Chiricahua Sun E-Liquid by Manabush

Tobacco, Nut
3 6 12 18
50% VG
Eliquid Flavours Nut, Tobacco
Made In UK

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Chiricahua Sun e-liquid by Manabush is a tobacco blend with a robust combination of smoky, woody flavours. The balanced fusion of Manabush's signature Nokomis sweet tobacco and roasted nut creates a layered vape.

Chiricahua Sun 10ml e-liquid is available as either single bottles or a 3 x 10ml multipack. These 50% VG e-liquids will create a smaller amount of vapour, making them the ideal choice for use with mouth to lung vape kits, such as pod kits and starter kits.

The option of a 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg nicotine strength, means not only can you find a blend that delivers your ideal level of throat hit, but also match your flavour and nicotine preferences.

Manabush e-liquids are made in the UK and their range focusses on tobacco blends, combined with syrups, desserts and other sweet flavours for a rich, layered vape.

  • Manabush 10ml E-Liquid
  • Multipack Option Available
  • 3mg - 18mg Nicotine Strength
  • 50% VG / 50% PG
  • Blended For Mouth To Lung Vape Kits
  • Made In The UK
  • Childproof Cap
  • Tamper Evident Seal
  • Recyclable Bottle
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By Zetetick from Chester

I keep re-trying but it's still awful (03 February 2024)

I loved this vape in the past, but since the recipe change I keep trying (every year or so) to see if they've fixed the flavour (because I really miss its unique taste)

This vape used to be one of my very favourites, but now it tastes like old rubber bands and raisins in the mouth (and I gave it five days to open-steep, on the shelf)
really bad.

Giving up on this brand - it's a real shame! :(

By Coolie27 from North West

Manabush-The best Tobacco out there. (20 October 2023)

If you want to taste a really good tobacco juice. This is the one for you.

By Mark DH

Okay.. (17 October 2023)

Similar to the Powwow sauce this has suffered from a change of recipe. I can't get along with this one at all now, tastes like burned nuts. Shame cos it was once great.

By Sean from Sheffield

Recipe change? (18 June 2022)

Used to love this stuff. Completely unique. Now it just tastes like every Ry4 on the market

By Richard Bradford from Glasgow

Not what it once was (09 December 2021)

I loved this juice in the past but like the others in this is different now. It tastes synthetic and messes up your coils quicker.

By FiveThou from Leics.

Pretty Good (10 June 2021)

From reading reviews and comments from various places, it does seem as though the recipe of Manabush's juices has changed. Apparently, this was outside of the company's control - due to certain ingredients becoming unavailable.

It seems like there are some former fans who cannot get on board with the new recipes. However, if you're a newcomer like me, I think you may find that Manabush's products are still very pleasant and high quality.

As I understand it, Nokomis is the base flavour for the rest of this particular range, and I have to say that I only detect a subtle difference between this juice and Nokomis.

This is a nice, complex, savoury tobacco flavour that I think could easily be an ADV, especially for someone trying to kick tobacco or someone who enjoys a cigar.

I have to say it does have a slight artificialness to it, but I don't find it unpleasant at all.

My favourite tobacco flavour is Black Flag Risen by Five Pawns, which I think is superb. I prefer that to this, but I'd say that is an extremely high bar. Unfairly so. This is a fine substitute.

By Toastie from Newport

Synthetic taste (24 March 2021)

After Pow Wow sauce this is a massive disappointment and actually tastes less like nutty tobacco than it does plastic. It's not the kit I'm using, it's not the coils, it's not poor priming and it's not the wattage. Everything else I've put through my vape is spot on flavour-wise whether I've stuck with it or not. This juice is smooth enough and provides a decent enough hit, but the flavour is just really not good.

By Ted Blems from UK

Not as good as it used to be... meh (30 January 2021)

This used to be one of my favourite flavours, and I remember it having a mellow sweet tobacco flavour.
Now it seems to have changed, so it's a lot harsher and tastes less like tobacco and nut (the nut is there but it takes a stretch of imagination to taste it) and more like one of those eastern european spicy tobacco blends. In fact it tastes strikingly similar to Karelias & Sons baccy if you're familiar with that.
Acceptable but not what I expected. I guess it will help me cut down on my vaping until the bottle is finished.
I have the 6ml nicotine version.

By Ex Smoker from Shropshire

Nice, strong nutty flavour (21 January 2021)

My first and favourite e-juice flavour. One of the few nice dessert/tobacco flavours that is not high VG meaning you can get it in high nicotine content and works great for beginner vape pens. Glad they're still making it.

By VAPTB from UK

very nice (05 January 2021)

Nice peanut light tobacco!

By Aysun from London

Too "woody" (20 August 2020)

I didnt get much flavour in this apart from being dry woody flavoured tobacco in its self I wouldn't have minded if it didnt dry my throat like the choclate one.

By Darth Vaper from London

Sensational (29 April 2020)

Tastes like rolling a snickers with golden virginia and smoking it!
It's sweet, obviously nutty but also earthy and pleasantly dry.
Goes perfect with a cuppa, beer or wine. I do love the branding too, feels a little more sophisticated than vaping a bright purple juice with a cartoon vampire on it.
A delightful juice that tastes just as good now as it did when I first tried it over 4 years ago!
I do wish you could mix and match Manabush 10ml bottles though, as their entire range in wonderful and would be great to mix things up.

By GMBrereton from NI

Returning (18 November 2019)

Hi Everyone,
I used to use this liquid a lot as well as some other Manabush liquids, this one is simply delicious, I love it but its a little too sweet for an all day vape in my opinion, I'm lucky that I generally have 3 vape sticks charged and on the go at any one time, I mixed this with some quality sub-zero menthol just for the craic and it was worth the effort. As a standard liquid the quality is great and the flavour is simply edible.

By Ant from London

Once again what’s happened (16 October 2019)

Not again what’s happening to these one time great juices they have lost there taste it’s completely different a real shame.

By Capelli from Austria

CHIRICAHUA SUN (20 September 2019)

The flavour is sensational though it is a tobacco based juice, there really isn't a taste of it here! It's sweet and nutty and leave the immediate vicinity smelling of fudge which is a plus

By John B from Yorks

Taste changed (28 December 2018)

Used to be my one and only juice but having bought a big batch that tasted so horrible the lot was binned I won't be buying anymore.

By Bumper from Cheshire

Not my cup of tea (14 November 2018)

Sorry. I can only say what I think. It seems to taste of kidneys to me. If I really concentrate hard, perhaps there is a vague flavour of nuts.

By TRM287 from Essex

Something has changed (13 November 2018)

I searched high and low a few years back to find my perfect juice.. And this was it. But over the last few batches I have ordered something isn't quite right. The whole flavour has changed. I was told it was because it wasn't steeped enough and got another batch. Exactly the same. And has been ever since. I'm gutted. I have no idea what's gone on but something isn't as it use to be. So now it's on to finding another go to juice. Very disappointed.

By Rob from Devon

Caramel? (09 August 2018)

Overpowering taste of sickly sweet caramel masks the advertised tobacco and nut flavours. Astonished at high ratings for this product. Not to my taste at all.

By Willanski from Swansea

Wow just wow (18 July 2018)

Hands down the most delicious juice I’ve tried. Strong but not overpowering nutty caramel flavour. Subtly sweet but the tobacco element stops it being sickly. Long lasting sweet and nutty flavour left on the palate. Very very good!

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