Limitless Pulse Starter Kit

350mAh Battery, Refillable Pod, USB Charging, RGB Lighting

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The Limitless Pulse Starter Kit is an all-in-one eCig device that features 1.5ml refillable pods that can be filled with any eLiquid that is 70% VG or less. Thicker eLiquids are not recommended for use.

It contains a 380mAh battery that can be charged via USB, and also a personalisable coloured LED that can be changed via a single button. It's also very light, weighing in at just over 20g, making it ideal for taking out and about, or as a backup device.


  • 1 x Limitless Pulse Kit
  • 2 x Refillable Pods
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual


  • 380mAh Built In Battery
  • 1.5ml Refillable Pod
  • Compact Size
  • USB Charging
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By Lisa from Dursley, Gloucestershire

Great on the go device! (02 June 2018)

It's a great lil device for out and about, when carrying a big device and blowing clouds isn't appropriate.

By Anonymous

Ok for a starter I suppose (13 December 2017)

I had one of these for months.

I had to modify the tanks so they did not leak through the contact points at the bottom and flood the whole battery.

The coils burn out very fast, can be dry burnt to extend their life due to the silica wick but who wants to be messing around with fibreglass?

Battery was great to start with but soon faded to half a day or so of life.

If your willing to put in the maintenance time thin it will work great for you... for a while.

Have since moved on to the Aspire Mini Gusto... Now that thing is a game changer!

By Jake from London

A love hate relationship (05 July 2017)

I think I fell in love with this device before Id even had it in my hands. I've been vaping for 5 years now, 3 with RDA's only. I've recently been craving mouth to lung again so I looked at some reviews and perchaced this because a fue stand up reviewers whos opinions I trust recommended it. To start I opened it up filled it with a 50 50 blend I mixed up a week prior and got to vaping. HOLLY HELL was I disappointed, dry hit galore so I got to fiddeling. Once the pod was disassembled I came across an antiant artifact sillica wick which promptly got thrown in the bin and replaced with cotton bacon v2. The vape instantly went from unenjoyable to very moist and tasty with only they ocational dry hit I've been using it all day since and apart from the annoying leaking and ocational dry hit with cotton, if your not careful, I love it but I'm not sure why as it plane didn't work out the box. To conclude I don't not recommend it especially for a bigginer. If you want something that's perfect out the box it's not this but if you don't mind some fiddeling and tweeking it can be a very very enjoyable vape. If I lost it today I would not buy one tomorrow

By The Ork from Northants

Great to start again (30 June 2017)

Been through a lot of mods and batterys but the long and short is I started smoking again and using my old mods I was struggling to quit again.
Decided to try mouth to lung again to see if it would help.
This little thing combined with Dr Salt juices has knocked the urge on the head.
Its small and using high nicotine nicotine salt based eliquid has not only stopped me smoking again but has dropped the price of vaping for me dramatically.
I'm not even getting through a full pod (1.5ml) in one day now.

Also very stealthy.

Only slight negative is with a 350mah battery it will only lasts me around 6-8 hours but its easily and quickly charged, may just buy a spare and the problem will be solved.