The Ten Best Geek Bar Flavours

Geek Bars are one of the most popular disposable brands out there, and there's a very good reason for this - people love how they taste! There’s such a huge number of different flavours out there that it should technically be easy to find at least a few that you like. However, it’s the definition of being spoilt for choice. There are so many good options, how do you know where to start? Well, you start with our top ten Geek Bar flavour guide, of course!

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Pink Lemonade


Pink Lemonade is possibly the most sought-after Geek Bar flavour. The citrusy flavour of lemons brings a welcome tartness to the sugary soda notes. Then the blend of juicy tasting mixed berries adds another layer of flavour. Altogether, you’re left with a vape that’s sweet, tangy, fizzy and carefully complex.

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Watermelon Ice


Watermelon Ice is a classic combination that gives a cool kick to this familiar fruit flavour. However, Geek Bar have nailed it like no other! In every puff you’ll taste bold watermelon and the chilled flavour of menthol. So, no matter the season, you can recreate the sensation of treating yourself to some frozen watermelon on a hot summer day.

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Blueberry Ice


Geek Bar have outdone themselves with the rich taste of blueberry and ice cold menthol together in a disposable vape. If you’re an avid vaper, you’ll know that this blend goes way back, but Geek Bar have managed to highlight the fruity notes and balance them with a cool menthol exhale.

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Strawberry Ice Cream


We had to include this one, as Geek Bar’s most popular dessert flavour. Strawberry Ice Cream is a classic combination of rich, creamy notes and the familiar taste of sweet strawberry. With its indulgent inhale, it’s the perfect blend for those of you that have a bit of a sweet-tooth and want a vape to match.

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Passion Fruit


The tangy taste of passion fruit is replicated in a way that almost makes you feel like you’ve just had the real thing. If bold, fruity flavours are your go-to, we’d most certainly recommend Geek Bar’s Passion Fruit disposable vapes. The juicy tartness is balanced by sweet notes, and so it’s easy to vape all day.

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Blueberry Sour Raspberry


If you’ve been vaping for any length of time, you’ll probably be very used to blueberry and raspberry being paired together. It’s a tried and trusted concoction that we love! However, Geek Bar decided to take that and elevate it with a seriously sour kick. If you enjoy a tangy take on a familiar fusion, Blueberry Sour Raspberry is definitely worth a try.

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Sweet Strawberry


For those vapers out there who enjoy their sweets, Geek Bar have created a strawberry flavoured vape that beats the rest in terms of taste. It has a summery note thanks to the strawberry, but the sugary flavour of candy comes through to ‘sweeten’ the deal. We nominate Sweet Strawberry as the top all-day-treat Geek Bar.

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Sour Apple


Once again Geek Bar has taken a flavour we all know and love, and added a tangy twist. The crisp and juicy taste of apple is given a seriously sour note, which has made this blend one of Geek Bar’s most popular disposables. If you like fruity flavours with a mouthwatering tang, we’d highly recommend Sour Apple.

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This was actually a bit of a surprise! Grape flavoured vapes are very popular, as you might know, but we didn’t expect this one to replicate the distinctly juicy taste so accurately. Each puff of this Geek Bar disposable delivers the recognisable flavour of sweet grape from start to finish, as it lingers on exhale.

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Blueberry Bubblegum


It may be last, but it’s certainly far from the least! Blueberry Bubblegum will conjure up a little nostalgia every time you vape this classic confectionery creation. You may have tried similar flavours from other brands (and some are very popular), but once you try Geek Bar’s version, you’ll understand why it’s made the top ten.

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Well, there you have it! Our top ten picks for Geek Bar disposables have hopefully given you a good starting point if you’re struggling to decide. Which one is your favourite? Also, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out the whole Geek Bar disposable range to see if any catch your eye. Also, if you’ve tried Geek Bar and fancy something a little different, we’d also recommend Elf Bar disposables too.

Plus, our friendly customer service team are on hand to help if you have any questions or need a little more guidance before making your purchase.