use a subtank or dripper. Think it's well over rated and won't be buying it again, I have also tried a few of the others in this range and no these are not for me!! Don't believe the hype, nice packaging but that's about it!!

By Subohmreviews from Bristol

Amazing craftmanship as usual (26 August 2015)

This juice knocks your socks off!
As usual five pawns have made an amazing complex ejuice.
The first smell you get a baked apple with a generous amount of pie crust.
I was hoping it would be less appley as im not a massive apple fan - so if you dont like apple dont get this juice! It tastes exactly how it says!
This is however the most amazing spot on apple pie - the pie taste is intense and is overall really quite incredible.
Five pawns have the most amazing craftmanship, a must try.

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