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Kanger Ceramic Coil
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Ceramic Coil
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5 Pack
Kanthal A1


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The Kanger Ceramic Coils are compatible with tanks that employ the use of the SSOCC or OCC Coils, including Kanger Subtank Nano and the Kanger Subtank Mini. Instead of using cotton as the wicking material, the coil uses ceramic, resulting in a more consistent vape as well as reducing the chance of spitback and dry hits.


  • Sub Ohm Coils
  • Stainless Steel Casing
  • Ceramic Coil Material
  • Kanthal A1 Wire
  • 0.5 Ohm Resistance
  • Compatible With High VG E-Liquids

Constructed from a durable Stainless Steel housing, these coils feature a 0.5 Ohm resistance, with a recommended wattage range of 35-65W. The Kanthal A1 wire offers a balance between flavour and cloud production whilst delivering an increased lifespan. We recommend using high VG eliquids of 60% and above for best performance.


  • 5 x 0.5 Ohm Kanger Ceramic Coil

Important Information About Sub Ohm Vaping:

Any coil that registers below 1.0 Ohm, is known as a sub ohm coil. Recommended for advanced vapers only, they'll require more power to use properly, which will be provided by an advanced vape kit.

With these coils larger amounts of vapour will be created, to support this we recommend you use e-liquids that are 60% VG or higher. Due to the larger amounts of vapour that is created, we advise that you do not use an e-liquid that is higher than 6mg nicotine strength.

from £12.99
50, 100ml
60% VG
Grape Drank Shortfill E-Liquid by Ruthless
Grape, Soda, Candy
from £6.49
10, 50ml
0 3 6 12
70% VG
Boss Reserve E-Liquid by Cuttwood
Honey, Cereal, Nut, Milk, Banana
3mg 6mg 12mg
70% VG
3 for £15
Unicorn Milk E-Liquid by Cuttwood
Strawberry, Milk
from £4.99
10, 50, 150ml
0 3 6
80% VG
Boulevard eLiquid by Wick Liquor
Fruit Punch, Malibu, Loganberry Pulp
from £12.99
50, 100ml
60% VG
Ez Duz It Shortfill E-Liquid by Ruthless
Strawberry, Watermelon
from £12.99
50, 100ml
60% VG
Ez Duz It On Ice Shortfill E-Liquid by Ruthless
Strawberry, Watermelon, Menthol

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By Arius from Hungary

On first try its ok, but it leaks (19 November 2019)

It was good enough for the first try, with less "dry hit", but on the other hand it leaks. I used it for subtank mini, but will be kept as backup if I run out of other atomizers...


Leaky (10 July 2019)

These were useless, they seemed to heat slower and produce less vapour. The main problem by a mile though was that they leaked like a sieve. Longevity of the coil is irrelevant when the thing is pouring liquid into your pockets after a half a days vaping.

By Nathan from Manchester

Ace Coil, Not Got The Leaking Issues Others Have (10 August 2018)

So then, before I start this review, I'd like to note I was using 80%VG juice using these coils with my toptank mini.
So then, I've been using these coils for about 2 years, so have some extensive experience with these, the coils are really good, provide excellent flavour, have a smooth draw and throat hit, though this is down to the juce, too. These coils also last a really long time, up to 1.5 weeks with constant vaping. They vape well around the middle of the wattage advertised. Overall, a great coil for me. Not as good as the vapouresso c cell coils, but a close second.
I see a lot of people with leaking. Try closing off the airflow if these leak while not in use, this generally does help, or use a thicker juice!

By Wikkus from Malta

Not good (03 November 2017)

Tried a pack of these as an alternative to SSOCCs or Claptons. Whilst I didn't experience the excessive leaking some did -- there was a little, but no gushers -- I found 3 of the 5 in the pack to be very "spitty". This was with a variety of VG-heavy liquids, some of them home-brew, others shop-bought. The 2 that did work seemed to last a decent length of time (about two weeks) at between 35W and 45W with my Sigelei 75TC in power mode, and flavour was ok, but not amazing. Won't be bothering with them again.

By Kenny from Glasgow

Still worth it (17 October 2017)

I read the complaints about leaks and decided to go ahead anyway. The coils last way longer than the standard Kangertech. I can get 2 weeks out of a single coil if I'm lucky whereas with the SSOC, I could run through a pack of 5 in a week - some of them lasting a day before burnt taste kicked in. I like the higher wattage as the flavour really comes through. I carry in a glasses case in case they leak a little but overall, worth it for me....

By Unhappy

They really leak (15 August 2016)

Bought this a few weeks ago but aware of all the negative comments, however saw YouTube "fixes out there" and thought I was smarter. They don't work! Where is quality control here, truly is shocking, leaks like an open tap after a day. Shame on the entire production and retail line

By MarkyB from Cambs, UK

leak, leak, leak (08 August 2016)

I bought a pack of these having tried most others for my Kanger Subox Mini.

They do indeed leak. Ruined my pocket of my trousers & also a leather jacket breast pocket.

I replaced the first coil having leaked the same day, the 2nd lasted about 2 days and the 3rd a day before leaking again.

A wast of money. I went out to my local vape shop & bought some normal square type coils & I've thrown the last 2 ceramic coils away.

By Davy72 from Paisley

Not impressed (03 August 2016)

I bought these as I thought they might last a bit longer than the SSOCC Coils, and to be honest they are not that good at all. I haven't noticed any improvement on flavour and they do seem to flood quite easily. Apart from the fact you need to ramp up the wattage to get them to work they are not an improvement by any means. Come on Kangertech , you can do better than this! Stick to the SSOCC or even better, try the 316L SSOCC ( not available at vape club but hope they will be soon) they work a treat for temp control.

By Watty from Sussex

worst coils ever (28 July 2016)

I bought these coils not from vape club and were genuine but they all leaked like mad , i'm pretty much done with kanger as a make now have found aspire to be far better , avoid these coils like the plague !

By Anonymous

Useless (27 July 2016)

Ive been using the ceramic for 1 day at 60-70w and The flavour is good but not much better than the Clapton coils. I've used the ceramics on the top tank mini which is a great tank but have had massive leaking after around 10 draws. It also spits which is a fault in a lot of the cheaper tanks. I'm very disappointed in this coil and would advise sticking to the coils in the range.