Innokin iSub BVC Clapton Coils

Innokin iSub Tank Series
Innokin iSub BVC Clapton Coils
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Clapton Coil
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The Innokin iSub BVC Clapton Coil is designed for use with the Innokin iSub vape tank, the Innokin iSub G vape tank and the Innokin iSub Apex vape tank only. Featuring an innovative BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) configuration, which increases flavour and cloud production, these sub ohm vape coils deliver rich taste with generous cloud creation.


  • Sub Ohm Vape Coils
  • Clapton Wire Construction
  • BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Configuration
  • No Spill Coil Swap System
  • Organic Japanese Cotton Wick
  • Compatible With High VG E-Liquids

For this particular model, Innokin have gone one step further by utilising Clapton Wire which has an increased surface area, heating more e-liquid at a faster rate. Utilising Innokin's 'No Spill Coil Swap' design, a 510 connector pin is fitted to each coil; so by unscrewing the base of your tank you can pull the coil straight out and replace it quickly for hassle-free, quick process.

Employing organic Japenese cotton wick for a further boost of flavour, due to the 0.5 Ohm coil resistance, we recommend pairing these coils with high VG e-liquids of 60% and above.


  • 5 x Innokin iSub Clapton 0.5 Ohm Vape Coils

Important information about Sub Ohm Vaping:

Any coil that registers below 1.0 Ohm, is known as a sub ohm coil. Recommended for advanced vapers only, they'll require more power to use properly, which will be provided by an advanced vape kit.

With these coils larger amounts of vapour will be created, to support this we recommend you use e-liquids that are 60% VG or higher. Due to the larger amounts of vapour that is created, we advise that you do not use an e-liquid that is higher than 6mg nicotine strength.

£24.99 from £12.99
50, 100ml
60% VG
Grape Drank Shortfill E-Liquid by Ruthless
Grape, Soda, Candy
80% VG
3 for £15
Apple Butter E-Liquid by Liquid State Vapors
Apple, Cinnamon
0 1.5 3 6 12 18
70% VG
3 for £15
Mother's Milk E-Liquid by Suicide Bunny
Strawberry, Custard
5 Pack
0.2Ω, 0.5Ω, 2.0Ω
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10, 50ml
0 3 6
60% VG
Dream Cream E-Liquid by Charlie's Chalk Dust
Vanilla Cream, Fudge, Cinnamon
from £9.95
30, 50ml
0 3 6
70% VG
Lemon Tart E-Liquid by Dinner Lady
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By Steven from Manchester

As expected (14 January 2020)

Work as expected and last a fair amount of time. No complaints. Innokin are consistently reliable and I dont recall ever getting a dud one of these. Nothing to shout about, but they do their job.

By Gü from Oxford

Vape and eat (19 October 2018)

I've been using those coils for a long time, for lack of understanding all the "e-cig mechanics". Didn't understand why i was, most of the time, bombed by some hot liquid coming straight to my tongue. Changing Watts didn't fix the problem, but also killed the liquids (50W only delivered taste). I thought my coolfire 4 had a problem.
Then i tried other i-sub coil (Ni). Revelation. No more vaping & eating at the same time. I now enjoy vaping.
I don't know if there is actually something wrong with my coolfire, as some review showed this coil as great quality. I'll rather pull my fingers nails off then using this coil one more time.

By Rahad from Didcot

Amazing service and product (22 December 2016)

Initially my coils burnt out really quick, however I emailed the company about the issue and they sent new ones out without any extra expense! The coils are now working great and the taste is amazing, great customer service really happy

By Gareth from Cardiff

Yes, they're (now) Wonderful Tonight! (23 November 2016)

Sorry for the Eric reference but it had to be done!

First box of these coils I received lasted just under a week. All of them pretty much burnt out within a day of being installed. I contacted the lovely people at Vape Club who very kindly sent me a replacement box and WOW...the difference is amazing!

I've recently upgraded my mod to a kbox 120 after using a Cool Fire 4 for about a year. At 30 Watts theres good flavour and vapour production. Once you get up to 40 Watts + these coils come into their own. Currently running at 55 Watts, marked increase in both flavour and vapour with absolutely no spitback or dry hits even when chain vaping.

After my initial disappointment I'm glad I gave these another try. Well worth the money!

Massive thanks again to Vape Club. Your Customer Service team are second to none!

By TimB from Staffs

Brilliant (21 October 2016)

Been using kanger coils before switching to innokin and have not been disappointed.
Innokin coils from my experience are very reliable and don't let you down. Have had no dry hits with these.

The coils themselves are indivually sealed which speaks volumes in both quality and hygiene. Flavour and cloud production is spot on from the start. Minimum wattage is 30 but you really need to be at least 35 to get these going.

These claptons are way better for flavour than the cheaper ones so worth the extra pound or so.

Summary: affordable, excellent quality and very reliable.

By Jwes79 from Staffordshire

Clapton BVC (13 August 2016)

These are fantastic coils at higher wattage. They are recommended between 30-70w, but at 30w I get hardly any flavour. It's not until about 40w where you start to taste your juice. At 50w+ is where these coils come alive! Massive clouds and great flavour with higher wattage.

Something to think about if your mod only does lower watts. Maybe just stick to the SS316 and standard kanthal coils, which are good also.

Innokin TC100 / Isub V tank.

By Dean from Manchester

Do NOT be put off by the poor reviews! (26 July 2016)

I was very very surprised by the overall ratings and some of the other reviews of these coils. After watching a couple of youtube vapers review these I thought I'd give them a go, so I went on to my trusty favourite Vape Club and was shocked to see the poor reviews, they could've easily put me off buying a pack but I'm glad they didn't! These work an absolute dream with my iSub G tank on an innokin Cool Fire IV+. Comparing these with the standard iSub replaceable coils, there really isn't any competition. There was instantly a massively noticeable difference in the flavours I was experiencing, it brought my liquids to life compared to the standard coils, massive clouds and super flavour. They seem to last an age as well and I was chugging at around 55w and it took a couple of weeks for me to notice any deterioration in the quality of my vape at all. I'll definitely be ordering plenty more of these and I'd advise you to at least try them out the once and form your own opinion of these brilliant coils.

By Serkan from Croydon Surrey

Excellent genuine coils (22 July 2016)

Received these today and they are brilliant! Forget the cheap ones off other sites vape club is the best! 0 burns great flavour and big clouds what else can you ask for! The delivery time was very quick same day dispatch too thank you so much vape club I will be recommending you to all vapours! Don't take notice of the bad reviews they are obviously not doing something right.
Vape club can you please try and stock the stainless steel coils for the I sub tank as I'm only going to use you from now on.

By Dan from Huddersfield

Top Notch (30 June 2016)

Bought these on whim, but glad i did. Vaping using a CF4P with a iSub G. No issues, great taste, decent clouds. Ca n now vape all the way up to 70W with these with 0 dry burns. will be buying again. Shout to vape club for awesome service, next day service is amazing.

By abalooshi from Bahrain

Don't let the reviews scary you! (28 June 2016)

In short, worried due to reviews to buy this product. I got one today with my isub s and I regret not getting a pack of those now.

Flavour changed to the better, smooth, not as loud as the regular coils and vaping at 65w I just discovered today is my sweet spot.

Used on a Cool Fire IV Plus.. 0.5 ohm with an isub s. Maybe it works best with the isub s but all that talk about spit back with BVC online also had me worried. I primed my coil, let it sit with some liquid in the tank for around 20 minutes and Wow! Started at 30w and gradually went up.

I have not tried it with my isub G or any other isubs so can't judge it based on anything other than the isub s. LOVE the coil, my favourite so far.