Vape Kits

BO eCig are the French hardware company behind the famous BO eCigs pod vape kit. Their flagship product was one of the first of its kind; a lightweight, simple to use pod vape kit intended for users of all experience levels. With a penchant for simplicity, BO eCigs deliver with style and reliability.



With so many different types of vape kit on the market it can be a mind boggling task to find the right one for you. However, no matter if you are a new switcher looking for your first vape starter kit, or a seasoned vaper looking to upgrade your sub ohm kit, we have many options available.

There are two broad categories of vape kits:

Closed Vape Kits

These are vape kits which use prefilled vape pods that cannot be refilled. The pods are single use, and the devices are often inhale activated. They are usually small, easy to use and need minimal maintenance.

Open Vape Kits

These are refillable vape kits that are empty on purchase. You can choose any flavour and strength of eliquid to suit your preferences. They are generally more cost efficient than buying pods, have a longer battery life, but are bulkier and need more upkeep than a pod system.

There are also two different styles of vaping, each of which requires a slightly different style of kit. For an in-depth explanation, see our guide to MTL and DTL vaping.

We have vape kits available from all of the leading manufacturers, from Aspire to Smok, Vaporesso to Innokin, and a multitude of other vape brands. Below is an overview of the main styles of vape kit.


Vape pod kits are small, convenient, simple to use kits which offer a great introduction to vaping, and are used by new vapers and long term vapers alike. A ‘vape pod’ is just a different type of tank. They tend to have a limited lifespan and need to be replaced regularly. However this means there is very little maintenance needed for vape pod kits, making them a very easy to use option.

We have a large selection of both pre-filled vape pod kits and the replacement pods, as well as the more cost effective refillable vape pod kits.


Vape Pen Kits are the classic cylindrical vape kits which have been popular for many years. They are open system vape kits, so you can pick whatever e-liquid you want from the thousands of available options. If you need help deciding which eliquid to purchase please have a look at our ultimate guide to eliquid.

Many pen style vape kits will also include features such as variable power or adjustable airflow, meaning you can tweak the experience to your preferences. They require you to change the coil regularly, and will need a good clean now and again, but that’s a small trade off for the versatility and the overall cost efficiency compared to a pod kit.


Sub-Ohm Vape Kits are designed for the more advanced vaper who wishes to use a Direct to Lung vaping style. They have far greater vapour production, and as such are only recommended for lower nicotine strengths. Sub Ohm Kits usually have a high degree of customisation, with options such as variable wattage, temperature control, adjustable airflow, and a range of different coil resistance options. As with Vape Pen Kits they do involve more regular upkeep than a pod device.


There are a staggering number of vape kit options available, and we know how daunting it can be to decide which to buy. If you do need some more help please have a look through our in-depth guide to choosing your first vape kit, or if you’d prefer the personal touch please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team who are always more than happy to answer your questions.


Vape Starter Kits will contain almost everything you need to start vaping, You will usually need to purchase e-liquid separately, but the instruction manual will usually guide you on what kind of PG/VG ratio you need.

All vape kits will contain a battery unit, a tank or pod and a charging cable. Although some of the more advanced kits do not have a built in battery, and you will need to purchase a battery and a charger too.

Pre-Filled Pod Starter Kits DO contain everything you need to get started. A battery unit, a pre-filled pod (or two) and a charging cable. Although the pods may only last you a day or two, it is an all-in-one solution which allows you to try the product before you invest in more pods.


After harm reduction and health, cost is one of the biggest driving factors behind people looking to quit smoking, and you might be surprised to discover that vaping is significantly cheaper than smoking.

Unlike smoking, there is an upfront cost when it comes to vaping - purchasing your first starter kit. There is a huge variation in vape kit types and prices, with some of the more advanced products costing £60-80. However, a good quality vape starter kit can be purchased for as little as £10-20 - less than the price of 40 cigarettes. And if you are on a tight budget there are always some bargains in the clearance section!

What's even better - the ongoing costs of purchasing eliquid and coils/pods is much reduced compared to the ongoing costs of buying cigarettes or tobacco. Our short cost analysis video shows how a 20 a day smoker can save over £3,000 a year if they fully switch to vaping.


With such a large variety of vape starter kits on the market it can be a mind boggling task deciding which is right for you.  If you are just switching to vaping then we always advise you start simple and work your way up once you are comfortable.  Aside from budget, you will want to consider important factors such as:

  • The size of the device - will you carry it in your pocket or a bag? If portability is important to you, we suggest you look at our Compact Vape Kits
  • How easy it is to set up and start using? If you want simplicity, we recommend First Time Switcher Kits
  • How much ongoing maintenance are you comfortable with? EG are you happy to change coils or would you prefer pre-filled pods?
  • How long does the battery last between charges? If you don’t have the ability to charge when out or at work have a look at our high battery capacity vape kits
  • What style of vape kit do you need? We have a large selection of mouth to lung vape kits, and direct to lung starter kits

Our useful guide can help you decide which style of kit is right for you, or if you are looking for specific products check out our Top Ten Vape Starter Kits for 2020.


There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to vape kits, and what’s best for one person may be completely inappropriate for another. With this mind, we’ve tried to make picking as easy as possible by creating a series of guides. This means whether you’re looking to find out what are the best starter vape kits, or what are the top ten sub ohm vape kits, we have recommendations for you. There’s also the option of talking to someone directly, our customer service team are expert vapers and can help you make a decision that’s best for you.