GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod Kit

1500mAh Battery, 40W Max Output, 2ml Refillable Pods
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9.5cm (3.7")
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The GeekVape Aegis Boost pod kit combines the simplicity of a pod kit, with the rugged hardwearing design that the Aegis series has become so well-known for. This refillable kit waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Capable of a 40W max output, it is powered by a 1500mAh built-in battery, meaning you can experience either large or small vapour production.


  • GeekVape pod kit
  • 1500mAh built-in battery
  • Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
  • Advanced AS chipset
  • 5 - 40W output range
  • 2ml refillable pods
  • MTL & DTL vaping

Ideal for using on the go, not only hardwearing the Aegis pod kit is also compact and boasts a decent battery life. On the inside, the AS chipset installed ensures a fast ramp-up and a responsive wattage control system. Safety is paramount when it comes to vape hardware, the Boost offers a range of protections, including short circuit protection, over-discharge protection, high-temperature protection and more.

Each 2ml Boost pod has the option of replaceable coils, which greatly cuts down on waste and will save you money in the long run. The 0.6 Ohm Boost coil will work at lower wattages and is ideal for mouth to lung vaping, working best with high PG e-liquids that are 50% PG or higher. 


  • GeekVape 1500mAh Boost Vape Device
  • 2ml Boost E-liquid Pod
  • 0.6 Ohm KA1 Mesh Coil
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
The Geekvape Aegis Boost pod kit is powered by a built-in 1500mAh battery with a 40W max output.
Featuring a 1500mAh built-in battery with a 40W max output, the Aegis Boost pod device strikes a balance between power and performance.
The Aegis Boost pod kit is compatible with both the 2ml Boost pods and the Boost RDTA pods.
Depending on skill level, the Aegis Boost offers users either the 2ml Boost pods or the Boost RDTA pods for a versatile experience.
The 2ml Boost replacement pods are compatible with either the 0.4 Ohm or 0.6 Ohm Boost coils.
For a variety of choice, the Aegis Boost pod device is compatible with the 0.4 Ohm and 0.6 Ohm Boost coils depending on the user’s preference.
The 2ml Boost pods features adjustable airflow as well as a silicone stopper top fill method.
To refill the Boost pods, unplug the top silicone stopper and fill with e-liquid, whilst the adjustable airflow valve gives control over inhalation.
5 Pack
0.4Ω, 0.6Ω
GeekVape Aegis Boost Replacement Coils
0.6Ω, 1.3Ω
GeekVape Aegis Boost RBA Pod
0 3 6 12 18
40% VG
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GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod Kit
1500mAh Battery, 40W Max Output, 2ml Refillable Pods
0.6Ω, 1.3Ω
GeekVape Aegis Boost RBA Pod
RBA Pod, Adjustable Airflow, Dual Post Build Deck, Top Refill
GeekVape Aegis Boost Replacement Pod & Coil
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Simple Pod Kit, Large 800mAh Battery, Refillable Pods, Single Button
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By Anonymous

Good pod (10 March 2020)

I've been using this pod for 2 months now and i can say it's really small and handy, easy to fit in your pocket. Flavour is good. A good product if you dont't want something too fancy.

By Uncertain Ultradian from UK

Considering all factors (01 February 2020)

Helpful recommendations for newbies at the end.
Background: 4th vape device. Have used 2 large/heavy and 1 small devices for ~5 years, inc. mainline 80W GeekVape Aegis.
Review: I have owned and used this for one day, but I have some insight. Its design incorporates the purchase of additional pods to increase capacity and liquid visibility. This works well; initially the liquid inside *additional 3.7ml* pods was very hard to see, but I top it up when I see no liquid at all, and that has actually worked perfectly well. It's visible enough for practical purposes.
It came with 1 pod containing a 0.4 ohm coil. I bought the expected single pack of 2 extra pods; I believe they came without coils. I have no idea how long the coils might last. Their installation is literally to stick a cylinder into a hole; they snap into place and that's it.
The base kit comes with one additional smaller, *circular* mouthpiece option, which can be added/removed from any pod, replacing the oval-shaped mouthpiece included with each (oval is shown in all the photos). This helps me differentiate my 0.4-ohm pod from my 0.6-ohm. Their installation is more simple than the last described. The shapes just fit, you pull off the old piece and put on the new, each displaying the resistance of a tight fit.
The battery arrived fully charged, has lasted all day, and appears to have reached 1/4 charge at the end of it.
The device starts and stops its vapour flow immediately at the duress of the trigger. There has been no hint of spitting or flooding as far as the pods' operation is concerned. I do wish the tricky input valve wasn't accessed via an attached bit of rubber; filling the pod to the designed level can be slightly messy and is likely to result in slight overflow. The rubber gets in the way a bit, and the pod needs angled for a good fill.
If, like me, one switches pods and their coils depending on the weight of vape desired, the unit immediately detects the new coil strength upon trigger input, and one button press confirms it. Switching coils while the unit is on, at my whim, seems luxurious to me.
As for liquids, I have found that 0.4-ohm pods with 50% PG/VG hit the back of the throat in the undesirable way those slight mismatches tend to. The manufacturer suggests vaguely particular PG/VG ratios per coil ohmage, and I've found their advice accurate throughout the regular mistakes and considerations of messing with multiple pods on a new device. As I'd hoped, the 0.6-ohm coil is basically a lighter vape for 50/50 ratios, and the 0.4-ohm default is good for shortfill liquids comprised of up to 70% VG.
Compared to my previous Orion Lost Vape Quest, which I considered a dependable sidearm, this is a more powerful unit without the need for the external batteries of my mainline GV Aegis, highly versatile, agile, reliable and immediately more impactful than the Quest. One day in, it seems like the ideal vaping middle-ground.
9 stars, purely for the slight difficulty in reading liquid levels, the assumption its customers will immediately use additional pods to replace its included, and the mildly messy liquid input. Full recommendation for its actual purpose.
Notes for anyone who doesn't know what half these terms mean but is thinking about starting: given enough money and using products searchable on VapeClub, I recommend this kit; one pack of Aegis Boost 3.7ml pods to replace the legally-enforced joke ones it comes with; one pack of Aegis Boost 0.4-ohm coils to easily replace the included one once it burns out; and any *multi-pack of 10ml TPD* liquid that is 60-70% VG with a flavour you know you could eat a lot of. Checkboxes on the left should give you those options. That'll be stuff you can immediately unpack, put in and vape to good effect, for at least a good number of days.

By Ryan from Watford

Great pod (02 January 2020)

I love this pod! The fact its so durable is a bonus. The coils are good, I prefer the 0.4 dtl, flavour is on point. I found if you buy the 3.7ml pods, you can see your juice levels better as they have removed the rubber bung.

By Ryan from Watford

Great pod (02 January 2020)

I love this pod! The fact its so durable is a bonus. The coils are good, I prefer the 0.4 dtl, flavour is on point. I found if you buy the 3.7ml pods, you can see your juice levels better as they have removed the rubber bung.

By Nial from Somerset

Fantastic! (30 December 2019)

I love that GeekVape have taken the awesome Aegis design and converted it into a pod system.
The 0.4 and the 0.6 coils work well with any liquid and are both capable of MTL or DTL which can be controlled by the airflow dial and power which gives you a lot of versatility. The flavour is great and you can blow big clouds if you want or drop it in power for discrete use with nic salts and/or high nicotine juices. The coils last for ages before you start to loose flavour/vapour. You can also run them at many different power levels to accommodate different PG/VG combos and to increase or decrease your clouds. Both coil choices will run at the low end of their recommended settings and still produce great vape while extending that battery life even further.
The battery on this kit is great and keeps me going for a full day and goes on charge over night.
The little screen has all the information you need and you can navigate it and change settings with it easily.
The look and feel is great especially the leather pad with the heavy duty rubber and aluminium body is really nice. The whole package stands up to a LOT of punishment! Mine has been dropped and soaked more times than I can count now and it doesn't have a mark on it.
The 1 place where this kit initially falls short is the 2ml tank and that it is filled at the top with silicone so you cant really see how much juice you have in it.
The kit has to be sold like this by law due to the EU/UK regulations that state that a vape kit can not be sold with a tank capacity exceeding 2ml.
I can see that previous reviews have taken marks off and dismissed this kit because of the issues with the stock 2ml tank and I think it is wrong and unfair as there is a very simple solution for them if they had looked...
GeekVape have taken the 2ml law into consideration and produce a 4ml (actually 3.8ml) pod which is exactly the same as the standard one with all the internal silicone removed so that it is transparent and you can clearly see how much juice you have without removing the pod and it makes it much easier and cleaner to fill as there is a larger area for the liquid to flow when filling.
Vape Club sell the pods on this site in a pack of 2 for £8.99.
So when you buy one of these kits just order a pair of the larger capacity pods and just keep the 2ml stock one in reserve.
Overall it is a fantastic kit and on par with the likes of the Smok RPM kit. It is built around GeekVape's proven fantastic Aegis design and is super rugged for outdoors and rated highly for protection from impacts and liquids.
When you add the 4ml tanks to it and take the standard 2ml one out of the way it is a solid 5 star kit and I really love it. Between it and my Smok RPM kit it has taken me totally over to these higher powered, larger battery, cloud making pod systems and both are excellent and by far the best pod systems on the market right now.

By lg from hull

just ok (10 December 2019)

this is a nice looking device and the feel of the device is great in the hand easy to navigate and a screen what is just simple and easy to get all the info you need after all its a vape device i just want the coil info and power settings. up or down on the bottom button is simple but now here is where it is let down the POD is terrible you can not see your liquid level to check if your low it is so bad and the top cap rubber is always covered in juice all the time no matter what i have vaped this none stop for 4 days and have got good clouds and flavor from both the coils for this device but it is let down by the pod itself i would not buy again but it will be up to each person to decide if they can live with the flaws of the pod itself,it does vape nice but ive already had burnt coils because with not being able to see the liquid level and having the 2ml version it does not work for me if the tpd was not 2ml it would be better and would probably be able to live with not knowing the level your juice is at

By clovioushoofus

Pod Issues. (06 December 2019)

Geekvape appear to gone out of their way to make the juice level within the pod as difficult to see as possible. I could tolerate this if the bottom section of the pod was not covered in juice every time it is removed from the mod. Overall not a great vaping experience.