Uwell Crown Pod Kit

1250mAh Battery, 2ml Refillable Pods, MTL Vaping, Inhale Activated
Battery Capacity 1250mAh
Battery Type Integrated
Coil Resistance 0.6ohm, 1.0ohm
Made In China
Pod Coil Type Cotton
Tank Capacity 2ml


This Product Has Been Discontinued

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2 Pack

Uwell Crown Replacement Pods

0.8Ω, 1.0Ω
2 E-Liquids Included

Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit

1 E-Liquid Included

Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Vape Kit

0.8Ω, 1.2Ω

Uwell Caliburn G2 Pod Vape Kit


The Uwell Crown pod vape kit is a pocket-friendly vape kit that is easy to use and maintain. Powered by a built-in 1250mAh battery, the simplicity of this kit makes it ideal for first-time vapers as well as more experienced vapers looking for a reliable kit. This kit utilises 2ml Crown refillable pods, which means you can pair this kit with your favourite e-liquid. When it comes to pairing with e-liquid we recommend one that's 50% PG or higher.


  • Uwell pod kit
  • 1250mAh battery
  • 2ml refillable pods
  • Multiple coil options
  • Inhale activated
  • Button activated
  • Compatible with high PG e-liquids

By including a locking button on the device, Uwell has created a kit that is safer to travel with as there’s little risk of unintentional activation. When unlocked, you have the option of inhale activation or button activation - to suit your vaping style. This kit has largely been created for mouth to lung vaping and will produce a discreet amount of vapour - thanks to its 25W max output.

Each Uwell Crown pod will hold 2ml of e-liquid and can be refilled multiple times, cutting down on waste and cost. Fitted with a top filling port, refilling is a much simpler task and the seals on the port greatly reduce the chance of leaking. The 1.0 Ohm coil pod works for mouth to lung vaping and the 0.6 Ohm coil pod that produces slightly more vapour and supports direct to lung vaping.


  • Uwell Crown 1250mAh Pod Device
  • 2ml Crown Refillable Pod
  • 0.6 Ohm Crown Pod
  • 1.0 Ohm Crown Pod
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Sub Ohm Pod Warning:

This pod kit uses sub ohm coils (coils below 1.0 Ohm), but they will not support high VG e-liquid. The small wicking holes on the coil will not allow thicker e-liquid to saturate the coil quickly enough, this can result in dry hits and burnt coils.

Always check the manufacturer's recommendation for compatible e-liquids before use.

The Uwell Crown pod kit is a discreet pod device, powered by a built-in 1250mAh battery.
Boasting a sleek, pocket-friendly design, the Crown pod device features a 1250mAh built-in battery for a powerful vape.
The Uwell Crown pod device features a large firing button which also serves to lock the kit with 5 clicks.
An intuitive locking system, accessed through five clicks, secures the Crown pod kit with ease.
The 1250mAh Crown pod device is compatible with two pods types; a 0.6 Ohm restricted DTL variant or a 1.0 Ohm MTL pod.
Users of the Crown pod device have the choice of two separate pods to suit their ideal vaping preference.
The 2ml Crown replacement pods feature a simple top fill design which is quick and convenient.
Boasting a practical top fill design, the Crown replacement pods make refilling an easy process.
0 3 6 12 18
40% VG
4 for £10

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By Scott from Korea

Solid Pod System (04 August 2022)

I bought this to use while visiting parents in UK and it has done the job for me. Both the caps on the included pods suffered from the snapped tab problem after a couple of fills but the replacement pods I had seem to have reinforced tabs and have proved to be much more durable.
Good flavour, battery life and very pocketable. Does everything you need a pod system to do. Good price too.

By Beatrecon from London

Amazing system with one drawback (10 October 2021)

Great build solid battery life, great flavour. Only drawback is the pod. You have to push the top cap till it. Push too hard and it'll snap off making the pod useless.

By Mags from Uk

A great vape unit (22 August 2021)

This was my first vape pod unit and the one I liked enough to keep my away from cigarettes! It’s sturdy, provides a great flavour from your liquid and the pods are easy to refill and last me about 2 weeks before needing to replace. The inhale draw is quite tight so replicates the feeling of smoking a cigarette quite well and was a great transition device for me.

By Rob from Stoke-On-Trent

I Wanted to Love it (01 July 2021)

I really wanted to love this one. It feels comfortable in the hand, it looks classy, the mouthpiece feels nice, easy to refill, very little leakage (unless it's left unused for a while), no spitback, great juice capacity, good battery life, decent charge time and amazing flavour on brand new pods... problem is the flavour gets VERY muted by the second day of a pod's life (third if you're lucky) so that amazing flavour only lasts one day per pod, which are very expensive too replace considering you literally have to replace them every day and whatever you do, do not charge with the pod attached or it will burn out and after charging you have to refrain from using it for a while or the pod will burn out. Unfortunately the need to replace pods so often makes it either incredibly expensive or completely unusable. Ultimately mine shortcircuited and now just gives 3 flashing lights and no draw. A real shame because when it works properly it's awesome, it just doesn't stay awesome for long. Could be one to watch if Uwell addresses these fatal flaws.

By Paulson1 from Scotland

Best on the go vape (08 May 2021)

This is my hands down best pod vape for on the go. Small compact but packs a punch.

By Neets99 from Newcastle

Excellent (26 January 2021)

This little pod is Fantastic! It's quite chunky to hold if you have little hands but that is the only slight negative I can think of. The battery lasts for ages I haven't needed to charge mine for two days with constant use. They are so easy to use and to refill. And the power that you get is second to none. I have two already and I am defiantly going to buy more in all the colours. They look good, feel good and smoke amazingly. But if you order the red one be prepared to get a pink one, the red is so obviously pink I don't know why it's called red?? But you must get one and I promise you will love It!

By Tristan

Pain in the pod (25 November 2020)

When it works it's great. But the pods are a bloody nightmare. They either don't work from the off as they leak or are broken and the flavour goes after 1-2 days. Avoid like the plague

By Blind Vaper from Scotland

Sturdy little guy (08 September 2020)

Battery should last most a day, unless you vape like a kettle boils. Reasonable flavour and a sturdy build.

By Madcaz from London

Give this a miss. (25 July 2020)

I have a habit of buying into pods, think my collection is at about 25+, ( collector or hoarder you decide). I quite like Uwell products especially the caliburn.
But sadly this didn't live up to the hype. Had a lot of issues cutting out. Was burning out in 3-4days which from such a small low powered device I wouldnt expect it.
Give this a miss and go for the caliburn. This has now joined the shelf of kits I wont use again.

By Liam from UK

Don't waste your money (02 July 2020)

Had this for around 4 months and had nothing but trouble, for some reason it can glitch out and overpower the pod burning it out instantly, when this doesn't happen the pods only last a week with moderate usage - also the caps are very fragile and I've snapped about 10 even when I'm gentle. Pods are also very expensive, it's probably cheaper to smoke roll ups

By L from Wales

Not bad, but slightly disappointed after few weeks (25 June 2020)

So, I purchased this product little over two weeks ago with the intention of quitting smoking for Vaping. The first week was absolutely brilliant the device is great for on the go and easy to use, I’ve used far bigger mods and tanks before but thought I’d get a pod for MTL Vaping. I enjoyed the flavour and the hit you get off the 1.0 ohm coils it comes with and wasn’t bad to start with. After the second week I have changed coils to the 0.6 ohm and had completely changed my view after it runs out of battery far quicker and has burned the coils out a lot faster, I got maybe one or two days out of one which for £9 for two I think is way too pricey. Although this let me down I think that the device in general is really good and I’ll be sticking with the MTL 1.0 ohm coils as they provided much better Vaping experience. I’ve been using 50% VG nic salt liquid with this and the Aisu range green apple is incredible flavour.

By Dymps from Coventry

Leaks Leaks Leaks (17 June 2020)

I purchased the Uwell Crown from another retailer before lock down and my 30 day returns has expired otherwise I'd have returned it back in a shot.
The plus points:
It looks good, it's small enough to put in your pocket and the battery is ok too.
The minus points:
The pods leak constantly, some pods disintegrated in the device
You CAN'T put it in your pocket because you will have staining on your clothes and hasn't come out when washed, as yet.
You have to constantly fill it up because you lose so much juice.
Not a good choice for me. Don't waste your money on this.
I have purchased another new device, the Innokin Adept Zlide Kit and absolutely love it, can't rate it higher, look at my review on it.
In a nutshell, don't buy the Uwell Crown!

By Anonymous

Uwell crown pod kit (01 June 2020)

Nice little set up feels premium no leaks good battery life for what it is draw too tight for my liking tho ideal mouth to lung but not for restricted direct to lung

By Mr C from Nottingham

Not as great as it should be (13 May 2020)

I upgraded to this from a Uwell Caliburn which has been bulletproof other than the battery not holding much charge anymore. Following advice in other reviews regarding avoiding burning the coil when freshly charged I was initially really impressed with the device. Its nice and solid and gives a great vaping experience. The main issue I've had with it is when it comes to refilling. To refill you remove the mouthpiece from the pod by pushing it away from you. The problem is the mouthpiece is held tight by two small plastic lugs. These lugs are very weak and after refilling a small amount of times one or both will snap off. This means the mouthpiece can no longer be held tightly in place, which causes the pod to leak. You either have to discard the pod and start on a new one, or take the mouthpiece off another pod. This is not ideal as you will eventually end up with spare pods with no mouthpiece. This is not an isolated incident, it has happened on nearly every pod I've used. My wife has the same device and it has also happened for her. I have found a workaround that kind of works. If a lug has snapped off put a small bit of paper up the inside of the mouthpiece where the lug has broken. This seems to hold the mouthpiece back in place but its far from ideal. Its a real shame as I really want to like this device but as it is I couldn't recommend it.


Disappointing and frustrating (29 April 2020)

Avoid this pod at all costs unless you enjoy leaking, easily breaking pod cap clips, coils that barely last a few days if they even work to begin with. I did everything you're supposed to do on every pod I used, I filled it and left the mod off for 15-20mins each time, one still burnt right away, another gave a flashing blue light on a full battery and refused to fire and the ones that did work were ok at best for a few days - then flavor died, and then they became un-vapable. I'd suggest opting for ANY other pod system available.

By CucumberTonic from London

great flavour (05 March 2020)

this device produces great flavour! gets a little leaky to fill the pod and it sucks they didnt make it coil replaceable. all it all its nice, the battery life is a little short considering i'm using the 1ohm pod most of the time. autodraw is my favourite feature about this device. i hate the filigree soooo much ruins the look of the device

By Beatrecon from London

Uwell provides the best again (18 February 2020)

What a pod what an absolute cracking success, with one or two draw backs. Despite the pods being expensive this pod has a lot going for it.The air flow changer is a game changer, you can go from a very loose airy dtl with some thick clouds, or tune up the airflow for something warmer, tighter or looser. Its a simple sliding mechanism and it changes everything. If you do buy one it doesnt tell you how to take the pod cap of to refill it sooo this is what you do. When the pod is inserted just push the pod cap off with your thumb. Believe me you'll know what i mean. The battery lasts about 6-7 hours easy and the pod will last about 4-5 days. a strong product in a crowded market.

By Rab from Belfast

Best pot kit on the market (15 February 2020)

This pod kit is amazing. If you love the flavour from the cali burn you will love this just as much only this battery will last all day easy mtl vaping. If you go for restricted lung vaping you will still get most of the day from the battery on the lower ohm pods. Definitely a must buy if you like the caliburn but hate how much you have to charge it if your a heavy vaper like me

By CM from London

Mr C (08 February 2020)

Without doubt the most frustrating vape product I've used in 5 year.
The good:looks great,vapes great,it's small,large battery for its size and its light. Why the bad review:this device shreds coils like no other,I've gone thru 4 in 3 days at over £20.00.
A couple of hours then it's really bad burnt hits and the coil is gone..Yes I've waited 5 mins after charging,yes I've left the coil 20 mins to break in.Its unforgiving and costly.
A real shame with the plus points but this is a faulty design somehow,returns not possible after the products has been used -this has been a bad buy.
With so much going for it this is a real shame.
Juice used 70/30

By Noush from Watford

AMAZING!!! (07 February 2020)

I am a MTL vaper and have never ever been satisfied with my vaping experience, I can very rarely taste flavours in my Nautilus X tank and was pretty much close to giving up finding anything that is going to be good. So many products suit DTL vapers which I hate. I bought Aegis Geek vape a few weeks ago, awful, all flavours taste the same and its such an airy draw.
I saw this Uwell Crown pod kit yesterday and read the good reviews and watched YouTube videos and saw people only had positive things t say about it for MTL. Its only £20 so thought lets try it. It came today, I ripped it all open with excitement but also nervous that again it wouldn't be great for me. I put in a bubblegum flavour that normally in my Nautilus X I have not even been able to detect any Bubblegum flavour and OMG the flavour is so good! The draw is amazing too, perfect MTL draw if you close the airflow down to minimum on the pod. I have only had a few puffs on it so far but already amazed. I can say so far this is the best vape I have EVER had. I am just about to order another one now so I have 2 :)

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