Nokomis E-Liquid by Manabush

Tobacco, Biscuit
3 6 12 18
50% VG
Eliquid Flavours Tobacco
Made In UK


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Nokomis e-liquid by Manabush is a tobacco blend and remains Manabush's signature flavour. Dark and light notes of tobacco are mixed with a sweet biscuit for a balanced vape which plays between strong and smooth notes.

Nokomis e-liquid is available in a pocket-friendly, 10ml TPD compliant bottle in either 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg nicotine strengths.

These e-liquids feature a 50% VG ratio, ideal for use with pod devices or starter kits with a focus on clear flavour.

Manabush are a range of premium e-liquids manufactured in the UK, featuring flavours inspired by tobacco.

  • 110ml E-Liquid Bottles
  • 50% VG / 50% PG
  • Nicotine Strengths of 3mg. 6mg, 12mg & 18mg
  • Designed For Pod Devices & Starter Kit
  • Made In The UK
  • TPD Compliant
  • Childproof Cap
  • Tamper Evident Seal
60% VG

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By FiveThou from Leics.

Very Good (17 May 2021)

I've been vaping for a few years now, and have tried hundreds of different juices. I think I did put Manabush's range on my 'to try' list early on, based on the glowing reviews. I was never really into tobacco flavours (I never smoked cigarettes for the flavour. Does anyone?), though, and I've never found any really good deals on Manabush juices in all that time.

Finally got around to trying a few. Not disappointed at all. I think this is a very good juice. It's a unique flavour that I'm finding it very difficult to describe. It's a very pleasant, savoury flavour. There is tobacco and biscuit in there, but there's much more to it than that.

The best tobacco-flavoured e-liquid I've ever had is Black Flag Risen by Five Pawns. It's maybe my all-time favourite vape. Compared to that, I think this stands up pretty well. It's not quite as good in my opinion, but there's no shame in that.

If you're into tobacco-flavoured juice, I can certainly recommend trying this.

By VAPTB from UK

not as good as it was (05 January 2021)

this used to have a nice biscuit dessert tobacco taste but not now, the recipe has definitely changed, and not for the better!

By Edward from Rugeley

Such a shame (08 January 2020)

If you're new to Manabush, then there's a good chance you'll enjoy this, but if you're used to the Manabush range from before their suppliers ceased manufacturing certain prime ingredients (or something of that nature), then you'll be disappointed. I feel really sorry for Manabush because they really did have the best tobacco range available, but the replacements are pale in comparison.

By Lee from North Wales

Not What It Was (06 December 2018)

Nokomis and Pow Pow sauce were the only juices I stuck with consistently for years, they were fantastic and there really was nothing else like them available. However, for reasons beyond the owners control the recipe had to be changed and the distinctive earthy, rich base is no more.
The new formula has an artificial syrupy taste and after a couple of days on the same coil loses all sweetness and tastes something like an Ashtray. Unvapeable.
So Manabush, thanks for all the years of top quality e liquid, but I just can't get on with the new stuff. Adios and all the rest of it.

By Cypher

Extremely Nice! (01 September 2018)

Recently went back to a MTL style of vaping using a pod system and have to say this juice in the mi-pod is absolutely divine. You get a sweet tobacco and a slight caramel taste which makes for an extremely moorish vape especially for a tobacco flavour. Will definitely be buying this again in a bigger bottle.

By DanK from United Kingdom

Enjoyable ADV (02 July 2018)

This eliquid is the reason I'm 2 months smoke free. Bought a 12mg version after smoking roll ups for 18 years. It is more satisfying than smoking. Only downside is you'll start chain vaping this stuff because it's so Moorish! Powwow sauce is sweeter and lovely but for me this is the perfect ADV.

By Anthony from Kidderminster

Another love (18 January 2018)

I must confess I’m madly and truly in love with powwow from manabush..but I have just tried Nokomis and it looks like I’m going to embark on a steamy affair..
Another sublime Vape I find both manabush jucies best vaped low and slow..
Whilst powwow is rich smooth and flavoursome and utterly moorish Nokomis is slightly more masculine,with slightly more tobacco compared to powwow with a smooth underlying hint of caramel and toffee with warm nuts wonderfully earthy and wholesome giving me a very smooth and satisfied Vape with a slight throat hit was wonderful with my afternoon coffee..

By Jack from England

Nice Full Flavour (30 August 2017)

Started vaping about two weeks ago and this is the best tobacco flavour I have found; it has subtle notes of sweet coffee as well and is one of the few tobacco flavours I have found that doesn't feel too sweet or tastes like washing up liquid!

By Zane from Tamworth

Solid (17 July 2017)

Lost Vape Esquare DNA40-Kayfun Mini v3-Standard Kayfun 1.6ohm MTL build @ 11w-Goh Ken Do Cotton.
Firstly this one seems to have more of a tobacco vibe going on than Chiricahua Sun for instance. On the palette I'm getting the typical Umami flavour that comes across with Manabush liquid. On top of that a more pronounced sweetness which to me I can only describe as a Raisin type of flavour. I'm not really detecting much if any Vanilla or Caramel from this liquid. The sweetness sits more at the back of the throat on the inhale with a light sweetness on the lips.
Nothing off putting from this at all on this build at these Temps. Seems quite complex but easily could be an adv. I do get a slight variation in flavours from hitting it cold and hot.
I would probably class this more of an RY3 but with some dark berry notes.
I would definitely purchase this again but as a second choice after Chiricahua Sun.

By Mick R from Scottish Borders

I Like it, but Undecided (22 December 2016)

First up, great service as always from Vapeclub.

First taste - amazing throat hit, which I have come to recognise as my primary requirement, so excellent there. Lots of clouds too and very smooth.

Flavour - am a little undecided. It is most certainly not a cigarette taste like OFE Classic Gold, more of a rich, rounded pipe tobacco with a fruity-sweetness on top. It's nice, but of course, being the base for the other flavours, is missing that "something extra" that you get from say; Chiricahua Sun.

It's certainly a good, and complex liquid, but I prefer Chiricahua, so will elect to buy more of that in preference, although I do have the remainder of a 30ml "selection box" of all 9 Manabush flavours, so still another 7 to go, and one of the others might even top that! Also ordered the Chiricahua in Spiritwalker.

One thing is for certain, I will continue to buy Manabush liguids. My go-to liquid is Five Pawns Black Flag Risen, however that is cost-prohibitive as an ADV.

Vaped on SMOK OSUB, with Big Baby Beast and V8-T4 coil at 35W

By Jon The Vape

This juice is the best !! (27 October 2016)

Was recommended this particular brand and Nokomis as a new vaper.
Was not disappointed, the flavour is rich but not overpowering and has a sweet but subtle taste. If you are looking for a tobacco flavour then this is the one.
Just bought a 30ml repeat order.

By Anonymous

Great tobacco flavour (04 October 2016)

Satisfying vape. Doesn't really taste like tobacco to me but it hit the spot when I was giving up smoking and I still enjoy it now. Of all the tabacco flavours I have tried this is one of the best.

By ACR from Yorkshire

Lovely (13 September 2016)

This is a very smooth and tasty liquid. I'm vaping in an e-pipe and the combination of tobacco and a sweetish biscuit flavour really works well in approximating flavoured pipe tobacco. Highly recommended.

By MAXOUT247 from Bournemouth

Nokomis a 5 Star Vape & great value! (01 September 2016)

I've been vaping for 6 months now and thought I'd found the best Vape liquid, 555 from Elements. But after being recommended Nokomis by Manabush, I'm converted, it still gives you a good hit and tobacco flavour, but it then gives out a subtle sweet taste and smell that's not over powering.....
Definitely one for those who still want that smooth tobacco flavour with a hint of flavour that's not harsh on the throat and doesn't make people comment on a sweet sickly smell that some liquids produce.
One last thing is the price of a 30ml bottle is really good compared to my original liquid that I was paying £2 less for 20ml
I'm converted and will definitely be buying more, Highly recommended 5 star Vape

By David from Woodsetts

Very nice. (14 June 2016)

New to Vaping and a friend recommended this. Nice and smooth not to sweet. Will definitely buy more.

By Gary from Northern Ireland

RY4 Heaven (22 April 2016)

I like the RY4 blend generally but I feel this has an edge in flavour over others I have tried. I have been vaping Manabush offerings all week and none have disappointed me, this one is no exception.

I'm Vaping an Innokin Cool Fire on 12.5 watt with a whiff of airflow, the juice I have is 12mg which is probably a little high but I am still on a come down from proper smoking so I'm not concerned. I bought three variants of Manabush tobacco based eliquids when I bought the cool fire all based on Vape Club recommendations and I have been very happy, I will be ordering more for the simple reason that I like them.

Very nice flavour without getting sickly and good vapour production.

By Melx from England

Nice and not what you might expect (22 March 2016)

I really enjoyed this and for ex-smokers and people just starting to vape the flavour might be a little unexpected, yes it's 'tobacco-y' but it's more like that lovely smell when you first open a packet of tobacco, not the taste of smoke and burning tobacco leaves, although it does leave a somewhat familiar taste in the mouth. .... and all that is a good thing because while I somewhat miss the smell of tobacco, I certainly do not miss the stench of the smoke it produces. This is warm, comforting and slightly sweet tobacco/biscuity deliciousness. I'd probably recommend one of the other Manabush to try first as personally I enjoy the added elements to this base flavour. But this comes recommended none the less.

By Dave from London

Sweet Tobacco (14 March 2016)

I've slowly explored most of the range of the Manabush e-liquids and the Nokomis is the top one for me. I'm a big fan of this type of sweet tobacco liquid (e.g. RY4) but very hard to find one that balances the flavours as nicely as this one. There's a distinct rolling tobacco flavour but it's not too strong just pleasantly earthy and is rounded off with a gentle caramel/biscuit flavour. It's just really tasty and I'd be happy to recommend it.

By Manonanisland from Jersey

Pretty good. (27 August 2015)

As a fan of tobacco based flavours, i've tried most of the Manabush range. As they use the same tobacco flavoured base in each of their liquids I include the same description of it in each of my reviews...

The tobacco base used by Manabush is quite deep and earthy and quite strong compared to some other tobacco flavoured brands i've tried but nonetheless a pleasant alternative to a dark and robust tobacco. Initailly I thought it was too strong but after just a few hits it becomes very enjoyable.

Nokomis is described as having a biscuit sweetness but I can't say I agree with that. However after the initial and distinct Manabush tobacco hit on the inhale, it does have a slightly creamy, almost caramel sweetness which takes over.

It's a very pleasant smoke and certainly one that I could vape all day. Possibly using a higher wattage on a lower ohm coil would bring a more distinct biscuit flavour out but it's certainly worth trying anyway.

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